In these troubled days for many, have a cat that is enjoying life, trouble free in the sun!

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dinner first and then tell them the news?”
“News at dinner I guess.”

He opens the door without thinking, finding himself
tackled by a very veery happy Lobo who almost topples him over. 

“Welcome home you two.”

He sits in the sofa with Hayle, Felix sleeping on his

“Hey… Okay Lobo, its good to see you too! Any dinner
wishes, as I assume Vy is not home?”
“Dad’s picking him up, and hmh, dunno, something River would like maybe?”
“I’ll eat anything, really. I didn’t know Rylan had grown into such a skilled
“A surprise it is then!”

River chuckles as Lobo turn’s his attention to his
former owner, River petting him and following Rylan into the room. Rylan just
smiling at them, deciding to make Sushi as it is something everyone can eat
without it needing to be cooled down. He smiles to himself walking into the
kitchen Lobo following him in hopes of scraps like he always does. 

“How you feeling, Hayden?”
“Good enough, how was your day?”
“Well. We found a few good things and I got to glare menacingly at Carl. Heard
you decked him”

He watches Rylan walk into the kitchen

“Do you want help?”

He walks slowly towards the kitchen, staying between
the two rooms.

“Or should I wait?”
“I’ll be fine, so I guess it comes down to if you want the dinner to be a
surprise or if you want to know what you are having.”
“I kinda wanna be surprised. But I also want to help. Dilemma!”
“You choose then.”

Hayden chuckled slightly from River having heard the
story of him hitting Carl, he would gladly do it again if he could, but when
standing was often hard enough, hitting someone became much more foreign to
him. Rylan starting on their dinner, deciding to add some salad as he knew
someone who was fairly bored with rice these days. 

“I did, I admit I was uncertain if that broke my hand
for a bit, but it seems my hand is stronger than I thought. And good, he needs
those glares.”
“I’m glad you decked him. I feel like doing it myself for good measure.”
“Well, just remember ice for your hand afterward. That jaw is as hard as it
“I’ll make sure to remember that. He’s truly creepy, to be honest, unsettling

He looks back, hearing Chris from the door which means
Vy is home as well, which makes him smile, it was always good to have Vy home,
even if he knew he was perfectly fine with his dads as well. Vy comes in with
Chris, somewhat sheepish, standing behind Chris, his clothes appear singed and
one can feel energy exuding out of him.

“We’re home!”

Hayden notices how Vy looks, feeling the magic all the
way where he sits.. 

“ Vy! What did they do to you!”

As much as he wants to stand up and march all the way
to RoM, he knows he wouldn’t make it to the door, just staring at his
boyfriend, his mind racing on what they have done to him today…

“I’m okay!”

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Excuse me, chef, we need to have a long discussion about the horrible lack of food in my food bowl… it is empty!

The most dreaded experience in any cat’s life!

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building will need some tlc, but I’m sure if you want too I mean, it’s not too
hard to fix. If it’s something you want and can do?”

His mind plays with the idea of having the shelter, to
work there and at the modeling agency had been his dream, but he didn’t want to
push that on River. There was also his mom of course. He had seen the number
and the address, but he would simply let that be for now. 

“I can go to college… She left me some money to help
for college…Take veterinary classes, open the shelter, open a proper
shelter… Our shelter…”

Rylan smiles just from him talking about it. 

“Our shelter… I know this is pretty new, I mean you
just found out… “

He gets somewhat stuck in his own thoughts, trying to
find a way to suggest with them helping out money-wise with the restoration,
without it feeling wrong.

“Our shelter… yes, I like this idea..”
“Yeah, I think I know someone else who will be thrilled to hear this news, and
it’s not Lobo”

He chuckles, knowing both his brother and Vy, even his
parents will be extremely happy about this news. 

“Apart from your degree, and fixing up the place…
What else do we need?” 

He keeps smiling as they walk towards home, passing
the building in question along the way.

“I need to see what my mother left. If she left behind
the equipment, we won’t need much. Just clean up and fix up the place, then we
need to regulate the licenses to have it open… that type of stuff.”
“And since I have no idea, how long is that education? To become a vet I mean?”
“It depends on how many classes by term I’m willing to do. But around three
terms I think…Maybe I could work and study at the same time. We can go check
the building 
“Just two, early in the morning, so we could use the rest of the day to check
things out and put together a plan for how to move forward. You did a lot of
the same work your mom did, so I guess you could do both… “

He nods, imagining the shelter in working order, all
of them working there again bringing a smile to his face. River looks at Rylan,
the smile on his face everything he needed to know. Bringing back the shelter
was something that would make Rylan happy again and to him, that was more than
enough to become resolute in his decision.

“Okay. Tomorrow afternoon, we start the work of
opening up the shelter! “

He takes Rylan’s hand in his as they walk down home

“A shelter for both normal and magical pets. I think
that might be a first.”

He chuckles happily. 

“Fitting that the owner is a Veterinary mage, who has
a staff of dragons.”
“It will be a first. The best of two or three worlds.”
“It will be great I think…”

He grins realizing how odd that sounds when he says it
out loud, the house coming into view as they keep walking, wondering when River
would like to tell the others. This is his news to tell after all. 

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I finally remembered to stay behind after the last boss off edenverse.. and before that, I was bored in the queue, and I blame the music.

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starts cackling and covers his mouth, just shaking his head as he crumbles the
letter on his hand, he’s just cackling uncontrollably, his body and mind not
knowing how to react and cope with the overwhelming sadness. How he
wished all his life his mother would look at him instead of looking for his
father, would love him and not his power. Rylan shakes his head slightly,
before he resolutely pulls River up and into his arms easily holding his head,
his forehead against Rivers. The chuckling it was starting to make sense to
him, it happened whenever there were strong emotions, like the laughter before

“River, look at me.”

His golden green eyes peer into River’s blue ones,
this in many ways reminds him of his panic attacks, where you just don’t know
what to do. 

“You know what this means? You own the shelter, you
can become a vet, and we can go visit your mom one day, whenever you feel

He smiles, his arms still holding him in a way that
lets Rylan hold all his weight. 

River looks at Rylan still cackling and covers his
mouth to try and still the momentary panic, shaking his head, trying to take control
and subside these emotions. He takes several deep breaths, pushing back the
sadness and biting his lip, the cackling slowly stopping, with only one or
stray cackle escaping.

“I own the shelter… I… shit!”

He lays his head on Rylan’s shoulder, trying to hold
his cool. He couldn’t let this continue, he had to get a hold of himself. Rylan
had no need for this, Rylan didn’t need one more burden to carry, so he pulls
back, hands on Rylan’s shoulder.

“Okay, I’m alright.”
“That cackling… It’s from when the emotions become too much isn’t it?”

He looks at River, not really wanting to have him pull

“And yes, you own the shelter, now you just have to
decide what you want to do with it.”

He kisses river gently, guessing there are still many
small things they have to discover together after three years apart where so
much had happened. Not only to him but to River as well. Neither was the same
as they once were. River nods and brushes Rylan’s cheek.

“Let’s leave…”

He picks the folder and the letter, it has the shelter
key inside, so he shoves it inside his bag alongside the folder. Opening the
shelter, going to college and being a vet, he had actually given up on this
dream, but what if he could. What if it was alright for him to be a vet and a
mage and protect the Wards.

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I agree on Derek. He’s kind, interesting, loyal, smart, and of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking, lol. Second choice, maybe Chris? I’m put off by his job a little bit, I’ve gotta say. But having seen him do it, the compassion he has in it? I could probably deal lol.

And Derek has the annoying ability to eat anything and still look that good too (although honestly I might hate that), and not my fault you created him insanly good looking 😎

And yes, Chris’s job is a stretch for anyone to handle, but he does make up for it in other ways 😉

Tell me who you ship yourself with as well!

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I bet there are only old belongings of mine, mom didn’t have the heart to dump.”

Rylan notices how he seems so far away for a while,
wondering if it had something to do with his food suggestion, smiling at him
when he seems to snap back to here and now.”

“Hmh… I still think there is more to it.. but now we
will soon know.”
“I’ll eat anything, really… as long as it isn’t too spicy.”

He smiles and kisses Rylan’s hand, feeling horrible
for having squeezed it too hard. He almost hurt Rylan and he didn’t want that.
He probably would have to eventually talk with Rylan about this, about every
now and then snapping. Though his magic no longer flared, his emotions and
reactions did. They arrive at the post office and they go in, River taking
Rylan to the postbox, stopping there, looking at the small locker.

“… Okay… “
“Whatever is in there, we handle it together, you and me, and the rest of the

Suddenly River felt anxious as he pulled out a small
key bound by a necklace and then he opens the postbox. Inside he sees papers
and envelopes, which was not what he expected. River blinks surprised at all
the papers, having expected his old things, but instead finding the envelopes
he picks them up. One is a letter and the other a folder, he opens the folder
first, his eyes widening at what it is. It’s the papers for the shelter, placed
in his name as the sole owner of the building. He quickly closes the folder,
too shocked to comment, just handing it to Rylan as he picks the envelope and
opens it, a letter from his mother. He closes it and opens it again and sits
down, staring at it, debating rather he should read it or not. 

“I think you should open it.”

Rylan takes the folder, looking at it, seeing that
River is now the owner of the building that he has walked passed so many times
the last three years, smiling a little, holding the folder in his hands as he
sits down behind River, wrapping his arms around him, leaning his head on his

“I think there is more behind her leaving than what
she told me that day… But if you’d rather wait, then that is fine too.”

River nods and opens the letter, and starts reading to

Dear River, I’m sorry I left, but I had to
move on. I kept asking Simeon about you, I kept trying to get news from you,
but they kept lying to me, I didn’t believe them. I’m so sorry. I realize now I
never knew you, your father ruined everything between us, but I didn’t help, I
kept chasing after the shadow of him, pushing you to be the great mage he saw
in you, forgetting to look at you and see you. I never saw how magic hurt you,
and I chose to ignore the scars it left on you. After you left, there was this
hole in the Shelter, a hole in my life, I never realized how important you were
to both these places until you were no longer there. I wanted to make sure you
were happy and you were well, but lies Simeon gave me told me otherwise and I
realized I may have made a mistake by forcing you to go there. But there’s no
way around it. I can’t keep waiting forever. I met someone, I have met him a
long time ago, I never told you because we never talked. I know I didn’t make
it easier, so I am to blame. But, he wants to live with me and I can’t keep
leading him on, so I’ll move in with him. Start a new life. I know you might
never return, but I wanted to be a good mom at least once in my life. The
shelter was never mine, it was yours, so I think it’s only fair I give it to you.
It was your dream, to be a vet, like me, maybe you were trying on your own
accord to get close to me and I was too blind to see. But it’s legally yours. I
also left you a gift, it’s not much, a small trust fund so you can go to
college and take that degree in veterinary medicine. Be a vet like you dreamed
of. I miss you River and I love you. I hope you’ll forgive me and I can see you
again one day.

Below there is an address and phone number. River
sighs and puts the letter back down on the envelope, he’s trembling and starts
chuckling, covering his eyes. Rylan just holds him tight as he reads, wanting
to be there for him as much as he has been there whenever Rylan has needed

“I guess she didn’t believe them either…”

He notices the chuckling and the trembling, not really
sure what to say, the only thing that comes to mind the simple, but true.

“I love you.”

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I love all your sims. I’m so torn between Derek and Hayle. But like you it feels like forbidden territory 😂

I know how it feels yeah, Derek and Hayle are two very different sims too, which is why I am fascinated those two were the ones you were torn between 🙂

Tell me who you ship yourself with as well!

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