You guessed it, under the line.

He holds onto Rylan, feeling the strength with which he holds him, but he ignores the crushing pain in his arm and focus. He has to do something, anything. Ignoring what Hayden and Rylan had told him, he decides to focus and hope, begging with all his power and all his love that this works, as his eyes start shining again and he conjures the calming spell, all his strength on it, just begging it is enough.

“Breathe with me. I’m with you, Rylan. I am with you and I love you, I love you so much.” 

He holds Rylan close, arms wrapped around him as he pulls Rylan to his lap, against his chest, the magic flowing, his eyes glowing.

“Focus on me. Focus on my eyes. Focus on my voice, my love. Breathe with me. What’s my name, Rylan?”

Rylan’s breath slows, keeping in line with Rivers, the grip on River’s arm slowly loosening without letting go, Rylan looking at River when he talks, his voice comforting, soothing and his eyes glowed. Oddly enough it became a focus, the focus he needed to make River come into focus as well, hearing the words he says clearly in his mind unlike before. 


His voice is low, strained, but he is clearly more focused, tears starting to form in his eyes as well.

“Your name is River….”
“Good, good! You’re doing so well, my love. What’s my nickname? What ‘prince’ am I?”

He feels relief flooding him and he feels his eyes water, but he controls himself, this is not the time, even though he feels the need to either cry or cackle. He controls himself and focuses on his magic, on Rylan, on keeping him calm, keeping him well. He rubs Rylan’s back gently.

“What prince am I?”

Rylan curls up slightly in Rivers arms as if to somehow get closer to him, still holding on to his arm, although now just lightly as if it just keeps him safe, to have that arm to hold on too.

“Frog.. or Flynn.. depends on when we talk.”

His eyes are locked with River’s, the one holding point for him right now are those eyes, be they golden or blue. 

“But mostly frog.”
“Frog prince and Flynn Rider. If we ever have a son, we’re naming them Flynn.”

River sits against the head of the bed, holding Rylan tight against his chest and over his lap, his eyes slowly returning to normal, as his magic subsides, just that gentle hum still flowing. His hands draw circles on Rylan’s back and he smiles gently.

“You’re safe now, I’m with you and I am going nowhere. Tell me more, tell me about the new shelter, which pet you like the most? Lobo doesn’t count. He is ours.”

Rylan shivers slightly as he is still fighting his own body, but he keeps his focus on River and what they’re talking about, following how River breathes to help himself keep it under control. They had gotten many new pet’s the time they had been open, but it was one of the first that he had his own little weak spot for. 

“Lobo always counts”

He attempts a smile.

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And this will happen under the line, because it deals with Rylan’s anxiety.

Rylan hears his own heartbeat like a drum inside his head almost drowning out River’s voice, trying to force himself to focus on his breathing, trying desperately to control the oncoming panic attack. 

“Nono… please no….”

He quickly jumps onto the bed getting as quickly as he can to Rylan, he wraps his arms around Rylan, pulling him to his chest and holding him close

“Hey! Rylan! Look at me! Look at me!”

He tips his face forward so he can look him in the eyes.

“Deep breaths! You’re okay! I’m here! We’re here! Where are we? Tell me where we are?”

Rylan’s eyes lock with Rivers, his entire body shaking, a desperate plea in his eyes as he fights to be able to breathe.

“make it stop, please….”

He clamors on to River, much too panic-stricken for him to follow River’s instructions like he usually does.

“Help me….”
“It’s okay! Rylan, princess! it’s okay my love. I’m here.”

River’s mind races, actually afraid, desperate to try and help him, he remembers what Hayden told him about his magic probably having no effect on Rylan, so he feels powerless and useless.

“You’re safe. Look at me. I’m here with you.”

He holds onto Rylan, holding him close to his chest, hoping the weight of his arms helps ground him.

“Breathe with me, breathe deeply, breathe with me, slowly, my love.”

He takes deep breaths hoping this will help. The first proper thought that runs through Rylan’s brain is to run, but the safety that is River is stronger, the feel of his arms around him, the voice, he knows he can follow that voice if he could just focus on something. It feels like the voice comes from several miles away, like it’s here but also not here but he locks on to it, the fact that he can feel River breathing helping. Grasping on to that like it was a rope he was hanging from, he tries to follow River’s deep breaths, not doing the best of jobs, to begin with, but slowly his breath seems to fall in line with River’s. His hands grabbing onto Rivers’s arm, a small voice inside his head reminding him to control his strength, but even with that, the hold is extremely powerful and hurtful. The slow breathing helps, but the mess of thoughts in his head still in command, as he looks up, trying to find that voice again, River’s worried face a half blur as he struggles to focus.

“Rylan. I’m here, I’m here with you. You’re not alone.”

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Today is my countries National Day, so there will be break in the story, just so I can show off my boys in their new shiny Bunad’s. This is a very traditional Norwegian garment, most know probably the female versions, but I only have guys.. ( I was tempted to put Vy in a dress, I will admit to it!)

Our national day (just known as 17th of May..) is not like most countries I think, it is based around kids, which is shown by their being kids activities all day long, and it has the important foods like hot dogs and ice cream. Its the one day of the year where your parents will say yes to more off it all. 

Of course this year is different, like it is for everyone, none of the bigger celebrations like normal but smaller stuff around the place, and of course NRK (national tv channel) has it’s yearly tv show which is also different. For me.. the only difference is that the tv show is different, I don’t have kids, so I have hot dogs and ice cream and I watch that tv show they always have on. 

So I shall say like we do today: Gratulerer med dagen Norge!

(Poses were made by @simmingkatie and the Bunad is made by @alialsim who also have female versions!)

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(Also on new Tumblr, because NSFW and we know this is getting, interesting.)

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(NSFW stuff.. hiding it on newtumbl!.)

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Me: Sees a bachelor and thinks, maybe I’ll make a sim… read the rules and get to the no alpha hair. Oh well, another nope then. 

Yes, I know I can put MM hair on, but it would mean downloading it into the game to use once and probably spend hours being unhappy with how it looks. I also know several say they can find MM hair that match for the sim, but that to me changes the sims look completely. 

Specially watching the same blogs ask for more, and my brain is still nope. I do get it, I know why they don’t want alpha hair (its harder with reshade and editing), but it still irks me

/End Rant

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“I am pretty sure it was a certain someone who suggested we find those springs in the morning.”

Rylan smiles, stopping a little as they get to the house, that odd feeling of no one else being there hitting him before he shakes his head at his own silliness. 

“Yes, you said we should, and I agree, but I meant until we leave for that, as in now, when we’re here, just you and me?” 

He sneaks past River and opens the door for him.

“Princes first for once!”

River laughs, watching Rylan and takes his hand, pulling him after him as they enter the room, making it so Rylan pulls the door closed. He pulls a chuckling Rylan close. 

“Just you and me… I like the sound of that.
“mm… “

River kisses him deeply, cutting off whatever it was Rylan was about to say next, his tongue sliding into Rylan’s mouth, Rylan letting his tongue play with River’s, suddenly unsure of where to put his hands, ending with just holding them on River’s chest. River breaking the kiss, kissing him down his jawline to his neck and pulls back with a husky breath.

“What, my love?”

Rylan looks at River, a fairly deep blush on his cheek from the kiss 

“I ehm.. I never did… well… This before, I mean where I guess this is heading… “

He stumbles on his own words, clearly nervous.

“Sorry, I well you know?”
“It’s alright… Do you want to try?”

He holds his hand gently and kisses it gently, looking at him, not wanting to push it in any way or form, knowing all too well his boyfriend was new to all of this.

“I.. Ehm….”

Rylan finds himself blushing, even more, wondering if his cheeks could actually catch fire. 

“Yes, I think so, I mean, it feels right?”

He looks shyly at River, feeling incredibly silly. River chuckles and kisses him gently, leading him upstairs

“Are you sure? If you’re not, we don’t have to do anything. We can just cuddle.”
“I think so? I mean I know I want to, but still nervous? If that makes any sense?” 

He follows River upstairs, his eyes looking at the bedroom, then looks at River.

“I want to try I guess, without any promises to go all the way?”

River nods.

“And I understand. I am nervous too, I don’t want to mess this up and hurt you…“

He confessed and leads Rylan to the bed, making him sit down.

“Let me take care of you, my beautiful princess. You deserve to be loved and pampered, let me take care of you.”

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“I love you, beautiful, kind, wonderful soul, truly a princess.”

His eyes fall at the waterfall, having noticed Rylan looking at it a little earlier. 

“What were you thinking by the way?”

Rylan smiles at River but shrugs his shoulders slightly.

“Silly things that shouldn’t be on my mind, sorry.”

He kisses River, before he tells him, simply because he knows River will ask and dig. 

“I for a second wished my brother could see this, and I know this is our vacation, and I feel bad that I have that on my mind when I have you here.. if that makes sense?”

River brushes his cheek with a smile and kisses his forehead, happy he told him what was troubling him, something he has gotten much better at after River has been back. 

“It’s not silly. Not at all. You love your brother, of course, you’d like him to have fun too. But look at me, we know Vy, don’t we. I really don’t think that antsy lizard is going to stop looking for a way for your brother to enjoy these things one day. And if he can’t, we’ll at least bring him souvenirs and photos. Make it look like he was here. How about that?”
“I’d like that, I think he would too, especially as he knows we’re going.”

He smiles, kissing River deeply, extremely thankful he is always so understanding when it comes to these things.

“Now then my prince, would you like to dance with me? 

He takes out his phone, putting on So close to play, smiling at River, taking a step back and holding out his hand. River smiles at him nods and takes his hand.

“Yes, princess.”

He pulls him close, placing one hand on his waist and the other holding his hand, pulling him to the slow rhythm the two of them dancing together alone on the pier. Rylan smiles as he gets pulled close to River, and for a little while, all the thoughts about his brother and everything else vanished, it just being the two of them, trying his best to not step on River’s toes. As the song ends, he simply leans against River’s chest holding him tight.

“I think I can get used to doing this on occasion, just you and me.”

He smiles and looks up at River 

“Should we go “home” and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure?”

River smiles and nods.

“Anything is perfect as long as you’re with me, but yes, us moments are good…”

He stops, looking down at Rylan. 

“Yes, let’s go “home”.”

He kisses Rylan one last time before pulling back, holding Rylan’s hand he leads him up the path out of the pier and towards their jungle home, Rylan following him, still taking in the natural beauty, his mind slowly realizing they would be all alone in their house and it was really the first time that they were.

“So, any plans for what we do until tomorrow?” 

He looks at River questioningly while they walk. River walks by his side silently, enjoying the sound and scents, just watching the nature around them, the beautiful greens, such a wonderful change after years of nothing but white. As they are arriving at the house he smiles.

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I was testing reshade in my laptop.. and well, somehow the colors will not match my stationary one.. could be the graphic card, but hey.. I am not complaining, I love doing random screenshots


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