“I am pretty sure it was a certain someone who suggested we find those springs in the morning.”

Rylan smiles, stopping a little as they get to the house, that odd feeling of no one else being there hitting him before he shakes his head at his own silliness. 

“Yes, you said we should, and I agree, but I meant until we leave for that, as in now, when we’re here, just you and me?” 

He sneaks past River and opens the door for him.

“Princes first for once!”

River laughs, watching Rylan and takes his hand, pulling him after him as they enter the room, making it so Rylan pulls the door closed. He pulls a chuckling Rylan close. 

“Just you and me… I like the sound of that.
“mm… “

River kisses him deeply, cutting off whatever it was Rylan was about to say next, his tongue sliding into Rylan’s mouth, Rylan letting his tongue play with River’s, suddenly unsure of where to put his hands, ending with just holding them on River’s chest. River breaking the kiss, kissing him down his jawline to his neck and pulls back with a husky breath.

“What, my love?”

Rylan looks at River, a fairly deep blush on his cheek from the kiss 

“I ehm.. I never did… well… This before, I mean where I guess this is heading… “

He stumbles on his own words, clearly nervous.

“Sorry, I well you know?”
“It’s alright… Do you want to try?”

He holds his hand gently and kisses it gently, looking at him, not wanting to push it in any way or form, knowing all too well his boyfriend was new to all of this.

“I.. Ehm….”

Rylan finds himself blushing, even more, wondering if his cheeks could actually catch fire. 

“Yes, I think so, I mean, it feels right?”

He looks shyly at River, feeling incredibly silly. River chuckles and kisses him gently, leading him upstairs

“Are you sure? If you’re not, we don’t have to do anything. We can just cuddle.”
“I think so? I mean I know I want to, but still nervous? If that makes any sense?” 

He follows River upstairs, his eyes looking at the bedroom, then looks at River.

“I want to try I guess, without any promises to go all the way?”

River nods.

“And I understand. I am nervous too, I don’t want to mess this up and hurt you…“

He confessed and leads Rylan to the bed, making him sit down.

“Let me take care of you, my beautiful princess. You deserve to be loved and pampered, let me take care of you.”

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