3:16 – A possible solution

«Good to know Ollie.»

He gave the cat another pet on the head, before putting him back down. He had been out most night, so it was always nice to get a report when he came back home. He noticed someone get closer to the house, realizing fairly quickly who it was.

“Toshi, Eric is here.”

He could see Toshi go visibly pale, as Derek walked out to meet the man who seemed almost as nervous as he was. After a fairly brief greeting they all sat on the small table outside, Toshi mostly wishing there was a black hole that could just take him somewhere else, and Eric not feeling all that much better.

“A fruit?”
“Yes, that should turn you human, which they think can break your curse.”

He could hear the anger in Derek’s voice, guessing just how much the man on the other side off the table wanted to kill him right there. Honestly, he was pretty sure Derek could break him in half if he wanted too by the looks off him.

“A second fruit should turn you back into a merman, not a siren.”
“Yeah, this isn’t exactly science, more like a hope and a prayer.”
“I’d rather stay human than take the chance of becoming a siren again.”
“We can always try and find 3 of that fruit.”
“If not, I’ll just have one.”

Toshi had been quiet since they sat down, he had no idea what to say, or what to do with himself. Part off him wanted to just retreat inside, taking a million more showers, the other wanted to help, but he had no idea how.


Eric handed a note with a phone number to Derek.

“I’ll go away again, it keeps you know what from happening, I’ll stay away for as long as I can. If you find it, you can call me.”
“If it takes long.”
“I’ll tie Toshi up until were done, yes.”

Eric looked at Toshi who just put his head in his arms and pretended he wasn’t a part of this conversation any more.

“That will stop him from coming to you will it not?”
“And I will stop you getting to him, that is a promise.”
“Fine with me.”

There was a silence for a while, until what for Toshi felt was years, Eric stood up and said goodbye.

“Well, that was awkward.”
“Did you mean the tie me up and stop him?”
“Well, I can tie you up, and I would try and stop him, but well, you know my skills in that.”
“I am pretty sure that death stare you pulled would handle it for a while.”

Derek turned towards Toshi, patting him gently on the head.

“I think I know where the cave is, how about we go check it out, and get started?”
“And really, death stare?”
“Oh yeah… “

Derek chuckled, he didn’t know he had one of them. Hopefully it would be enough if it came down to it, as he knew his fighting skills would not be.

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3:15 – you should hate me

He had spent hours around town asking several people for more info, and eventually he had come across something that might work. It was most certainly a long shot, but he would take it, as long as there was a chance there was something true in that story.

“And where are you going?”
“Fine, tell me if you find it?”

He watched Ollie head off into the distance entering the house looking for Toshi to tell him the news. For a few seconds he wondered if he had been “called away again” but then he saw the telltale shadow sitting on the bed in the bedroom.

“Did you find anything?”
“Yeah, a long shot, but I’ll take a long shot any day.”

He watched Toshi quietly for a while, wanting him to tell him what was on his mind. He could of course easily guess what it was, but he also wanted him to talk to him about it on his own accord.

“Come on, talk to me.”

He sat down on the bed, which made Toshi sit up straighter than before.

“Why are you not angry with me?”
“Why should I be?”
“I cheated on you!”
“You were under a spell.”
“I still cheated on you, I had sex with someone else, and…”

He stopped himself, as he turned around and looked at Derek.

“And I hate myself for it.”

He wasn’t quite sure how to reply to it, he could easily imagine how he would feel if it had been the other way around.

“Would you feel better if I was angry and yelled at you?”
“Yes? Or no… I honestly don’t know…”
“The reason I don’t it that it would only make us both feel worse.”
“So you are angry with me?”
“Not angry, hurt maybe disappointed, but like I promised you, I won’t blame you as this is not your fault.”

Derek leant over and took his hand, pulling him over to where he was sitting.

“What good would it do? It wouldn’t solve anything, it wouldn’t change anything, and it would just make both of us feel even worse.”
“Do you always have to be so logical?”

He put an arm around Toshi, trying to dry away what seemed to be an endless stream of tears.

“On the brighter side, we have a lead. It is an insane longshot, but I will take a longshot over nothing any day.”
“What is it?”
“The elders mentioned a cave, one that has a mural next to it. The legend goes that if you manage to explore the entire cave, the mural will be complete, and you will be rewarded with a prize that can turn a mermaid human, or if a mermaid eats it, turn them human again.”
“So you are thinking?”
“If Eric can turn human, then whatever curse has been put on him should be removed, and perhaps if we can get another fruit, he can regain being a merman and not a siren.”
“Hmh… what if it changes nothing?”
“Then we try something else.”

He could feel how Toshi seemed to slowly relax as they talked. Perhaps it was the idea that this might be fixed that did it, but he hoped it was. Tomorrow they would have to tell Eric, and hope he agreed with their plan, and he knew that keeper his anger in check then would be much, much harder.

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3:14 – I am sorry

He was greeted by a gentle purr from Ollie when he came home, giving the cat a quick pet on the head, before walking past Derek and straight into the bath locking the door. He needed to take a long shower before this talk, he just had to wash of the smell and the feeling before he could even begin to have this talk.

As he could feel the water going cold as he was standing there, he knew it was time to face up to it all and tell Derek what he had done and what he had learned. He slumped into the sofa where Derek was still sitting, the tv playing in the background.

“I’m sorry.”
“I know.”

Derek looked over at Toshi who tried his best to meet his gaze.

“I don’t know where to start, I just keep wanting to tell you I’m sorry.”
“I know, but how about you tell me what you learned, I believe I can imagine the rest.”

He swallowed hard a couple of times, trying to wipe away the tears streaming down his face in the end just giving up on it, and letting it be.

“It’s a curse cast on a merman… Eric, that is his name, has found no way to cure it.”
“The elders did not like Sirens, I guess he had no help.”
“No, and as odd as it sounds, he has no choice in what he has become.”
“Does he know the one who put the curse on him?
“Yes, but he can’t find him or her anywhere.”

There was a quiet moment, as Derek seemed to go through what he had just told him. This was one of the many things he loved about the man sitting on the opposite side of the sofa. Instead of shouting and yelling at him, he did just as he had promised him.

“I’ll go talk to the villagers in a bit then, I can fish for some old stories.”
“Okay. And he said he would come here tomorrow, so we can try and figure something out together.”

Derek looked at Toshi, part of him was angry and hurt, but it had perhaps been the only way, and the logical side of his brain was still the ruling one in the matter. It hadn’t been a choice, even the stories he had found told him that.

“Now come here.”

He didn’t get any further before Derek had pulled him over to him, wrapping his arms around him, that safe feeling he had missed all night finally there.

“I don’t deserve this…”
“But you do need it.”
“I never meant too…”
“I know, and it wasn’t your fault.”

Derek could feel how Toshi was fighting the sobs that were for now stuck in his throat, his body was shaking almost uncontrollably even with his arms firmly locked around him.

“It will be okay, we’ll find a way.”
“What if we don’t. I never want to have this happen… but the curse will make it happen.”
“He said it lessens with range, right?”
“Yes… but only for a while.”
“Then trust me, if we can’t find a way, I’ll give us another way.”

Toshi just looked at him, somehow knowing he wouldn’t be hearing more about that option until it was the last way out.

“Get some rest, I’ll go out later.”

It took almost an hour before he could feel Toshi sleeping soundly in his arms without light sobs between breaths. It had taken much more self-control than he would like to admit keeping his calm, and he had a feeling he would need an equal amount of it the next day.

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3:13 – The true curse

Maybe, if he kept his eyes closed this would all just be a horrible dream. He wasn’t in some stranger’s bed, and what his mind knew had just happened was just a dream. But he knew it wasn’t, he knew what he had just done, and what was worse, at the time, he had enjoyed it.

At just that moment it had felt right

It had felt like something he had waited for all his life

It had felt good

But… something had been missing

Something he couldn’t quite put his finger on at the time.

Not a something, but a someone.

He forced himself to keep his eyes closed a little longer, swallowing several times trying to wipe the memories from mind.

“You need to tell him.”

His eyes shot open when he felt a hand on his shoulder, looking up at the man sitting next to him with an almost equally sad look as he himself probably had.

“You mean tell him I cheated on him?”
“You tell him the spell won, for both off us.”

He suddenly remembered the eyes, how they had this odd shiny glow in them just before he had asked him to leave. Before he had failed.

“The spell cast on me, turning me from a merman into a siren.”
“Can it be undone?”
“I haven’t found a way, and the elders here shun me.”

For a short while his mind was busy contemplating what this could mean, and perhaps the elders or the spirits could help both off them out of this mess.

“I tried leaving before, in the end I get pulled back, or they find me.”
“Like when I asked you to come back?”

They stayed quiet for a while, the slight lightening of the room telling them both it was almost morning.

“You need to go home.”
“I know… I just don’t know how to even start.”
“With the truth… I’ll come by tomorrow, the spell is calm now, so we have time. And he can punch me if he wants too.”
“Calm now?”
“You mean it will happen again?”
“Yes… I want it to stop, as much as you do, but if we don’t break it, it will bring us back together over and over again.”

If it felt this bad with one time, knowing that you were locked by this curse to have it happen again, made him feel ill.

“Maybe you two can help me never have to have this talk again.”

He couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Eric as he now knew to be his name. He could only imagine being stuck like with a curse like this one. Never knowing if the person you were with were just there because the curse told them too, or because they cared about him as a person.

“Fine, come by tomorrow. But I make no promises how Derek acts.”
“It’s fine, I have been hit before.”

He knew Derek probably wouldn’t hit him, but he could only assume he would be angry, and that was something he still hadn’t seen him be. He made his way back down the windy stairs, feeling like drenching his entire body in boiling water to wash off the feeling of someone else’s touch.

“I won’t blame you, but I can’t promise not to be hurt.”

The words churned inside his head as he walked, closer and closer to home and to telling the person he actually loved what he had just done.

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3.12 – Not as planned

“So why not?”

He looked at the man standing in front of him, he could see the similarities between this form and the siren one, but there was something sad in his eyes that he hadn’t noticed that time.

“Because I don’t know how.”
“Yes, had I known how I would have told you, and cured myself.”

He stood so close to him, that it took every ounce of self-control Tohsi could muster to not wrap his arms around him and pull him close like he would have done if it was Derek.

“I was turned into this, it was a curse put on me many years ago.”
“By who?”
“Oh this is a good one, by a scorned lover.”
“You know this sound ridiculous right?”
“I know, sadly it is the truth.”

Toshi shuddered as he leant his head on his shoulder, forcing himself to not put a hand on him, holding his hands down to the side.

“So I am not the first?”
“And you have no idea how to stop this?”
“No, I would have stopped it long time ago.”
“I would like someone to love me for me, not because their under a spell.”

Toshi’s will wavered as he heard the tone of the man’s voice crack, and he could only imagine how bad it would feel to know that the only likely reason that someone loved you was because of a spell.

“How come your friend isn’t affected though?”
“You mean my boyfriend?”
“Yeah… sorry.”
“Don’t know…”

He knew it was because Derek was Alien, but heck, how did you tell a siren that.

“Maybe he just loves you too much for it to work?”
“Must be nice to have someone love you that much.”

It felt like someone had just stabbed him with those words, it was just painful to think off him standing here, wanting to be with this man knowing fully well Derek was at home trying to find a solution.

“You should leave.”

Toshi looked at the man in surprise, noticing a shine in his eyes he had not seen before. Was this the spell he himself had been put under taking effect.

“Please leave now.”

He could feel his breath on his skin, as he tried to move finding his body fully unable to do so, feeling how his hand slowly trailed down his chest. He could feel his own body reacting his breath shortening as his pants was slowly opened, a small moan escaping him against his will.

“I’m sorry…”

He was lost against the pull off the spell, letting himself being lead towards the bed, the small voice in the back off his head telling him this was wrong going quiet.

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1:36 – Goodbye

“I admit.. it is kinda strange looking at your own body from here.”
“Yeah, I have been told so.”
“Now what?”
“Well, as you know all to well, no one knows, apart from you go the same way everyone else goes.”

He nodded, noticing the family coming out joining them. He noticed the kids were looking at him, and not the body on the floor. Looking at Nat’s father for a secound.

“Felt correct, they know what’s next so why should they not see us now.”

How many times she had been in this room, she had no idea about. But this time it was different. Everyone could feel it, even her father. What was about to go down was something no one really knew.

“Thanks for being here.”
“Where else would I be silly.”

Hayle watched them both stand there, he had wondered if he should stand with her too, but in the end, he had just let this be a thing for them.

Rylan had Lukas with him, he had wanted to get closer to the portal to see if he could see, while Rylan just wanted his parents to know he would’t try and run through it.

“Okay. so just walk through along with you, and take it from there?”
“Sounds fun.”

He turned, watching them all one last time.

“I’ll see you around, someday.”

Seamus wrapped his arms around his wife, as she was not quite able to stand and watch her father walk through the portal. Christine hiding her face on Hayden’s shoulder as she too struggled more than she wanted to with the idea of loosing her grandfater.

“It will be fine little one.”

Hayden smiled at her, drying away some tears. He hadn’t thought much about death himself, since both his parents were imortal, which he knew most likely him and his brother were too.

“Good to go.”

He nodded, as the two walked through the portal, leaving the rest of them alone in the room.

“Try and think off it this way.. now your both free.. and nothing says you are never to meet again.”

She sighed, knowing he was right, but she had to admit it was still painfull to watch him dissapear. It had been such a long dance, and although it had been painfull sometimes as well, she knew she would miss it.

“Yeah, I know.”

Years later:


She had just come home after a whole lot of work, some mad man with several guns in a school.

“We almost thought you were going to miss out birthday!”
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, you know that.”
“Yes.. but well, we did watch the news.”
“Chris is covering for me, so I could come home and celebrate.”

It had been some odd years, at first she kept waiting for him to return somehow, but her father told her his ascention seemed to send her to a different plane than most other souls. If he would ever return to this world, or any other he was honestly not sure off.

“Ah so you are the one that stole my husband away.”
“Sorry Hayle..”
“It’s fine, but hey, one last picture with the kids?”

“Only one though, we have cake to get to.”

He had told her what he wanted with all the pictures, much like the pictures he had framed in his house, he was making one for her to have with her wherever she lived. That way she could keep the memories with her as they passed on, and she and her family moved on.

“Are you okay Grandma?”
“Yeah, I was just…”
“You look so much like your mom it’s kinda scary.”

Chrstine chuckled, she had seen her moms pictures, and she could only agree.

“Mind giving me a hand with the homework?”
“Nope.. unless it’s math, then your mom would be better.”
“It’s not math, don’t worry.”

One thing she had learned from all this. She would be fine, her family would be fine, and perhaps it was time to get a dog?

(This was a very old idea that finally got into an actual story, thank you for reading, and onwards to new adventures.)

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3:11 – Finally

As many times as he went back though, there was never someone home. He even sat and waited for him on several occasions, but the house was just as empty as it had been before. In the end he had a look through one of the windows, just to see.


The house was pretty much full of them, and it didn’t look like it was too long since someone had been home. He would simply have to keep at it, see if they suddenly came back as suddenly as they had vanished.

“Still nothing?”
“Yeah, empty, the only thing that was there was a whole bunch of spirits.”
“Maybe we should try asking the ones here again?”
“Can’t hurt to try.”

With no real progress for a while, they settled on looking, talking to the people who lived around them and simply trying to make it more like a vacation. After almost two weeks, Toshi walked to the cabin himself, to see if he could find someone there, but much like when Derek had been there, there was no one home.

“For fucks sake!”

He sighed, he could still feel it, but it was distant, like if the pull was far away. It made it easier, but he wanted to get rid of It fully, so his life could go back to what it was supposed to be.

“We need to talk.”

He mumbled the words before walking back home, finding Derek trying to communicate with the spirits in their house one more time.

“he’s not having much luck, is he?”
“At least I will give him that he is trying.”

“No luck?”
“No, just like every other time.”
“What if he is never coming back.”
“Then we go and find him.”

Toshi sighed, he could pretty much see Derek start a military hunt for the man, without knowing what he looked like it would be hard though.  Another week went by, before he suddenly found himself standing outside the house with no memory off how he got there.

“Your home… we are having that talk.”

He clenched his fists, he would see this done, and then he would go home to Derek and tell him what he would learn.

“You wanted to talk to me?”

He had to fight with everything he had to not do something else instead, but he maneged to keep his ground.

“I guess it’s about me being a siren?”
“Yeah… I want you to take this curse off me.”
“I wish I could.”
“What do you mean?”
“Come one, I’ll tell you…”

He took Toshi motioned for Toshi to head upstairs, the spirits looking as if they were looking at them both as they walked up.

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1:35 – Getting there

It wasn’t long after the wedding before there was another birthday for the twins, something he was happy he got to stay for. He had some talks with Nat’s father as his time was slowly running out. It was fascinating, because he would not tell him the exact time, but he did tell him to make the most of said time.

“So family birthday here?”
“Okay.. I’m going to need help baking the cakes then.”
“Yeah, they wanted different ones so I figured why not?”

They had invited the family over for it, and with cakes being made, and two toddlers about to get into school age, no one really had time to worry about what was to come.

It was almost spooky to see just how much Christine resembled her mother when she was that age, and with some pictures Seamus had they could pretty much say the same about Lukas.

Hayle dragged the two young ones out for some pictures, but when Nat asked Chris why, he just smiled and said it was the whole fascination Hayle had with taking pictures of everything. She had noticed it after he got his camera when they had their kids, he did have a love for it.

“Oh no, I am to old to fall for that old trick.”
“You’r gonna have to beat your old man the old fashioned way.”

She smiled, trying her best to figure out the best move to win this game, but in the end she had to admit defeat.

“Next one, I will win.”
“As quickly as you learn, I have no doubts.”

She was a cleaver young lady, and her career in science had been much faster than anyone of them had expected. Her husband’s military career was a bit slower, but he too was doing good.

“Don’t worry Grandpa, I will take care of Grandma for you.”

They had talked to the kids, and although they had first wondered how it could be that some had to die, while others seemed to live forever, they quickly accepted the explanation when it was given.

“I know you will munchkin.”
“Mommy and daddy will too, and Lukas.. and when I grow up and have kids, they will take care of her too.”
“I’d like that.”
“Would you mind if I got a dog when I am older?”
“Nah, I actually like dogs.”

He had a very similar talk with Lukas the day after, although no mention of any dog. He was just happy his grand kids were seemingly handling this upcoming doom pretty well.

“You think great grandpa will tell us what happens?”
“If he is allowed too, I think he will.”
“Oh even he has to follow rules?”
“Yep, even Death has rules.”
“That’s pretty cool.”

They really were the weirdest family, but he loved it and when he sat and thought about it, there was really no other way he would have wanted it.

“I know.”

Her father had told them that they had a couple of days now before it would happen. He normally wouldn’t bother, but he knew that for them to be prepared was important.

“And you will be fine.”
“Yes, I think it will hurt, but I will be fine. I have to much family now to not be.”

He pulled her close

“How about a visit to Sulani?”
“Chris and Hayle?”
“Yep, I feel like meeting them all one last time.”

At first there was a bit of quiet when they came. Chris had of course told them what was to come, but being challenged to a game made any apprehension they might have had disappear like fog in the sun.

“Hayle and I used to play this often back in the bachelor house”
“Everyone there did.”
“Yeah, it became a thing I guess.”

While the grownups where playing, Christine made a new friend in Felix, making her a little more unsure if she wanted a cat or a dog when she grew up.

“Mauybe I can have both?”

“I am going to beat you today.”
“Might be your last chance!”

It was odd how she had actually enjoyed the time they had. She had been so sure she would worry more, but with everything happening and all the life in the house, he had been right, she simply didn’t have the time to worry about what she knew would happen.

“Oi.. one secound.”
“Oh you know better than that Ilari my friend.”
“Eh was worth a try.”
“Ready then?”
“Yes, lets teach you something new.”

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1:34: A Sulani wedding

“And then, the big whale jumped over the fence, and he was free.”

He loved telling and reading stories to the two little ones, and they seemed to love being around him just as much. Even to the point where their parents mentioned they liked grandpa better than anyone else.

“Maybe later, we have a wedding to get ready for now.”

“You two ready?”

She just smiled, they were going to stop by Chris and Hayle’s place to change to not have to travel far in their actual wedding clothing. She was mostly impressed with how fast they managed to get this happening, but where there was a will, there was a way.

The wedding venue was just as hey had remembered it, stunning, but there had been some changes done, even if just a few to not have it be the exact same place as her uncles had their wedding. I vow to carry you and to be carried by you, to journey with you and to love each minute because of our travels together. We will live a life of constant adventure together.

I vow to carry you and to be carried by you, to journey with you and to love each minute because of our travels together. We will live a life of constant adventure together.

They had agreed on making their vows together, as they didn’t have much time, and because it just felt right to promise the same thing.

“I almost can’t believe this.”
“I know.. they sat still.. all this time.”

She chuckled, it wasn’t actually what she had in mind, but yes, their two little ones had really been well behaved through the ceremony to everyone’s surprise, and it made them wonder just what great grandpa had whispered in their ears just before it all started.

“Now then… drinks, cake, all the good stuff!”

“Okay… I just want to take one.. so smile!”

Hayle quickly took pictures off them all, before letting them go again, randomly taking pictures throughout the evening.

“Hey, thats my camera.”
“You can’t take pictures of yourself though dad.”
“Hmh.. fine.”

Hayden smiled, taking a picture of his dad and Lukas playing, before handing him back the camera when they were done.

“Watch it now, or you know who will worry you’ll want more kids.”
“Nah.. I’ll wait for grandkids of my own.”

They were both roped in by the little ones themselves not to long after, finding themselves dragged around and of course play with. It didn’t bother them much though, it was easy to make them happy with a bit of playtime and attention

Hayle pulled the newlyweds aside, telling them that before they had to head home, he wanted to take some extra pictures. He knew that Chris had been teaching them a dance, so he wanted to add that to the wedding collection.

“Where did Hayle go?”
“I think he finnished, and then gave us some alone time.”

She hadn’t even noticed him leave, she had been completely lost in their dance.

“You know…”
“I love you.”

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3:10 – looking for you

“I wish I could sleep like you”

It was hard not to envy a cat who was sleeping, they could really just make everything look super comfortable. Even when sleeping on the floor, but when also on a soft surface like a sofa, then it was even more so. Derek had been called by one of the people in the village for a bit of assistance, so he was home alone for the first time in a while and he wasn’t all to happy about it.

“I am not going to fall asleep, that’s for sure.”

He chuckled as Ollie stretched and then just continued sleeping on his back, leaving him be and focusing on other things he could do instead. Like some cleaning, and maybe making some food


The last thing he remembered he had taken some trash out, and now he was standing somewhere he couldn’t even remember having gone too. After standing there for a while, he slowly understood where he was, he was close to that volcano they had been at the other day, but why?

“Great.. now I can’t even remember walking somewhere.. “

It was that same feeling he had before, like he was still being pulled by something, and the memory from that dream came back as strong as if it had just happened.


He turned around and ran, as fast as he possibly could, trying to block out pretty much every emotion. Getting home, he picked up the phone and called Derek, who told him to meet him closer to where he had been working.

“Wow, calm down. You realize it means the location was probably right, the one they told me about?”
“Yes.. but I can’t.”
“I know, I’ll go there, but not until you have calmed down and are feeling better.”

He talked Toshi into coming swimming with them as he noticed some dolphins swimming around. Hoping they would help calm Toshi down as well as bring his mood up a bit.

“Okay.. I admit this is…”

He stopped as he noticed something huge next to him.


“Don’t worry, it would probably not swim right by us if it wanted us for dinner.”
“It’s a freaking shark… I am allowed to worry.”

He had to admit it was a little spooky to have a shark swim so close, but on the other hand, it didn’t seem all to interested in the two other than looking at them while swimming by.

“I think we are just witnessing something fairly rare, I never heard anyone here talk abut sharks. Dolphins are mentioned often, but never sharks.”
“Or you know it could be because sharks are scary, and can eat you?”

It seemed to look at them for just a little longer, before it vanished off in the distance.

“So much for a relaxing time in the ocean.”
“Oh, I think it can still be releaxing.”
“After having a shark swim right next to me.. I doubt it.”
“Oh we shall see.”

“Okay, you…. OI!”

“I win, yes I do!”

Derek chuckled, using both hands to make sure Toshi had no defense on the onslaught of water that was coming his way.

“Okay, you win, yes!”
“Excellent, I say my prize is you cook dinner.”
“I do that anyways.”
“Well make something extra special then.”

He pulled Toshi into one last kiss before they headed home. In the back of his mind, he knew he would be back to that hut soon enough, seeing if they could finally put an end to all this.

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