3:21 – Goodbye Sulani

“Still nothing?”
“Nothing, no attraction, no nothing.”

They stood still for a while, both taking in that they had done it, and that Toshi was finally free from the sirens curse. On top of that, they had freed the siren from its curse.

“So now what?”
“Honestly… I think I’ll explore these waters more, I feel like something is still out there, like home.”

He gave the two a wave, before jumping back into the water, quickly swimming away for deeper waters.

“Imagine if he has a family, it would mean the sirens spell took him away from them.”
“True, if he has one, I hope he finds it.”
“So.. what would you like to do now, until we have to leave?”

Derek just pulled Toshi close.

“Honestly it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s just you and me.”
“Okay, you, me and Ollie.”

Toshi chuckled as Ollie sat watching the two off them. It felt like the biggest burden had been lifted from his shoulders, and even though he hadn’t noticed it properly until now, he felt like fog had left his head.

“Oh! I know, I want to go snorkeling one last time, can we do that?”

The cat simply turned around and headed into the house.,

“I guess we will be doing that without him.”

The rest of the evening and night was passed with them just enjoying the others company, Derek being the first one up, remembering that they still had a fruit left.

“I guess you will be for our bosses, to make sure their happy with our vacation.”

Taking the fruit, he put in in a small box, marking and tagging before putting it into his bag.

“How long?”
“A couple of hours?”

He felt Toshi’s arms around him, before he found himself pulled back towards the bedroom Ollie just giving him a look that made him chuckle.

“You think they will let you come visit on the weekend again.”
“They better.”
“They were happy with my report, how about yours?”
“Very, even more so when I said I would be bringing a fruit back.”

He looked at Toshi, there was clearly something on his mind still, that he hadn’t quite gotten out of his system yet.

“Why weren’t you angry with me.”
“I told you?”
“Yes… but I kinda thought you would be anyways.”
“It’s hard to be angry with someone, when you know it isn’t their fault.”
“Let’s just put it down to me being an alien then?

There was a sound of a car getting closer, ready to take them to the planes that would once again split them apart.

“Minus the whole siren thing, I say this was a pretty good vacation.”
“Yeah, minus the shark.”
“Awww, it was a nice shark”
“It was scary!”

The car pulled up next to the house, a man waving at them to get going.

“I’m going to miss you”
“I’ll miss you too.”

They grabbed their bags and walked towards the car, and new adventures.

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3:20 – to be or not to be

The next morning, Toshi found himself busy with the washing, that familiar feeling from before getting ever stronger. He just wanted to keep it in check, the last thing he wanted was to have to go tell Derek to tie him down and lock him in the bathroom.

“Need any help with that?”
“Nah, I’m good, keeps me busy.”

They also knew that regardless of their success with this, they would have to leave the next morning. Vacation time was over, and they had been called back to their respective bases. So, they used their morning to clean and put everything in order.

A couple of hours later, and there was a knock on the door, Derek seeing Eric standing outside, looking about as nervous as the rest of them. Turning quickly to Toshi.


They found their way to the same table they had sat on the first time, Derek putting down the three fruits he had gotten

“So those are it?”
“And all I have to do is eat one.”
“That’s what the mermaid said…”
“I guess those are words you never thought you would say to anyone?”
“Oh you would be surprised what I imagine.”

They watch as Eric pick up one of the fruits, holding it in his hand a bit, before taking a bite.

“I was worrying this would taste really bad, but I admit, it’s actually not bad.”

He finished the rest of the fruit in silence, then they all sat quietly a bit no one really knowing what to expect from it.

“I somehow expected it to be something… I don’t know, almost shiny?”
“Me too.”
“Anything though.”
“I don’t feel anything.”
“Me neither.”

Derek looked a bit questioning, not quite grasping what they were on about until it suddenly dawned on him.

“No, it’s gone.”

Before either off them could utter another word, Eric had ran passed them, jumping into the water, looking at his feet expectantly.

“Yep… no longer a merman… this feels weird.”
“Time for a second fruit then?”

It was the second time they all sat around the table while Eric ate another fruit, leaving them with only one left.

“Again, I kinda thought there would be more, I don’t know, magical.”
“Still nothing then?”
“No.. something, but not that.”

He looked at the ocean with a smile.

“It feels like it calls to me, like it once did.”
“It didn’t while you were..?”
“Cursed, no, it didn’t.”

They got their answers pretty fast as Eric once again dove into the water, this time turning into a merman.

“Pretty sure you looked different?”
“Yes, but that was the siren, this is how I used to be I think.”

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3:19 – The big question

“Are you really sure you should be doing that?»

Toshi watched Derek, who was trying his luck against the punching bag they had installed. Partly it was because he did feel like hitting something, and he was nervous on top of it.

“What is the worst…”

He landed a hit, which sent the bag flying one way at first, then hitting him with the same amount of force making him fall backwards. Toshi trying his best to not laugh, while also slightly worried that might actually have hurt him.

“I asked for that one, didn’t I?”

He pulled Derek back up, quickly eyeing his scars to see if they suddenly looked worse somehow. After making sure he was okay, he walked over to the sparring machine, also something he had brought with him to do a bit of a workout himself. He felt worried, anxious, and worst of all, he could feel him as he came closer. The pull was already there, and he knew he wouldn’t arrive until the next day.

“Wow… I think that machine might not be able to take more off a beating.”

He couldn’t blame him, although he wished he didn’t have to bee. Deep down though he knew they were both worried, and the idea of having to tie Toshi down wasn’t all too tempting to him. But he also knew he would keep that promise if it came down to it.

“Come on, let the poor machine have a rest, and we can go and have a calm evening. Candy, movie and something nice to drink?”

He knew Derek was right, just moping about for the next twenty-four hours would probably not be such a good idea. Heading inside he was greeted by Ollie, who pretty much jumped straight up into his arms.

“Oh so you are taking his side are you.”
“You always take his side.”

He chuckled, there was just something about Ollie that made him feel like they had an actual conversation.

“So, what movie do we watch.”
“Hmh, just not something silly and romantic, the mood isn’t quite there for it.”
“How about… 2012, I mean, it’s a funny movie really.”
“World destruction is funny?”
“Yep, when you get all the technicalities wrong, and then add impossible things, it becomes funny.”
“Okay, but only if you tell me and explain exactly what they say is wrong”

They had watched that, and a couple of other movies before they finally called it a night, Derek just watching Toshi sleeping wondering how the next day would go. If it didn’t solve the problem, he only had one more option left, and it wouldn’t be an easy one to get through. Letting Toshi go off with this person was just not a valid option in his mind.

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3:18: Fruit of hope

“Still nothing?”
“Sadly yes.”
“Well I found something.”

Toshi excitedly explained what he had found when going through the local small library. It was about a special fruit that was called Kelp, and it had been found in the cave before. The small book didn’t tell exactly what the fruit had been used for, but it meant that they had at least some more truth to what had just been story and a hope by now.

“I guess I just have to keep at it then.”

Two more weeks had passed, Toshi finding out more about the islands, while Derek went cave diving, an added amount of pressure was put on them by a message they had gotten just a couple of days ago, as Derek would need to go back soon.

“Come on cave, I need your help now.”

He looked at the Mural on the wall, hoping that this would be the time where he would finally find it. Making his way through the many twists and turns, he noticed a light from somewhere he was pretty sure he hadn’t been before. It only took him a few minutes to enter a cave, where much to his surprise there was someone sitting that had to be a mermaid.

“You are a tenacious one.”
“I have to be.”
“I believe you want this?”

She held out a fruit in her hand, much to his surprise it looked just like the one drawn in the book Toshi had.

“I do.”
“For your tenacity, it is yours.”
“I know this will sound odd, but is there any possibility of more?”

He tried his best to quickly explain the situation, the mermaid looking at him.

“I see, a siren is a strong curse, but it should work as you think. And to save your friend, and bring back one of ours, you can have as you wish.”

The fruit in her hand glowed, and instead of one there was now three off them.  He thanked her, before making his way back to the surface, picking up his phone sending a message to Eric he had been waiting to send. Then he headed back home only to find a note from Toshi to join him at the festival.

“Festival, why not.”

He put the fruit inside their safe, to make sure no one found it, or a certain cat tried to eat them, then made his way to where he knew he would find Toshi.

“Why am I not surprised your making food for them.”
“Hey! And well, they are teaching me the recipe.”
“Again, not surprised.”

He would have loved to tell Toshi about what he had found, but as there was just so many villagers there, he decided to wait. Eric wouldn’t be there before a couple of days as he had a lot of travel to do to get back.

“Why are you standing out here?”
“Oh I was just waiting for you, I have something to tell you.”
“Eric will be here in a couple of days.”

It took him a few seconds to realize what that meant.

“You found it?”
“Yes, three of them, the mermaid who I assume is their keeper was kind enough to give us three.”
“Oh thank god!”

As much as it scared him to know that Eric was coming back, he was also just happy to know that this entire horrible nightmare would hopefully soon be over.

“So, do I need to tie you up?”
“Not yet at least.”
“You’ll tell me if it comes to that right?”

Derek looked at him, he knew he felt bad about what had happened still, as much as they had talked about it, he knew it was something Toshi had a very hard time forgiving himself for. He could understand it, it still hurt to know he had been with someone else, but he refused to make it more than it was.

“You know when this is all over, so is the vacation?”
“How long do you think they will keep you?”
“Don’t know, but I will fight for weekend leaves.”

They stood together as the sun set, both knowing in a couple of days, a siren curse might be broken, two people might be freed from a spell.

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3:17 – The cave

“You really think someone here would know that cave?”
“It’s a good a chance as anywhere else don’t you think?”
“Hmh… I guess so.”

With Eric having left, Toshi seemed much more his old self. Still not ready to forgive himself for what had happened perhaps, but still in a better mood than before.

Derek had learned that the key to getting people to tell them things they normally wouldn’t was to casually sneak it into the conversation, like now when they were playing chess.

“So, still looking for places to visit?”
“Yeah, still have some time left of our vacation, so trying to make the most off it.”
“Anything, in particular, you want to see?”
“Well, we heard rumors about caves, but we never saw any. And with one of us not to keen on the water after an encounter with a shark, I guess cave would be more his thing.”
“Hmh.. there is that one cave I can think off.. but no one’s ever found anything special in there.”
“Well, it’s still a cave?”
“True, and it’s just around that waterfall I told you about when you first came here.”
“Oh, can’t say I have noticed it. Even though we had several trips to that waterfall.”
“Well now that you know it’s there, you’ll spot it.”

Derek nodded, focusing back on their chess game. At least now he had a fairly good idea of where to head next.

“How did we not see this?”
“I have no idea…”

They looked at each other, they must have passed this cave so many times, but this was the first time they both saw it was there.

“Okay then… I’ll go in, you keep an eye out here?”

Toshi would have liked to go in there, but he knew why Derek suggested he would go. The likelihood of there being traps and trick and so on was big, and as proven by their previous adventures, it was more his strong suit than his.

“Hmh… was that there before?”

He looked at what seemed like a mural on the cave wall. He was pretty sure that was not even there when they arrived. Not that they had seen the cave before either though.

“This place is just getting weirder and weirder…”

As he was watching it, it was almost like it moved, but when he touched it, there were no moving parts, it just felt like rocks.

“Still… it looks like it moves…”

He walked around a bit, found some trash that people had tossed, deciding to grab it and then toss it when they came home. He knew people had spent so much time trying to clean up these islands, it just annoyed him that others would

“Seems to be a big cave…”
“It is… And it’s not a normal cave either, I am going to have to go several times.”
“Yeah, remember in the jungle, where there were doors you sometimes couldn’t open?”
Same here, just different types of doors.”

He looked at the doorway to the cave, realizing this really might just take him sometimes.

“Hey, Derek.”
“Did you notice this mural?”
“Ehm.. no?
“Well, it just changed how it looks.”

“Yes, when I first noticed it, it only had small parts, not all of that.”
“So, it’s linked to the cave?”
“And maybe to exploring it?”
“We’ll have to keep an eye on that.”

Toshi looked at the cave entrance, a somewhat worried look on his face.

“Well, in the jungle we had to take like a week’s break if this place is the same?”
“Only one way to find out, I’ll go back in, see if it changed.”

“Careful in there, okay?”
“Of course.”

He vanished back inside, leaving Toshi to wait outside once again. He looked at the mural trying to see if it would change again.

“Did it change again?”
“I am not sure… not as much as last time if it did.”
“The cave changed, so I guess it changes every time you enter.”
“So.. just a matter of going again and again.”
“So it seems.”

They looked at each other, it would seem this lead might be a good one, even if it might not lead to anything, this cave seemed fairly magical.

“Let’s head home, for now, I’ll take with me drink and food tomorrow and keep at it.”
“I’ll help out with cleaning the island, that way if I am lucky maybe the spirits help us out a bit.”
“Ah that reminds me, what did the boss say about the spirits and all?”
“He was fascinated, wanted us to check more, talk to them, etc.”
“So you do that, and I go caving?”

“Just be careful in there.”
“Sure, and you want out for sharks, right?”

They parted ways to get the jobs done, their days pretty much filled with Derek being in the caves, and Toshi helping out the islanders keeping the place clean and learning more about the spirits. They both knew they had a time limit so they pretty much only saw each other at night time.

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3:16 – A possible solution

«Good to know Ollie.»

He gave the cat another pet on the head, before putting him back down. He had been out most night, so it was always nice to get a report when he came back home. He noticed someone get closer to the house, realizing fairly quickly who it was.

“Toshi, Eric is here.”

He could see Toshi go visibly pale, as Derek walked out to meet the man who seemed almost as nervous as he was. After a fairly brief greeting they all sat on the small table outside, Toshi mostly wishing there was a black hole that could just take him somewhere else, and Eric not feeling all that much better.

“A fruit?”
“Yes, that should turn you human, which they think can break your curse.”

He could hear the anger in Derek’s voice, guessing just how much the man on the other side off the table wanted to kill him right there. Honestly, he was pretty sure Derek could break him in half if he wanted too by the looks off him.

“A second fruit should turn you back into a merman, not a siren.”
“Yeah, this isn’t exactly science, more like a hope and a prayer.”
“I’d rather stay human than take the chance of becoming a siren again.”
“We can always try and find 3 of that fruit.”
“If not, I’ll just have one.”

Toshi had been quiet since they sat down, he had no idea what to say, or what to do with himself. Part off him wanted to just retreat inside, taking a million more showers, the other wanted to help, but he had no idea how.


Eric handed a note with a phone number to Derek.

“I’ll go away again, it keeps you know what from happening, I’ll stay away for as long as I can. If you find it, you can call me.”
“If it takes long.”
“I’ll tie Toshi up until were done, yes.”

Eric looked at Toshi who just put his head in his arms and pretended he wasn’t a part of this conversation any more.

“That will stop him from coming to you will it not?”
“And I will stop you getting to him, that is a promise.”
“Fine with me.”

There was a silence for a while, until what for Toshi felt was years, Eric stood up and said goodbye.

“Well, that was awkward.”
“Did you mean the tie me up and stop him?”
“Well, I can tie you up, and I would try and stop him, but well, you know my skills in that.”
“I am pretty sure that death stare you pulled would handle it for a while.”

Derek turned towards Toshi, patting him gently on the head.

“I think I know where the cave is, how about we go check it out, and get started?”
“And really, death stare?”
“Oh yeah… “

Derek chuckled, he didn’t know he had one of them. Hopefully it would be enough if it came down to it, as he knew his fighting skills would not be.

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3:15 – you should hate me

He had spent hours around town asking several people for more info, and eventually he had come across something that might work. It was most certainly a long shot, but he would take it, as long as there was a chance there was something true in that story.

“And where are you going?”
“Fine, tell me if you find it?”

He watched Ollie head off into the distance entering the house looking for Toshi to tell him the news. For a few seconds he wondered if he had been “called away again” but then he saw the telltale shadow sitting on the bed in the bedroom.

“Did you find anything?”
“Yeah, a long shot, but I’ll take a long shot any day.”

He watched Toshi quietly for a while, wanting him to tell him what was on his mind. He could of course easily guess what it was, but he also wanted him to talk to him about it on his own accord.

“Come on, talk to me.”

He sat down on the bed, which made Toshi sit up straighter than before.

“Why are you not angry with me?”
“Why should I be?”
“I cheated on you!”
“You were under a spell.”
“I still cheated on you, I had sex with someone else, and…”

He stopped himself, as he turned around and looked at Derek.

“And I hate myself for it.”

He wasn’t quite sure how to reply to it, he could easily imagine how he would feel if it had been the other way around.

“Would you feel better if I was angry and yelled at you?”
“Yes? Or no… I honestly don’t know…”
“The reason I don’t it that it would only make us both feel worse.”
“So you are angry with me?”
“Not angry, hurt maybe disappointed, but like I promised you, I won’t blame you as this is not your fault.”

Derek leant over and took his hand, pulling him over to where he was sitting.

“What good would it do? It wouldn’t solve anything, it wouldn’t change anything, and it would just make both of us feel even worse.”
“Do you always have to be so logical?”

He put an arm around Toshi, trying to dry away what seemed to be an endless stream of tears.

“On the brighter side, we have a lead. It is an insane longshot, but I will take a longshot over nothing any day.”
“What is it?”
“The elders mentioned a cave, one that has a mural next to it. The legend goes that if you manage to explore the entire cave, the mural will be complete, and you will be rewarded with a prize that can turn a mermaid human, or if a mermaid eats it, turn them human again.”
“So you are thinking?”
“If Eric can turn human, then whatever curse has been put on him should be removed, and perhaps if we can get another fruit, he can regain being a merman and not a siren.”
“Hmh… what if it changes nothing?”
“Then we try something else.”

He could feel how Toshi seemed to slowly relax as they talked. Perhaps it was the idea that this might be fixed that did it, but he hoped it was. Tomorrow they would have to tell Eric, and hope he agreed with their plan, and he knew that keeper his anger in check then would be much, much harder.

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3:14 – I am sorry

He was greeted by a gentle purr from Ollie when he came home, giving the cat a quick pet on the head, before walking past Derek and straight into the bath locking the door. He needed to take a long shower before this talk, he just had to wash of the smell and the feeling before he could even begin to have this talk.

As he could feel the water going cold as he was standing there, he knew it was time to face up to it all and tell Derek what he had done and what he had learned. He slumped into the sofa where Derek was still sitting, the tv playing in the background.

“I’m sorry.”
“I know.”

Derek looked over at Toshi who tried his best to meet his gaze.

“I don’t know where to start, I just keep wanting to tell you I’m sorry.”
“I know, but how about you tell me what you learned, I believe I can imagine the rest.”

He swallowed hard a couple of times, trying to wipe away the tears streaming down his face in the end just giving up on it, and letting it be.

“It’s a curse cast on a merman… Eric, that is his name, has found no way to cure it.”
“The elders did not like Sirens, I guess he had no help.”
“No, and as odd as it sounds, he has no choice in what he has become.”
“Does he know the one who put the curse on him?
“Yes, but he can’t find him or her anywhere.”

There was a quiet moment, as Derek seemed to go through what he had just told him. This was one of the many things he loved about the man sitting on the opposite side of the sofa. Instead of shouting and yelling at him, he did just as he had promised him.

“I’ll go talk to the villagers in a bit then, I can fish for some old stories.”
“Okay. And he said he would come here tomorrow, so we can try and figure something out together.”

Derek looked at Toshi, part of him was angry and hurt, but it had perhaps been the only way, and the logical side of his brain was still the ruling one in the matter. It hadn’t been a choice, even the stories he had found told him that.

“Now come here.”

He didn’t get any further before Derek had pulled him over to him, wrapping his arms around him, that safe feeling he had missed all night finally there.

“I don’t deserve this…”
“But you do need it.”
“I never meant too…”
“I know, and it wasn’t your fault.”

Derek could feel how Toshi was fighting the sobs that were for now stuck in his throat, his body was shaking almost uncontrollably even with his arms firmly locked around him.

“It will be okay, we’ll find a way.”
“What if we don’t. I never want to have this happen… but the curse will make it happen.”
“He said it lessens with range, right?”
“Yes… but only for a while.”
“Then trust me, if we can’t find a way, I’ll give us another way.”

Toshi just looked at him, somehow knowing he wouldn’t be hearing more about that option until it was the last way out.

“Get some rest, I’ll go out later.”

It took almost an hour before he could feel Toshi sleeping soundly in his arms without light sobs between breaths. It had taken much more self-control than he would like to admit keeping his calm, and he had a feeling he would need an equal amount of it the next day.

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3:13 – The true curse

Maybe, if he kept his eyes closed this would all just be a horrible dream. He wasn’t in some stranger’s bed, and what his mind knew had just happened was just a dream. But he knew it wasn’t, he knew what he had just done, and what was worse, at the time, he had enjoyed it.

At just that moment it had felt right

It had felt like something he had waited for all his life

It had felt good

But… something had been missing

Something he couldn’t quite put his finger on at the time.

Not a something, but a someone.

He forced himself to keep his eyes closed a little longer, swallowing several times trying to wipe the memories from mind.

“You need to tell him.”

His eyes shot open when he felt a hand on his shoulder, looking up at the man sitting next to him with an almost equally sad look as he himself probably had.

“You mean tell him I cheated on him?”
“You tell him the spell won, for both off us.”

He suddenly remembered the eyes, how they had this odd shiny glow in them just before he had asked him to leave. Before he had failed.

“The spell cast on me, turning me from a merman into a siren.”
“Can it be undone?”
“I haven’t found a way, and the elders here shun me.”

For a short while his mind was busy contemplating what this could mean, and perhaps the elders or the spirits could help both off them out of this mess.

“I tried leaving before, in the end I get pulled back, or they find me.”
“Like when I asked you to come back?”

They stayed quiet for a while, the slight lightening of the room telling them both it was almost morning.

“You need to go home.”
“I know… I just don’t know how to even start.”
“With the truth… I’ll come by tomorrow, the spell is calm now, so we have time. And he can punch me if he wants too.”
“Calm now?”
“You mean it will happen again?”
“Yes… I want it to stop, as much as you do, but if we don’t break it, it will bring us back together over and over again.”

If it felt this bad with one time, knowing that you were locked by this curse to have it happen again, made him feel ill.

“Maybe you two can help me never have to have this talk again.”

He couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Eric as he now knew to be his name. He could only imagine being stuck like with a curse like this one. Never knowing if the person you were with were just there because the curse told them too, or because they cared about him as a person.

“Fine, come by tomorrow. But I make no promises how Derek acts.”
“It’s fine, I have been hit before.”

He knew Derek probably wouldn’t hit him, but he could only assume he would be angry, and that was something he still hadn’t seen him be. He made his way back down the windy stairs, feeling like drenching his entire body in boiling water to wash off the feeling of someone else’s touch.

“I won’t blame you, but I can’t promise not to be hurt.”

The words churned inside his head as he walked, closer and closer to home and to telling the person he actually loved what he had just done.

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3.12 – Not as planned

“So why not?”

He looked at the man standing in front of him, he could see the similarities between this form and the siren one, but there was something sad in his eyes that he hadn’t noticed that time.

“Because I don’t know how.”
“Yes, had I known how I would have told you, and cured myself.”

He stood so close to him, that it took every ounce of self-control Tohsi could muster to not wrap his arms around him and pull him close like he would have done if it was Derek.

“I was turned into this, it was a curse put on me many years ago.”
“By who?”
“Oh this is a good one, by a scorned lover.”
“You know this sound ridiculous right?”
“I know, sadly it is the truth.”

Toshi shuddered as he leant his head on his shoulder, forcing himself to not put a hand on him, holding his hands down to the side.

“So I am not the first?”
“And you have no idea how to stop this?”
“No, I would have stopped it long time ago.”
“I would like someone to love me for me, not because their under a spell.”

Toshi’s will wavered as he heard the tone of the man’s voice crack, and he could only imagine how bad it would feel to know that the only likely reason that someone loved you was because of a spell.

“How come your friend isn’t affected though?”
“You mean my boyfriend?”
“Yeah… sorry.”
“Don’t know…”

He knew it was because Derek was Alien, but heck, how did you tell a siren that.

“Maybe he just loves you too much for it to work?”
“Must be nice to have someone love you that much.”

It felt like someone had just stabbed him with those words, it was just painful to think off him standing here, wanting to be with this man knowing fully well Derek was at home trying to find a solution.

“You should leave.”

Toshi looked at the man in surprise, noticing a shine in his eyes he had not seen before. Was this the spell he himself had been put under taking effect.

“Please leave now.”

He could feel his breath on his skin, as he tried to move finding his body fully unable to do so, feeling how his hand slowly trailed down his chest. He could feel his own body reacting his breath shortening as his pants was slowly opened, a small moan escaping him against his will.

“I’m sorry…”

He was lost against the pull off the spell, letting himself being lead towards the bed, the small voice in the back off his head telling him this was wrong going quiet.

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