Authors Note – Vampiracy

Although this is by far not the first legacy challenge I have made for myself, it is the first time I will be trying to write down the story and put it into a blog. Why? Well because someone I know always keeps nagging me to share what I have in my head (aka write it down) so for once I figured I would give it a shot.

The two legacy starters off this story are quite loosely based on our two Final Fantasy XIV ooc characters, and just to show them off to you I will add a picture off the two of them in that game, and then hopefully manage to make a good story about them, and their legacy in Sims 4.

I am hoping to update this blog once a week when I get into it, but I am making no promises, as one never knows just what life throws in your face along the way, or when another game comes and steals my attention for a while.

Also as Sims 4 gets more packs, there is a likelihood that the family might move (but keep the house of course) as I am hoping for pets, and besides, who wants to live their entire lives in a dark broody place?! Only time and story will tell though.

On a final note, the house in this story was not made by me, but by anchesenamon. I asked in a Sims4 group I am in on facbook if someone would like to try and make this house (press collection two), based of a castle, and luckily for me, she jumped on it! So if you want to see what else she has made, please take a look. Her building skills are truly impressive!

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