“I love you, beautiful, kind, wonderful soul, truly a princess.”

His eyes fall at the waterfall, having noticed Rylan looking at it a little earlier. 

“What were you thinking by the way?”

Rylan smiles at River but shrugs his shoulders slightly.

“Silly things that shouldn’t be on my mind, sorry.”

He kisses River, before he tells him, simply because he knows River will ask and dig. 

“I for a second wished my brother could see this, and I know this is our vacation, and I feel bad that I have that on my mind when I have you here.. if that makes sense?”

River brushes his cheek with a smile and kisses his forehead, happy he told him what was troubling him, something he has gotten much better at after River has been back. 

“It’s not silly. Not at all. You love your brother, of course, you’d like him to have fun too. But look at me, we know Vy, don’t we. I really don’t think that antsy lizard is going to stop looking for a way for your brother to enjoy these things one day. And if he can’t, we’ll at least bring him souvenirs and photos. Make it look like he was here. How about that?”
“I’d like that, I think he would too, especially as he knows we’re going.”

He smiles, kissing River deeply, extremely thankful he is always so understanding when it comes to these things.

“Now then my prince, would you like to dance with me? 

He takes out his phone, putting on So close to play, smiling at River, taking a step back and holding out his hand. River smiles at him nods and takes his hand.

“Yes, princess.”

He pulls him close, placing one hand on his waist and the other holding his hand, pulling him to the slow rhythm the two of them dancing together alone on the pier. Rylan smiles as he gets pulled close to River, and for a little while, all the thoughts about his brother and everything else vanished, it just being the two of them, trying his best to not step on River’s toes. As the song ends, he simply leans against River’s chest holding him tight.

“I think I can get used to doing this on occasion, just you and me.”

He smiles and looks up at River 

“Should we go “home” and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure?”

River smiles and nods.

“Anything is perfect as long as you’re with me, but yes, us moments are good…”

He stops, looking down at Rylan. 

“Yes, let’s go “home”.”

He kisses Rylan one last time before pulling back, holding Rylan’s hand he leads him up the path out of the pier and towards their jungle home, Rylan following him, still taking in the natural beauty, his mind slowly realizing they would be all alone in their house and it was really the first time that they were.

“So, any plans for what we do until tomorrow?” 

He looks at River questioningly while they walk. River walks by his side silently, enjoying the sound and scents, just watching the nature around them, the beautiful greens, such a wonderful change after years of nothing but white. As they are arriving at the house he smiles.

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