And this will happen under the line, because it deals with Rylan’s anxiety.

Rylan hears his own heartbeat like a drum inside his head almost drowning out River’s voice, trying to force himself to focus on his breathing, trying desperately to control the oncoming panic attack. 

“Nono… please no….”

He quickly jumps onto the bed getting as quickly as he can to Rylan, he wraps his arms around Rylan, pulling him to his chest and holding him close

“Hey! Rylan! Look at me! Look at me!”

He tips his face forward so he can look him in the eyes.

“Deep breaths! You’re okay! I’m here! We’re here! Where are we? Tell me where we are?”

Rylan’s eyes lock with Rivers, his entire body shaking, a desperate plea in his eyes as he fights to be able to breathe.

“make it stop, please….”

He clamors on to River, much too panic-stricken for him to follow River’s instructions like he usually does.

“Help me….”
“It’s okay! Rylan, princess! it’s okay my love. I’m here.”

River’s mind races, actually afraid, desperate to try and help him, he remembers what Hayden told him about his magic probably having no effect on Rylan, so he feels powerless and useless.

“You’re safe. Look at me. I’m here with you.”

He holds onto Rylan, holding him close to his chest, hoping the weight of his arms helps ground him.

“Breathe with me, breathe deeply, breathe with me, slowly, my love.”

He takes deep breaths hoping this will help. The first proper thought that runs through Rylan’s brain is to run, but the safety that is River is stronger, the feel of his arms around him, the voice, he knows he can follow that voice if he could just focus on something. It feels like the voice comes from several miles away, like it’s here but also not here but he locks on to it, the fact that he can feel River breathing helping. Grasping on to that like it was a rope he was hanging from, he tries to follow River’s deep breaths, not doing the best of jobs, to begin with, but slowly his breath seems to fall in line with River’s. His hands grabbing onto Rivers’s arm, a small voice inside his head reminding him to control his strength, but even with that, the hold is extremely powerful and hurtful. The slow breathing helps, but the mess of thoughts in his head still in command, as he looks up, trying to find that voice again, River’s worried face a half blur as he struggles to focus.

“Rylan. I’m here, I’m here with you. You’re not alone.”

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