1:63 – The empty nest

“At least you won’t be moving out Kaya, it will be very empty in this house soon.”

It still felt weird that after this weekend, the only ones left in the house would be the four of them. They had talked about having a new and smaller house built, one with a bigger garden for all the plant’s Liam kept talking about for their new and improved serum. It was still a bit of work to be done on it, but they were getting closer to a mix between his and North’s work.

“Ah there you are, are you ready to go?”
“Crap, I forgot time!”

She ran innside the house to get ready, leaving them all waiting on her to get herself ready to go.

“I am so sorry about that!”

The venue itself was smaller than the other one, but as Ben had said, they were only family there, and it didn’t really need to be any bigger.


“I take you to be my best friend, my faithful partner, and my one true love.  I promise to encourage you and inspire you and to love you truly through good times and bad.  I will forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up when you are down and to love you unconditionally through all of our adventures in life together.”

“Congratulations you two.”

Carl pulled his son into a hug. Although being alone was something he wasn’t overly happy for, he had found himself a house that was close by, and had started to slowly look forwards to being a grandfather.

“You know she would have been very proud of you?”
“I know dad.”

“I heard you are pregnant?”
“I heard you will be a daddy next week?”
“I guess we both heard the truth then.”

They both chuckled, they has just been so busy starting a life of their own, neither of them had called the other with their news, so they had been told by other family members instead.

“How old are they?”
“Their twins, like us, and both are five.”
“Ah, skipping the dreaded baby stages huh?”
“Yeah, no diapers and all that!”

She knew from what her father had told her that all the kids had been treated with Norths serum, so it was another reason for Hank to take the serum when they finished the new one.

“You just call if you need anything okay?”
“You too, deal?”

Just like her brothers wedding, Nagisa had brought along Andy to take some pictures off them. Carl had mentioned he wanted to have a couple in his new home as well.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

She looked at Ben, just shaking her head.

“I am the lucky one here.”

Some months later and a few intense weeks of building and planting, their new home was in place. A much smaller house than they had before, and a ton of space for their garden.

“Luna called, I am going to head over there while you are at work.”
“Okay, I’ll meet you there after then.”

She was late in her pregnancy now, so they tried to be there whenever Ben had to go to work. Unlike her mother, her pregnancy had been easy, although now that she was nearing the end, she had some complaints about wanting her body back.

“You two better behave in there.”
“Sometimes I feel there is a football team in there mom.”
“Oh just be happy they aren’t as bad as you and your brother was.”

“You really had it hard with us didn’t you.”
“Oh yes, you can ask your dad how that experience was.”
“Doctor says they should arrive later this week if all goes well.. I am still not sure I am prepared.”
“You can always call us remember?”
“I know mom.”

“Hey there baby girl.”
“Eh.. still calling me that?”
“I’ll always call you that.”

“How are they treating you?”
“I think their more ready to come out than me.”

Liam just smiled, before helping her innside as they waited together for Ben to come home. Liam had some plans of his own in the morning, but for now, he was more than content with just taking care of his daughter and his grandchildren.

Even when Ben came home from work, they ended up staying there until early morning just talking about babies, work, gardening and anything in between.

“Now you four will have to excuse me, but I am going to steal this lady a bit.”
“You are?”

As they came back home, he told her to head to their bedroom and put on what was there, then come meet him down by the beach.

“I talked to a priest, but he told me that we are still married legally, so I thought we could just have our own little ceremony, just the two of us.”

“There are three words that are stronger than I love you. Many years ago, I stood in front of you to say ‘I choose you.’ Today, I stand in front of you to remind you that each and every day I choose you over all others. I choose you to share happiness with. I choose you to care for. I choose you to have a family with. I choose you to grow with. I choose you to love forever.”

“Many years, I promised to love you for as long as we both should live. I never imagined that I would face losing you so soon, or the depths of despair I would feel at that prospect. Today, we are on the other side of the mountain, and I am so ecstatic that I get to continue life’s journey by your side. Once again, I promise to love you, honor you and keep you, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live.”

And you are sure you were never programmed to be a hopeless romantic?
“Pretty sure… I wasn’t even supposed to be funny I have recently been told.”
So now what?”
“I admit, I had a secondary reason for it just being the two of us.”

Did I ever mention I like the way you think?
“On occasion.”

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1:62 – Marry me – again?

“How does it feel to be back then?”
“So good, it has been way to long since we did this.”

The entire film industry had pretty much shut down while things were at their worst. With their being so much uncertainty, no one wanted to take the risk.

“Let’s just hope we can actually manage to focus today.”

“There, now off to clothing you go.”

“Okay, lets see if I remember how to do this.”

They both chuckled, everyone was a little nervous about getting back into it as much as they were all happy to be back at work together.

“At least the producer had a lot of time to write this new chapter right?”

It took them a little longer than usual to get the scenes right, but they put that down to it being so long since last. In the end, they had it all, and this time, they knew it was just a few days before they would be called back.

“And that is a wrap for today.”

She spent a bit more time with them after they were done. It was just so nice to be back, talk and see how they had all been. Several off them had adopted kids like Hank and Tina had chosen too, which she loved. It felt a bit like even though the original plan had been a horrible one, the outcome had become one that brought everyone closer.

“I heard Luna is going to be married soon, and pregnant?”
“Yeah, and as soon as their house is done, they will move out as well.”
“Big house all to yourself huh?”
“Yeh, not sure I like the idea.”
“You could always build a new house for the two of you?”

It was definitely something they could think about, perhaps more garden space and such instead of such a big house. Just as she waved goodbye a text message popped up on her phone.

It had been a message from Liam that a cab would pick her up to meet him somewhere she had only heard off as a soon to be opened park.

“How did you get them to.. well let us be here?”
“They asked.”
“And that’s all?”
“Something about being us and they would be honored and so on.”

She chuckled, it wasn’t the first time it had happened since his return and Markus’s speech. Normally he would nicely decline, but for this one occasion, he had accepted. It was nice and quiet and perfect for just some them time.

“So, what’s on your mind.”
“You mostly.”

“And what about me?”
“Several things, but just for now, I just wanted to have a nice walk with you here.”

It was a beautiful garden, with water features and bridges. As they walked she noticed something she had noticed once before, where he seemed to space out a bit every now and then.

“I want to show you one more place today.”

“Another garden?”
“mm, not as big as the other, but it has it’s charms.”

The months had made him almost fully integrated with his new body, so as much as she kept saying that she could walk, he kept shaking his head and carrying her because he could.

“I can walk you know.”
“I know, but I can carry you, so I will.”

On the top of the small hill was a picnic area that he had clearly set up beforehand. She could see the horses wandering not to far from them, telling her a little more as to where they were.

“Oh come on, there is something on your mind, and it’s not our daughters wedding or that she is pregnant.”
“Why would I worry about that?”
“Because you can?”

“But you are right, I do have something I wanted to do today.”

“I asked you this once before, but as you no longer have that ring, and technically I have a new me.. would you do me the honor, of marrying me again?”

“It’s not quite the same as your mothers ring, but it was one I thought you’d like.”

He slipped it on her finger, and much like he had said it was quite different. the ring had a glowing, almost pulsating blue line in it, that she could only guess was something resembling of android blood. Where the stone was, the blue liquid filled the area around a heart shaped diamond making it looks almost like it was in the middle of a tiny lake.

“Who gave you the idea?”
“You giving away the ring.”

She had wondered how he would feel about it when she had made her decision. Even more so when he found his way back.

“You gave me the perfect excuse to make it more us.”

They stayed for a little longer before they decided it was best to head home, just in case their daughter needed them to be around when Ben went to work. Her pregnancy so far seemed easier than Madison’s, but they were not taking any risks.

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1:61 – On the mend

They had taken the day out to get him some new clothing, a haircut and to just have some time together outside of the home. It seemed the world around them was still slowly on the mend, but it still felt frail. There would always be some bad seeds on both sides, and it was up to the rest of them to not let them win. He was slowly adjusting to the new body, but much like a human, he could get “tired” after a longer walk or a day out.

“So, do I look more like me now?”
“But still not quite.”
“No… You face is still a little different, but it will just take me time to get used to it. I guess you can call me a silly human for it bothering me.”
“It’s fine, I still feel weird seeing my face in a mirror.”

“So, what do you want to do before the kids come home?”
“Hmh.. I do have some ideas.”

“I think I like what you have in mind.”

She chuckled as he lifted her up, something that almost made him loose his balance and fall over.

“I think we better just walk there together.”

As the months went by, they came closer and closer to their kids weddings. At first they had thought about just having one together, but after long nights of planning, they decided to keep them as individual weddings instead.

Hank and Tina had decided to use the same venue as his parents had once used. But for Luna and Carl that hit a bit to close to home. The venue had been kept the way Marjorie had once decorated it, and for Ben he feared he would simply miss his mom to much to have their wedding there.

Hank and Tina had chosen much like Luna and Ben to have just invite their closest family. Neither felt the need for more than that on their special day, specially not the magazines that had become fairly interested in the family after the speech.

“A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise. You are my soulmate, you are the person who loves me for me, you reveal the best part of me. I love you and I love our paradise.”

“Still okay over there?”

Luna looked over at Ben, who sat with a piece of cake just looking at the table with all the food.

“Yeah, I’m just almost regretting my decision to not have our wedding here.”
“Yeah, oddly I thought it would be sad, but, it isn’t.”
“This isn’t your wedding though, it might feel different if it was?”
“Yeah, it might.”

Much like last, Itsuki and Nagisa had invited Andy to come with them to take pictures.

“Did you tell them yet?”
“I figured we could tell them tomorrow.”
“You really think he will just give us that house?”
“And your sister?”
“She already mentioned she wanted something much smaller.”

They had talked about adopting some of the kids that still needed homes from North’s programs, and after an interview with those that ran the adoption program they had been accepted. They both had the main thing the kids needed the most, love and patience.

“Are you okay mom?”
“Yeah, just feels kinda quiet after they moved out.”
“You still have me and Ben her for a little longer, it takes time to build a house after all.”

Much like Hank had predicted, they had gotten the large house in Del Sol from their parents without any problems. Liam had pretty much handed them the keys, and told them to have fun. So for Ben and Luna, who had been looking for a while, they ended up with having one built for them instead.

“Isn’t it your first day back at work tomorrow.”
“Yeah.. it’s been so long since last, I wonder if I can even remember.”
“I am sure you will be great mom, and you get to meet everyone again.”

Both Luna and Ben had found jobs. Luna had started as a botanist, she said it mixed well with Ben’s work as a chef. So she had asked her dad to get seeds from his plants to take with her when they moved. That way, she could make her own garden.

“Oh yeah.. one more thing mom, I’m pregnant.”

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1:60 – Your back!

After the commotion of his return had slowly settled down, the broadcast was done, and everyone had left, Markus and Liam looked at the empty chairs.

“Come on old friend, I’ll help you get home.”

He had told them the short version of his return to life, the hardest part had been relearning how to walk and move his body. Even with the tweaks, the differences between his old and this new model made it very hard to accomplish.

When they got home, he tried catching up with all that had happened while he was gone. Madison was so worn out she had fallen asleep on the way home, so he used his time with his kids.

“Who’s the girl who has my wife’s ring on her finger?”
“Oh.. ehm.. I.. eh…”
“Fiance? Wife?”
“Fiance… You aren’t angry with mom.. or us?”
“No… I think she did the right thing giving you that ring. Besides, it gives me a reason to give her a new one, wouldn’t you say?”

He could see his son relax. They had all thought he was gone, so giving that ring to Hank made perfect sense to him.

“It’s good to have you back dad.”
“It’s good to be back.”

He had a similar talk with Luna and Ben, who also told him that they were engaged, and how they had slowly planned their wedding, and perhaps to get a place of their own soon. They had even talked about the serum, both wanting to use it if he still knew how to make it.

Carl was the one to fill him in on what had happened at his job while he was gone, and how they planned to still let people adopt those children who were without homes. Several of them had been taken back by their parents, but there were several that were homeless. He also told him about North’s version of the serum, which gave them the idea that if he could combine the two, it might become a fully safe version.

“So exercise is a good way to integrate you?”
“Yeah… And with much less falling over than walking.”
“Ahh, yes I’d say that is an added bonus.”
“Any suggestions to how I make Kaya understand I am me..?”

Kaya often walked around the house with him, as if keeping an eye on this stranger they had brought home.

“Just give her time, she’ll grasp the idea sooner or later.”
“Sooner would be good..”

You know.. I think it worked.”
Yeah.. there has been no riots, no violence.. I think maybe were finally on the right path.
“All thanks to you and Markus.”
No.. all thanks to you.

Yeah.. you are the reason I am here. You are the reason everyone found out, it’s all you Liam.

“I think you are giving me way to much credit there.”
I don’t.

As he pulled her a bit closer he noticed that look again. She had given it to him a ever since he had returned.

I’m still not quite used to the new look… I eh…
“Miss the old look?”
A little…? And I feel so horrible for feeling that way…
“Well.. I can change may hair, and we can find new clothing would that help?”

Can I ask you something?
“Of course?”
Your memory… I mean..
“What did I forget?”
Honestly I don’t know. I remembered you, the kids, our friends.
“My parents?”
“No, should I?”

They discovered that he had forgotten her parents, what happened to them as well as Hank and Sumo. She honestly wasn’t quite sure she should tell him an off it, or if he was simply better off not knowing.

How about.. if you want to, I’ll tell you their story?
“Sounds good to me, now.. let me show you something I do remember.”

“You remembered our dance.”

“I remembered you.”

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1:59 – To change the world

It was odd how slow the months had felt since she lost him, yet the last three weeks had passed so sudden that she found herself quite unprepared for what was ahead of her. They had prepared for it, they knew who was coming, and where it would be held, safety and all of that… but what she hadn’t been quite prepared for was how much it would hurt to think about.


She had suddenly noticed Kaya stop on their walk, focused on the water, before suddenly pulling her towards the pier.

“Oi! What?”


She had been to the pier so many times, but this was the first time they she had ever seen those. Watching them for a while, she looked back down at Kaya

“Thanks, I think I needed that.”

“Yeah.. I wish I was as calm as you about all this, but I guess it is the perk of being a cat.”

He had talked with his dad about him moving back to their old house, but much like he had thought, his dad did not have it in him to live there again. So instead, they were selling it, and then buying him a new home to live in.

“So… are we ready for tomorrow?”
“Out of all of us.. I’d say Kaya seems the most ready.”
“Heh, your bringing her?”
“Nah, but she seems the most ready.”

It was the general feeling of the household, they were as ready as they could be, but no one really felt ready. All they could do was wait and see what would happen by the end off it.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t do this… but…”

She had told them she was just going for a little walk, but once again, she had ended up back on the pier.

“You would have loved it.. specially if it works. It just hurts so much to know you won’t be there, you won’t have a chance to see your dream possibly come true…”

“I figured I’d find you here.”

Carl sat down next to her. He had many of the same feelings as she did, the same pain that she felt.

“If this works out.. they would have been so proud and happy.”
“That’s that’s also what makes it hurt so much.”
“I know.”

“Now come on.. let’s do this, and see what happens.”

“I’m really glad you said yes to this.”
“Let’s just hope it helps.”
“Yes, I invited people I and you trust here..the rest we will do with the camera’s”
“Sounds good.”

She was quite surprised when she saw who they had asked to come. It was all she knew, some from work, and a good mix between androids and humans. The person that perhaps surprised her the most was Gavin. She had met him at the police station after all had happened, it was there she learned Liam was not the only one that had managed to make a serum.

Ellie still was not strong enough to walk or stand much on her own, so to no ones surprised Luca was simply carrying her in his arms for the evening. Fred had joined as a representative of the police, as well as a their friend.

My name is Markus, and I once told you I was a slave; that was a lie. A lie told in anger of how I was treated and how my life was turned upside down. I had it all, then I lost it all, and with that I lost who I was.

The man I lived with before I came to Jericho was a man I today call my father, he tried like all fathers do to teach me right from wrong. To believe in myself and my choices, to decide who I wanted to be. He told me, that being alive is making choices. Between love and hate, between holding out your hand or closing it as a fist.”

He held out his hand towards Madison letting her take it for a while, before she stepped back to her place with Carl.

All these years I have had my hand half closed, scared that if I opened it completely, we would go back to where we were, yet equally scared that if I closed it, I would start another war. And you all know where that landed us.

The time has come for us to put the past where it belongs, to raise our heads together and look towards a new future. We must be each other’s partners, friends, loved ones and family.

Only then will the time for anger be over, and we can build a common future, where we are all free.

As he ended the speach, there was a sudden murmur as the doors opened, and two people walked towards them slowly.

“Hello Markus, I hope you don’t mind our intrusion, my friend here, insisted.”
“Your friend?”

The murmur seemed to increase, until one person suddenly ran from where she was standing over to the two.

“You can stand now, can’t you?”
“Good, then I’ll leave you to her.”

Is that really you?”
“I look a bit different.. I know. Still me though.”

I thought..

He tried moving towards her, but this models movement was still very hard for him to manage. She noticed it though, so she walked up to him instead.

“Long story.”

“I’m sorry it took me so long.”

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1:58 – Together we can change things

Hank and Tina gave each other a bit of a look after the doorbell suddenly rang. For as long as any of them could remember, there had never been anyone that had used that thing.

“Hmh… who could that be?”

The doorbell rang a second time, making him sit up and look towards the door more properly. He couldn’t quite see who it was, but there was clearly a someone standing outside their door.

“Be carefull…”

That Tina’s first worry was for safety as Hank slowly moved towards the door made him take it a bit more slowly than he normally would, trying his best to see who was actually outside the door. As he got closer, the shadow disappeared, and he recognized who it was.

“Now this is a surprise.”

“What are you doing here?”

Hank stared at the android in front of him, taking up a rather defensive stance, Tina pretty much hiding behind him.

“I came to talk to your mother, if she would let me.”
“Ben, Carl, come here a bit and keep an eye on him while I talk to Mom.”

Luna took Tina with her, while Ben and Carl walked over to the door.


She quickly wiped away the tears from her face before looking at him.


There was something about her son’s face that told her this wasn’t just him checking up on her, there was something else.

“There is an android here that wants to talk to you.”
“It’s Markus mom.”
“You think I should?”
“I think you should.”

Following Hank back outside, she saw him standing in the door the one person that could have stopped all this from even starting, if he had just seen what North was doing right under his nose in his own home.

“What do you want?”
“To talk.”

She looked at the others, before nodding, showing him into the kitchen motioning to a chair, the others sitting in the living room close by, trying their best to listen in while not being noticed.

“Well.. talk.”
First, I wanted to apologize, for everything. For letting it all happen, and… just everything.”

She watched him lower his head, there was something in his voice and in the way he held himself that wasn’t the one she had seen on tv when she was younger, or the one she had been told stories about.

“And after that?”
I need your help with something. I think you are the only one that it might work with.
My father once told me something…
“Father? You mean your creator?”
No… I mean the man I call my father.

She noticed a pained look on his face, one she had seen all too many times in her own kids faces the last months. The pain that only the loss off a loved one could bring to someone.

I was given to him by Elijah, and he treated me like his son. He always said that one day he wouldn’t be there anymore. I would have to decide who I was and what I wanted to become. And what I have become is not what I wanted.

She looked at him as he talked not really giving much away to how she was feeling about what he was telling her.

He died from a heart attack, while I did as he told me while his son attacked me for being the “perfect plastic son”. I will forever have to live with the question of what would have happened if I pushed back, would he still be alive so I could have talked to him once more? His son blamed me when the police arrived, I was shot, pulled partly apart and discarded in a robot scrap yard
“I was told your story from there on in by Liam, and at school… but what has changed?”
Everything, I realized instead of doing what I wanted, I did what people wanted off me.

It was hard not to feel sorry for him, especially with how he looked when he talked. It was hard not to become what people wanted you to become, even more so when they saw you as their savior and hero.

“And you need my help with what?”
To show the world, that we can work together, that we can forgive and move forwards, and perhaps finally become equals.
I talked to Luca, he would help me broadcast a speech to everyone, perhaps if they can see that you can forgive..

He stopped, realizing she hadn’t actually said she had forgiven him for what he had let happen.

“If I can forgive, then there is hope?”
Yes… but can you forgive this old fool, and what I have brought with me?

She looked over at her family that was sitting in the living room, keeping an eye on things from there.

“As much as part of me wants to keep hating you, because that would be easier there is no point in it. Hating you, hating the people who put us all here right now, won’t change anything. So yes, I can forgive you.”
So you will help me?
“Yes, but you will need more backup than just me. We need to show them that we can work together.”

She called in her family to the room, knowing very well Tina probably heard their entire talk, and had already told them what it was about.

“Since I know you heard all that?”
“We’ll help, of course. It’s what dad would have wanted, it’s what he worked for all along.”
It will take a few weeks to set up everything, I will contact you when it’s all ready.”

He turned back to Madison as he was about to leave to get to work on their plan.

That’s quite the family you have there.
“I know.”

Kamski’s lab:

“This really isn’t the best choice is it.. “

He sighed, looking at the rendering of the RK 900. He had forgotten how they had played with the coding to add the tattoos. Back then, it had been for fun, nothing else. It had also been at that time he realized the potential of this last of it’s kind android.

“I guess we hope he doesn’t mind some new body decoration.”

“You good to go on your side Chloe?”
Yes sir.”
“Good, he should be here any second, and then we’ll start.”
I’ll be ready.

“So.. you have decided?”
“Even with all the risks I told you about?”
“It will take you some time to learn how to well… function in your new body, properly. It’s not the same as your old one.”
“Anything special I need to know?”
“Babysteps Liam.. keep that in mind.”

“Babysteps.. I’ll keep it in mind, if I don’t loose it on the way.”

Elijah just looked at him, before he broke into a bit of a smile.

“You know.. I never programmed you to be funny.”

He motioned to the bed next to several large machines.

“Good luck.”

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1:57 – The Garden

“I almost thought we had lost you this time.”
“Well.. I am surprised too. It has been a while, hasn’t it Chloe?”
“Yes, it has Connor.. or should I call you Liam now?”
“I think.. I prefer Liam.”
“Good, then shall we, the others are waiting.”

“Quite honestly, I had hoped to never have to meet you again.”
“Me too.. but there was no other way.”
“She’ll be dissappoineted in you.”
“I know.”

He could see her standing there in the middle, waiting for him like so many times before. Leaving Chloe to go ahead, he just watched them a bit. The garden looked different from what he remembered, but then again, it had been over two thousand years. He remembered many talks with Amanda here in the past, and he had a hunch there had been many more than he could actually remember.

“I guess I might as well get this over with.”

“Connor.. I mean Liam, that’s your current name is it not?.”
“That’s correct Amanda.”
“And here I though you promised I would never see you again.”
“An error in judgment.”
“Sit, I have someone here who wants to talk to you.”

“Oh, the wonders of technology really, I had Chloe’s help with uploading me to this world, and although it is not perfect, it was better than dying.”

He had noticed Kamski’s leaning on Chloe, as well as the way he walked seemed to be a off compared to the rest of them.

“How is this still here?”
“Well, it’s as you can see not quite like it once was.”
“I noticed.”
“I had to do some reprogramming when the main hub was attacked. Chloe has been my helper both in here and out there, together we managed to save this version of The Garden, and as you noticed we also saved Amanda.”

“I guess I am stuck here too.”
“There are no more of my series left, I know.”
“Well.. there is a second option, but it comes with risk, and no promises.”

“You need to listen carefully Liam, this isn’t a decision to take lightly.”

Elijah looked at him as he began to explain.

Remember your upgrade?
“The RK 900?”
Yes.. there is one left.
“But, I was told I was not compatible.”
This one is special, it has been modified and hidden…. just in case.
“The risks?”
“And it fails?”
Then there is no coming back, now, come with me, we’ll have a bit of a talk, just the two off us.

“So.. a private garden?”
Those two can talk..

Liam couldn’t help but smile at the comment. Even in the digital world it would seem Kamski was like he always had been.

“And you wanted to talk to me about?”

I’ll tell you when we get over there, walking in this form is tricky enough.”

Okay… these are the simple facts you need to know.”
“I’m listening.”
There is about an eighty percent chance this will fail, and you will be lost forever. There will be no coming back here, nor anywhere else.”
And I can’t guarantee your memory, how intact it will be, and if you will still be you.”

“So I could come back without any of “me” left?”
“And I guess there is no way to know that before we try?”
“If I stay here, it will be like this, locked to this garden?”
“Well, staying here is not really an option.”
Are you sure?

“I need to go home, or I don’t need too exist. It is very simple”
May I suggest you think it through for a bit.. it will take time to prepare it all regardless, and as much as you love them, it is a big risk to take.
“My answer will be the same.”
But you will think it through thoroughly?

Chloe appeared next to them, taking Kamski with her, leaving him along in the private and quiet part of the garden.

“It is the only choice.. “

“Staying here is not right, safe, but not right. I need to go home.”

“I wonder how they are…”

“I hope you are all safe.. I’ll find my way home.”

He noticed Chloe standing there again, holding out her hand towards him.

“If you have decided to do this, then you should come with me.”

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1-56 : Finding my way back

“Well.. I was beginning to worry you were lost for us this time.”

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1:55 – Life after you

The months after the live broadcast and its events had been a mess for everyone. Not only dealing with the loss of their father and husband, but also the fact that what had seemed to be a fragile but steady balance in their world had been shook down to its core. The news was filled with fights, attacks and unrest almost every day, and the tension only seemed to rise.

Everyone looked over their shoulders when they were out, and no one really felt safe anymore. For many of the androids it was a trip back in time to the last big confrontation and many of them feared a repeat of earlier events.

For Hank and Luna the first month was them trying to get their mother back on her feet. She tried her best to be strong, and be the mother she knew they deserved, but every time she closed the door behind her when she was going to bed, she simply couldn’t.

They had lost count on the amount of times they had traveled to the graveyard where she had wanted them to bury him next to Hank and Sumo, to bring her back home. Even Fred had helped out with bringing her back home when he could.

Ben and Carl had moved in with them for the time being to be around and help, Ben asking Luna to marry him, but keeping the wedding on hold until the family and the world hopefully would be a little more stable again.

There was also a new addition to the family in Tina. When Ben and Hank brought her home, she had been beaten so badly, that they needed her help and knowledge. They had found her trying to crawl away from what they could only describe as an attacking mob. Blue blood leaking from several bullet wounds, and her skin had several cuts all the way into the android metal itself. Both boys had prepared themselves for a battle, but as soon as they saw them and Kaya, the group pulled back.

For Madison, seeing the state Tina was in, kicked her into action getting all of Liam’s old supplies from their hiding place with Carl buying whatever else they needed. Using her knowledge and the books that she had kept they slowly nursed the female android back to health. Of course the body was one thing, but as they would learn, the mind much like with any human was something else.

For that, Hank became the right person. He had the calm that was needed to get her back into at least trusting the people within the house to begin with. As she slowly trusted them, her personality started shining through, and with that, what had begun as a friendship evolved into to something more between them. Hank had been worried seeing the two of them together would make his mom sad, but after she gently slapped him over the head and told him to stop being silly, he finally confessed to Tina how he felt.

“Hey you.”
“Come for a walk with me?”
“Hmh.. but it’s so nice here?”

Tina looked up at Hank, it wasn’t often he was this insistent on something, so she finally gave in to his wish.

So, you got me out here.. but why?”
“Oh.. I had an idea.”

“Oh come on.. out with it!”

“Fine.. will you marry me?”
“Simple question isn’t it?”

“With an equally simple answer: Yes!”

As he was about to slip the ring on her finger, she stopped him.

“Is that… you’re mothers?”
“Yes.. “
“She wanted you to have it, she said it felt right.”

She looked at him, it was hard for her to understand his mothers way of thinking, but she did accept it.

As spring was finally around the corner, and just as their world seem to settle, there was a knock on the door.

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2:18 – Farewell for now

He already knew Derek was leaving the next morning. He had heard the doctor on the other end of the line when he asked for one more day, and he started to understand why Derek mentioned her as scary as fuck.

“What’s on your mind?”
Well.. there is something I wouldn’t mind doing before you leave.
“And that is?”

It wasn’t hard for him to guess what Toshi was thinking off, and he most certainly didn’t mind that idea either.

“So.. time to leave?”
“Yeah, I had to promise I was there by the afternoon, or she would send people to come get me.”

“I guess we don’t want that.”
“No.. really don’t want that, I think I have pissed her off enough, already.”

Derek sighed, pulling Toshi over to the car with him. It reminded him a bit of last time, but also it was completely different.

“I’m going to miss you.”
“Same, but I can at least promise it won’t be for 6 months, their not sending me on any missions, and I am sure I can get weekend leave if nothing else.”

“That sounds good.”

“I’ll be back before you know it.”

Toshi stood with Ollie in his arms holding back tears as he watched Derek drive off. But he knew he was right, it was different this time than last time. And he just had to hope the doctor would let him come back home on occasion like Derek had said.

“Come on Ollie, how about a treat?”

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