“Wow.. I never thought of a pier like that, look at the fall next to it!”

His face lights up as he walks a little faster. River looking at him, nodding to himself, letting go of his hand suddenly.

“Race ya!”

He grins and runs past Rylan, towards the pier.


He sprints after, trying to catch up to River’s head start, quite quickly gaining on him, yet not managing to pass him before they reach the pier. 

“That is cheating you know!”

He leans on the railing, looking at the fall. 

“Wow, this is pretty.”

he looks over at River, smiling warmly at him.” 

“Thank you for taking us here, I love it!”

River walks the last few steps, stopping behind Rylan, slowly he places a hand over his back and looks over the pier, towards the waterfall, a smile on his lips as Rylan talks.

“Thank you for coming, that is all I can say. And you deserved it, so no need to thank me, princess.”

He kisses Rylan’s cheek gently, watching the view before he smiles and pulls out a camera and takes photos of Rylan much to Rylan’s surprise.

“I borrowed your dad’s camera.”

Rylan looks surprised at the camera and then snatches it from River, taking a picture of him as well. 

“Hmh, I am surprised he let it go, he has a thing for this camera. 

With a smile and a wink, he hands the camera back to River. 

“Can you manage one of us together though I’d like to have one, or many.. I think many.”

He smiles and puts his arms around River’s neck, once again winking at him.

“I asked nicely. Plus he wanted photos and I don’t own a camera. Couldn’t afford a camera and this trip at the same time, truth be told.”
“He’ll be tempted to go once he sees this, we are talking about the ice god who fell in love with Sulani after all.”

Rylan smiles and looks back for a few seconds, seemingly a little lost in thought, before he shakes his head and then looks back at River who chuckles and pulls Rylan closer, kissing him on the lips gently.

“Ain’t you lucky your boyfriend’s tol?”

With a grin he holds up the camera as far away from them, taking a couple of selfies of them together overseeing the waterfall

“I am very lucky my boyfriend you, tall, handsome, and kind, all the good things.”

He laces his arms around River’s neck again, having to stand on his toes to make their noses touch. 

“All the things I love you for.”
“I love you too.”

He takes the camera, holding it over them as he takes one more picture of their kiss, and then puts the camera away. 

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Having finished their food and their drink, they notice the locals dance, motioning towards them so that Rylan sees them too, a small smile on his face as he watched them

“Want to try?”

He follows River’s gaze watching the locals do some kinda dance he has never seen before.

“I still am no dancer you know, but why not, when on an adventure.”

Rylan shrugs his shoulders and nods, downing the rest off his drink, before walking up to the dance floor, attempting to follow their moves and not make a complete idiot of himself with little success. River smiles and gets up, following Rylan, he watches the people dance and starts dancing with Rylan, actually chuckling at how bad both the two are doing, but doesn’t really care, as one of the locals walks over to try and help them. Rylan smiles and keeps his dancing pretty close to River, noticing as one of the locals walks over as well. 

“Wow, we must be doing it so badly.”

He chuckles as the woman in question walks closer smiling shyly with a small chuckle.

“Well it is a tricky dance, how about the two off you try and follow me, and I’ll do it step by step?”

She smiles, eying Rylan and his horns, but doesn’t say anything.

“Okay, I apologize upfront, I am a horrible dancer.”
“Same here. Is this a local dance?”

He smiles and does his best to follow her steps, River joining him and tries to follow her dance, keeping close to Rylan while also taking the chance on asking her a bit on the local things they can see. Getting told about springs, but what catches his attention is a tale of a plane that has crashed but no one has found. Rylan mostly noticing she is glancing at him every now and then as if she wants to ask something, but then doesn’t. 

“Hey, you’re getting it!”
“I am?”

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He quickly kisses River, before he starts to walk towards the bar, wondering how it would be apart from warm, which everything was here. River laughs and walks with him towards the bar, getting the door for him as they head in, local music filling the air, the locals dancing and drinking. Some whispering as they enter, clearly surprised by them. Still, they manage to order both something to drink and something to eat, although neither has tried either before, which is part of the fun. Having made sure to order the mild meal, hoping it is something River can handle. As they talk, the server walks over with their orders, serving them their drinks and food.

“Bon appetit.”
“Thank you. Question, is there anything else nearby we can see? That you think we should see before we head home after the weekend?”
“There’s this pier by the river where people usually get together to see the sights or dance and socialize. The local museum, and perhaps the library, it’s almost like a museum as well.”

Rylan looks at the food they have been served, smiling a bit at his own fascination with food after he had started to make it himself. It did smell good, so he hoped it tasted as good.

“Sounds like we have plenty to see then, with the museum, that and a jungle full off adventure”

He smiles at River, the fact that he had never done anything like this before once again hitting him, how his life had pretty much been locked to his brother’s health. Not that it was a horrible thing, but doing something like this just drove it home. 

“A whole jungle of adventure! I love the sound of that. Here we are, being crazy adventurers.”

River takes a taste of the food and makes a content sound.

“Tastes good. Not as good as your cooking, but good. Maybe you can learn to make this, to stay as a memory of our first of many vacations together?”

he smiles wide at Rylan, reaching to brush his cheek.

“I say we go find that pier next to watch the stars before heading home?”

Rylan nods and tastes the food as well, the flavor being in his mind pretty outstanding.

“Wow… this is tasty!”

He smiles and tastes the drink, noticing how it compliments the food.

“You think they would part with the recipe for it though?”
“Maybe if you ask nicely? We can always simoogle it?”
“I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask, and if not, try the simoogle way.”

He leans a little against River’s hand, nodding at him. 

“And I would love that, maybe even dance, even though we both suck at it.”
“And I do want to dance with you, I care little if we suck as long as it’s with you”

he smiles truthfully at Rylan setting down his drink leaning forward, giving him a gentle kiss on the lips.

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The vendor snaps out of it and looks at River, a little embarrassed about staring at his possible customers like that, but the horns on the young man had taken him by surprise. 

“Omiscan treasures and local souvenirs. We also have adventuring gear if you decide to adventure into the ruins.”

Rylan is suddenly very aware of people staring at him, realizing that his horns are drawing a bit of attention, feeling a little awkward as everywhere he has been his horn has rarely drawn attention like this, holding River’s hand a little tighter.

“Oh, ehm… do you know what the writing on the statue means?”

He looks at the gear, wondering a little what they might need to traverse the jungle.

“That is the statue of Mother Cosecha who protects us.”

“We were told there are some springs in the ruins that we’d like to see.”

“Oh. Yes. You must venture into the springs and go past the falls to find them. But I advise you to take some repellant, food and camping gear. There are all manner of things in those mountains.”

“All manner of things?”

He tilts his head slightly, looking at the wares of the man guessing they could at least get some stuff to be sure, then he looks at River.

“So want to do that today, I mean start the adventure, or just stay there, and check the town first and head out tomorrow? It is a little late after all?”

“We should probably get a machete. I know I can inferniate but I don’t want to start a forest fire. 

River picks one up, looking at it for a bit and nodding, guessing it will become handy

“And yes. I agree..let’s see the town then head home and tomorrow we go start and adventure.”

“A tent maybe, in case we end up being out there for a while.. and he did say bug spray?

He chuckles, as they get everything, realizing it will be a nice chunk of things, and that they will be hauling it all with them at the bar. 

“I think we best head back to the house first and then we can head back.. I do believe there is a bar, and we are on holiday.”

He smiles and winks at River.


Helps, getting everything in a bag and throwing the tent on a backpack on his back And as for heading home. We might not need to.” 

He snaps his finger causing three familiars to show up, he holds out the bags for them and the familiars frown, causing both them and the bag to vanish, taking everything with them, Rylan trying to hide a smile as he notices both of them frown at being asked to take the stuff for them. 

“Done. We may go to the bar now!”

He holds a hand out to Rylan, who looks around as he notices some people pointing and some whispers after what just happened which makes him chuckle. First him with his horns, now familiar and magic. 

“Sneaky, and now we have everyone’s attention I think.”

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He smiles at Rylan, holding his hand as they walk up to the house, getting the door open for Rylan

“Hmh, you think they give out recipes? Would be fun to learn something new to teach Vy”

He smiles and walks inside the house, looking around. 

“This is nice!”

River leads Rylan inside, so they can see the house. The house is spacious and well decorated and furnished with local style, with a large bathroom and bedroom, a kitchen, living room and dining room, and an outside patio with a fireplace overlooking the village and pool. River smiles and leads Rylan outside so he can see the beautiful view of the village and surrounding forest. Telling him all about his plans to see if they can find hidden springs and tombs, but first, first, they will see the local places. That is after they change to something a little less warm. Getting changed and ready, they head out to where River has been told they should go to get ready for their trip and to have their first taste of the local food. As they get there, they notice some stands, what they can only guess is the bar and spot to taste local food, Rylan looking at River. 

“Let’s just have a look at this.. then ask around?”

River follows Rylan looking up at the statue, feeling something different about it. He frowns, just looking around trying to understand what it is.

“It’s very beautiful but there is something off about it.”

Rylan looks at the statue, then notices the text, but it is in a language he can’t read.

“Maybe we can ask someone what the writing says? Maybe it could explain something?”

He notices a couple of people standing with some tables, guessing their selling things, pointing towards them. 

“Perhaps them? they might know the other stuff we want to know as well”

He smiles at River, hoping his idea isn’t all bad, having noticed the slight frown at the statue earlier. River smiled back at him, and before leading him over to the tables, waving at the vendor with a smile. The vendor stares at Rylan with wide eyes, looking at his horns.

“Beautiful, I know. So… What are you guys selling?”

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2, 12, 22, 32 & 42 for the sims OC questions. Thank you!

2. Do you have a personal favourite among your OCs?

I answered this once, but as I said I have several favorites, so another personal favorite is Vy, I mean can you blame me? He is such an adorable character, and he has brought (Via @shahkiertai ‘s help and creating him) so many good things with him. I think everyone could need a Vy in their life!

12. Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot

Mal from @shahkiertai ‘s The Imortal, also Merinn (because how do I split the two huh? And I have to add one more, although it is while since they were her main story, but @cillaben‘s Ale and Micke, they will forvever be my favorites from her I think, I can’t let them go!

22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?

I don’t think so.. I mean, I don’t even know if anyone would be that into my story 🙂 

32. Which one of your OCs would be the most suitable horror game protagonist and why?

Answered here.

42. Which one of your OCs would be the most interested in Greek gods?

I think Liam, he has a thing for earth history, other than him I guess Vy would be a close secound with his love of all things book, history and learning it all. 

Thanks for asking, and sorry for taking some time to answer it!

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He breaks into a smile as he realizes what this means, a weekend just the two off them with no one else around, yet he also instantly worries about leaving his brother, because that is something he has never done.

“I think… I would love to go”

He puts his arms around River’s shoulders and kisses him, River just chuckling and kissing him back, quite relieved he said yes so easily.

“Oh! Thank the Watcher. I can message Hayden then and tell him no Plan B. We had kinda guessed you’d say no, so Vy came up with this overly complicated, totally not my style plan to kick us both off the house that involved a popcorn incident and an overcharging microwave. I better warn them they don’t need to blow up the kitchen after all.”

He laughs, shaking his head.

“This is great! I thought we could have a quiet little weekend, just the two of us. Some exploring, dating, trying local cuisine, tomb raiding. That type of romantic stuff.”

“Yes please do, I think I’d like our kitchen to be on one piece when we come back!”

He chuckles at the whole idea of Vy’s silly plan, then tilts his head slightly and looks at River who quickly messages Hayden to call off plan B. 

“Why did you think I would say no?”
“Well, let’s say I know you and though I know you’d love to try this you’d be worrying and I was afraid your worry would win. I’m glad you want to go. And… we already fixed it, and by we, I mean it’s already teleported to our destination. I was literally just waiting for my master to guarantee me they’ll be watching your family so we could act on our plan.”

He smiles at River, deep down knowing well why they would think so, he was so bound to the family, being close to Hayden and all that sort of stuff that he understood why. River rather theatrically holds out his hand, behind him a portal forms.

“Shall we, princess?”

There was still a slight want to hit River’s masters in the back of his mind, although perhaps a bit less now that he was the one looking after the rest of the family. 

“Well… I will probably worry, but I’ll also try not to.” 

He chuckles, knowing all too well he tends to do that way too much. Taking a bit of a breath, as if pushing said worry away, then takes River’s hand.

“Yes, let’s have ourselves an adventure!” 

River smiles at him and kisses his hand, pulling him close to a kiss before leading him through the portal, the colors changing and distorting as a few seconds later they are invaded by warm light and the sounds of the birds of Selvadorada filling the air, the large trees surrounding as they are on a path towards a beautiful house waiting for them.

“Here we are, princess. This will be our castle for the weekend.”

He looks around, the world around him so different from the wintry Glimmerbrook, reminding him slightly off Sulani but also very different. 

“I admit this is better than the posters I saw.. “

He looks at the house, his mind wondering how it would be to be just the two of them.

“Let’s go, we need to change, it’s hot and humid and we can go visit the village, see the sights and try some local cuisine.”

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It had been a busy time the first months after they had opened the shelter. For Rylan it had been a mix between School, modeling and the shelter there had barely been time for the two of them, even though they did try and sneak moments every now and then. River had asked him to meet him outside when he was done with the kennels, having sent the newest pets to Hayden with pictures so he could add them as newcomers on the homepage. Looking up at the starry skies he smiled, just happy to be where he was. River, on the other hand, stood by the shelter in the company of his master. He had called in a favor, after all the hard work Rylan had been doing, he had noticed he had barely taken time off for himself, it was work, shelter, shelter family, and it had been that, keeping them both busy, with college and all. So he wanted to give Rylan some time together before the next term. But he also had to make sure that in their absence there would still be someone watching over the rest of the family, something his master had promised him. He was still talking with his master when he noticed Rylan. His master quickly leaving, River smiles and waves at Rylan

“Ah, all done?”

He smiles, still wondering a little why he wasn’t just to come and find him when he was done, but on the other hand, he probably had his reasons.

“And why meet out here? Normally you just tell me to come to find you.” 

He chuckles as River waves and starts to walk over to him. 

“Well… Because I have a proposition for you, and no it’s not a wedding one, not yet at least.”

His smile wide and eager as he walks over to Rylan and takes his hand then points towards the horizon. 

“Tell me, princess, what do you think of… Selvadorada?”

“Ehm… that place you mentioned you wanted to visit before you left.. ? I mean.. jungle, adventure type place?”

He tilts his head a little, smiling a little at the comment about asking him to marry him. 

“Hmh.. it sounds like a fun place, but why ask that?”

He looks at River, as far as he remembered, they had made plans with Hayden and Vy for dinner and a movie, yet he suddenly felt like he might not be doing that after all. 

“Exactly… Well, you see… You see, we have been working a lot, you have been amazing. Modeling, school and the shelter, that we barely have time for one another to be honest… and I thought, you deserved some time out, and you’re almost graduated so I went around, did some jobs, talked with some people and I… “

He brushes his head, he flushes a little and pulls out a small envelope, holding it out for Rylan. Inside the envelope are reservations for a vacation home in Selvadorada, for a weekend, Rylan taking the envelope and opening it, looking at the tickets, then at River, before he looks at the tickets again, as if he can’t quite wrap his head around the idea of a weekend off somehow.

“Wait… they are all in on this aren’t they?”

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