10:4 – Not forgotten

“I think that went pretty well.”
“Yeah, I don’t think she suspected anything.”

They had heard them return home fairly late in the evening, so not wanting to be in the way, they had just kept in the small kitchen and living room in the basement. 

“But, what is really on your mind?”

She looked at her husband. It was almost scary how well he knew her by now, and sometimes she wondered if he could read her mind. 

“I was just wondering.. do you think this is still the right thing to do? I mean.. the whole heir rule and such?”
“I talked with Jessica yesterday and she mentioned the kids had come home and told her that they had only relatives in their class.”

Itsuki seemed a bit baffled at first, but she could see how the magnitude of what she had just told him slowly seemed to sink in. 

“Let’s just think a bit about it?”

Life slowly settled into it’s routine again after the date, it was like Carl told his mom on the phone, why ruin something that clearly works well. He simply enjoyed what had become his life. 

“So.. concert tomorrow, you ready?”

She looked up at him from cuddling Lunos on the couch. 

“I think so, a little nervous, but I guess that would be normal?”
“I’d say so, it is your first outdoors one.”

He had told her all he could remember from what happened to him, so she knew that this gig would possibly be harder than the normal ones. It was out in the open, not a safe building. 

“It will be fine.”

She wasn’t quite sure if he really meant it, she had noticed how he had slowly gotten more nervous as the date had gotten closer. But as he excused himself and walked over to the piano to practice, she simply let it be hoping he would talk to her if he needed to. 

“I can’t do this…”

He mumbled the words not to wake his sleeping girlfriend. He didn’t want to bother her with all his silly little problems. Why was this such an issue still, he had been to shrinks, he had done several concerts, but as soon as they said it was outside, it had triggered the memories he fought so hard to hide. 

Just as his mind was being pulled away to it’s darkest corners he could feel something touch him. For a split second his fist clenched, ready to defend himself, but then relaxed just as fast when the familiar feeling of fur. 

“Hey.. I guess I can’t fool you.”

Lunos just pushed his head under his arm, and took his spot next to his human, leaning his head against his. 


He couldn’t help but chuckle at the wagging tale after his little outburst, which of course just gave his friend more reasons to lick his face. 

“I am soo blaming you if she says I smell like a dog..”
“Oh… so that’s how it is huh, blaming the dog?”

He turned his head, figuring from the fact that she was talking, that his outburst might have woken her up. 

“So not so fine then?”
“I guess not.”
“You know you just had to tell me.”

He felt her very familiar hand grab his and pull him to his feet. He just didn’t want her to have to worry about all this, it was bad enough that he worried

“Come on, join me.”

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to bother you with it.”
“It’s not a bother, I want you to tell me about these things.”
“Even when their just stupid things, things that are so unlikely it’s embarrassing to mention them?”
“Yes, it doesn’t matter to me what it is, if you need someone to talk to, then talk to me.”

For the first time since the accident, he told her everything, even the little details he had left out the first times they had talked about it. How he was always scared when leaving the house, how he still had panic attacks that he managed to hide from everyone but Lunos, and in general just how worried he was that it could happen again. To him, to those he loved and even those not born yet.

“Is that your very strange way of asking me something?”
“Heh.. would be sneaky wouldn’t it.”
“I’d say so.”

For a while, they just talked, until she noticed something strange. In all their time together, she had never seen him fall asleep. She knew that as a vampire he didn’t really need to. 

“I guess you were actually that tired..”

Lunos has jumped up in bed with them, claiming the end of the bed as his own. She gently let her hand run over his back, following the many scars she now knew the full story about. She even remembered when it was on the news, how the police were looking for the mystery assailant. She also knew that he had never been caught, her father had worked for the police, and it was still there as a cold case.

“It’s a shame it’s so much harder to see the scars still on the inside..”

“I think.. I’ll keep my secret just a little longer, at least until after this concert.”

She had been meaning to talk to him about it, but there was no rush. She had a hunch that it would be something she needed to talk with him about after the concert was done, or, when it perhaps became something she couldn’t hide. 

She watched him for a while. Just in case he would wake up or have a nightmare, but in the end she gave in to her own need to sleep.

“Morning sleepyhead.”
“Nah… not yet…”

He just smiled, he had been quite surprised when he woke up and understood he had actually been sleeping. He hadn’t slept since he was a child. 

“Just five more minutes is that it?”
“Wish granted then.”

He knew it was his fault that she was this tired, and they still had some time before he had to get ready for what was to come. He knew he would worry, but at the same time, that anxiety he would normally feel wasn’t quite as strong. 

“Ready to start the day now then?”

“Gramma took Lunos out for his walk, so lets go?”

She had taken the day off to go with him, her boss was quite understanding, and that was something she was really quite happy about. She wanted to see him play, as much as she wanted to be there for him in case he needed her. 

“Yup! On with the show!”

They both chuckled as the car pulled up the house ready to bring them to the venue.

“You guessed haven’t you?”

Nagisa had a second sense by now about these things, but as nothing had been said, she confided it in the one she knew wouldn’t blurt anything out.

“I wonder how he will handle it.”

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