10-3: The Date

Spring had taken full control of the weather, and with that, the few days with sunshine was something to treasure. Carl knew from earlier that where they lived tended to have a lot of rain, and quite a lot of thunder in the summer. Although none of the humans in the household was bothered by it, he knew Lunos might be affected by it. 

“Not that I think you understand.. but I figured I should just warn you.”

Although Lunos often seemed to understand every word he said,  he was pretty sure that the dog really hadn’t the faintest idea what he was actually talking about. Yet it felt good to just have someone to talk through the plan with. It would be the first time he was out any further than their normal walks.

“Now.. to the more important matter of the day.”

His first proper concert had gone very well, and he found himself a popular person after it. It also meant that the date he had once forgotten never had been done. With a bit of help from Itsuki and Nagisa, he had put a pretty cleaver plan together. 

“And you have a part to play too.”

He ruffled the large dog’s fur, and pet him on the head. He had asked if Rosalie would take Lunos for his evening walk, as he had to prepare for a concert. What she didn’t know was that on Lunos’s leash, there would be a note that told her to go somewhere. 

“Hey there! Now come one, I promised someone to talk you for your evening walk.”

When he asked she hadn’t thought much about it, although she couldn’t remember his schedule saying he had a rehearsal that day, she knew that those were sometimes swapped around.

“And who knows, maybe we will one day find the time to have our first date.”

She didn’t mention it, as they had somehow slipped into their own routine. After his mishap with their date, he had asked her to live with him which she had accepted, and after that, they had just slipped into what would almost seem like a married couples life. She chuckled a little to herself as she grabbed the leash. 


The note clearly had her name on it, Lunos just sitting there wagging his tail and she found herself unsure of if it was because he knew something, or that he was expecting their walk.

“There will be a taxi arriving soon, please take it and meet me.”

She stood there baffled for a few seconds, when she suddenly noticed Itsuki waving at her from outside. 

“Your ride is here!”

Feeling how she was lead out the door, she snapped back into what was happening. 

“I’ll walk Lunos, don’t you worry.”

“You made it.”

She found herself pulled over and into a kiss as soon as she entered. She had only been to San Mushino ones before, and she hadn’t even known of the place she was sent too. 

“I’m sorry it took me so long to make this happen.. and thank you for never complaining.”

She couldn’t help but smile when she noticed that he was smiling at her. And not one of those little smiles that she sometimes got, but an actual genuine smile that told her that he was truly happy. 

“Awwww, why would I complain, I love just being with you.”
“But you deserve more, you deserve a proper date, and some time with just the two of us.”
“Wait, did you…”

She hadn’t noticed at first, but apart from them, the place was empty. She looked up at him, as he shrugged his shoulder and put his hand behind his neck. 

“Yeah.. I did.”
“Thats’s insane.. the amount of money..”

He smiled, putting a hand on her cheek. Compared to the money his family had worked up, it wasn’t really a drop in the ocean, and he wanted this to be special. 

“And you are worth every penny.”

Their dinner lasted long into the evening, and they could just watch the lights from the city below. 

“It’s beautiful here.”
“I’ll take your word for it.”
“Ah dam.. sorry..”
“Don’t be, I was told it was pretty, it’s why I chose here.”

For her it was almost to easy to forget he was blind, and she had realized earlier that day that he had been here many times before this, as he had learned his way around. Everything to make it just a normal date, where she wouldn’t have to think about his blindness.

“I was told it should be a starry night, is it?”
“It is.. and it is… beautiful.”

“Come on, show them to me, just tell me what you are seing?”

She smiled as he took her hand and pulled her up so they could stand instead. 

“Well, you have Cassiopeia over there, it’s shaped like a W, and well, when you can see, it’s fairly easy to find.”

She put a hand on his cheek, and guided him so he “looked” at what she was telling him about. She had always loved stars, it was something they had often talked about, even though stargazing had been something she had never suggested. 

“And over there you have Orion.”

He just smiled as she talked and “showed” him the starry skies. With the way she talked, to him, it felt almost like he could see them. 

“Heh, what was that for?”
“Everything really.”

She knew what a step it had been for him to pull this off. The fact that he had to have been here enough times to know where everything was told her just how much it and she meant to him. 

“So.. what now?”
“What would you like to do?”

She smiled, it became clear that this really was her day in his mind. 

“Oh.. I know..”

“You do huh?”

“Thank you, for a great first date.”
“I think I found a flaw in my plan though”
“Now I have to do better.. than this one day!”

She couldn’t help but chuckle at him and his silly comment. 

“Good luck with that then.”

“I’ll do my very best.”

“Oh stop you’re worrying!”
“Oh fine.. come her you!”

Itsuki pulled his wife close and then sneakily into one of the closets they had. He knew just how to pull his wife’s mind out of the worrying she had been doing since she came home from work. He had been a little worried himself, but when he dropped of Carl, he had realized that it was nothing to be worried about. 

While everyone was off doing there own little thing. Lunos took his late night walk on his own. It had been a busy day in the house, lots of nerves that she could feel. But what had pulled him out for a walk alone, was something else. 

No one in the household had seen the text on their phone, telling them that Truman and Brenda had passed away together in their sleep that day. 

As the moon passed in the sky, a deep howl could be heard from the beach, seemingly answered by two others, filling the night with their song.

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