10:2 – Reclaiming it all.

His life had changed a lot after that day, amongst other things he had gotten himself a job, and although he still preffered the calm of home, he was still taking daily walks with Lunos. He had thought having a job would be the hardest part, but it had been the walks that had asked the most of him. Luckily he seldom had to do them alone, as Rosalie was slowly becoming a permanent fixture in their house. 

“Hehe, didn’t know you could sing Lunos.”

He didn’t have quite the same tones as Brenda once had when she sang to his violin playing, but he found it rather fun to listen to regardless. 

“You got the job?”
“Yeah.. it’s kinda odd though, he seemed to change his mind mid interview…”
“What did you say that changed his mind?”
“Well, he asked about my life situation, and i mentioned that I spent a lot of time here, and when I said your last name, he seemed different.”

He tried to think why his families last name would have changed someone’s mind like that. But for him it was very hard to find someone that had been a chef. Luckily, his gramma had fairly long ears. 

“Ahhh, I think I know, is Journey’s picture still up?”
“Yeah… It’s still in the main office, blond haired woman?”
“Yeah, that sounds like her, and she was their head chef for quite a few years.”
“Wait… so she isn’t, well a Vamprie?”

They all looked at Rosalie. They hadn’t mentioned it, but they should have realized that people might be on to them by now, and what they were. They had relatives all over the place, and it seemed most people didn’t mind that they were vampires. 

“No, she didn’t want to become one.”
“Oh.. I never thought anyone would say no to that.”
“I think she worried about outliving her own children, she was just never ready for it.”
“Was there anyone else..?”

“Hmh… no, but we have lost some in other ways. One died in childbirth, and well my great grandmother died from poison when she was in the jungle.”
“She died in the jungle??”
“No, she died here at home, but the poison came from there.”

They fell quiet for a while, it was something they didn’t often have to go through the death of their human family members. They had lost several more animals over the years. 

“Do you think he wants to learn how to cook?”
“No.. but I do think he wants the food on he TV.”

They had both noticed Lunos watching TV while they talked. They had left it on when she had arrived, and it was still on. Lunos standing and sitting fairly close to it all the time. 

“What do you think Lunos… where should we walk today?”

The weeks had flown away after his own life started to get back on it’s feet, but he still kept his promise to himself of at least one walk with Lunos every day. It also gave him time to think on the many things on his mind. He and Rosalie had gotten so close over such a short time it was almost a little scary, and he wasn’t quite sure if he was ready for the way he deep inside knew he felt.

They ended up walking along the beach, like they often did. Lunos enjoyed chasing the birds, while he himself did like the sound of the waves. Even the smell of the ocean had it’s own charm. 

“So.. what should we do about it, hmh?”

Sometimes he did wish the dog could actually answer him. He knew what he had to offer her wasn’t all that great. A blind, still fairly uncertain man who was working on finding his own feet. Sure, he came with a legacy and the money to do whatever, but he wasn’t sure that was very important to her. 

Lunos stopped them just outside their home, like he normally did, letting him take off the leash and then leaving him free to run around the garden some if he wanted too. A beep from the clock on his arm told him it was about time to head to work.

“See you when I get home then.”

He gave Lunos one last pet, before heading towards where the car would be to pick him up. He had a pretty sweet deal with them if he was honest about it. They had used time to show him around, so that he learned where to walk, and they always drove him to and from work. 

“So.. what is on your mind?”
“What do you mean?”
“That’s the fifth painting.. today.”

She looked back at her husband. She hadn’t actually noticed that she was painting fast and how many it had become. 

“I don’t know..”
“Of course you do..”

She sighed as she felt herself pulled away from her easel, and into the arms of the man she had loved for more years than she cared to remember. 

“I just heard the two of them talking.. do you think the whole heir thing is something we should keep?”

He looked at her, he had thought much the same lately, and he had what he had always dreamed off, he had his large family, he had the love of his life, so what more could he need. 

“And I don’t know.. I mean, I love kids, but I would love to travel, just see new things and new places.”

He hugged her close, they had after all been on some vacations, but it had never been just the two of them. Standing there just holding her for a while, before lifting her up. 

“How about we think about it? And then decide something if we still both feel that way?”

“He forgot didn’t he?”

As she was greeted by Lunos outside the house, she simply shook her head. It was supposed to be their first date outside the house, but when she had waited for half an hour outside the restaurant she had come to the conclusion that he had forgotten. 

“Take me to him will you?”

She wasn’t sure how much Lunos understood, but sometimes it seemed he understood pretty much everything they said, as he walked towards the house with her in tow. 

The sound from someone playing the piano told her that her initial thought had been correct. She knew he had his first concert in not to long, so he had simply gotten lost with his playing. 

“Shh, lets see how long until he notices..”


His hands stopped moving, and it was a bit like he was stepping into the same world she was in. 

“Have you looked at the time..?”

The look on his face was quite priceless and she couldn’t help but chuckle as he realized he had actually stood her up on their first proper date. He simply dropped his hands down on the keys, and lowered his head. This was perhaps the worst feeling he had ever had. 

“I’m sorry… I..”
“You forgot time, I kinda guessed.”
“Still.. I shouldn’t forget something so important..”
“It’s just a date, I am pretty sure we can have many more.”

“I am so sorry..”

She was surprised at how hard he seemed to take it. She had been on worse dates before, where instead of not showing, her date showed drunk and was just an ass all night. 

“I said it was okay, you can just make it up to me.”
“Can I have a sneak listen to your concert?”

He looked susprised at her, as if he had expected something else, or well, probably wasn’t sure what he should expect. 

“Of course!”

She closed her eyes as he started to play. It was his own piece, one he had been working on since he started playing, but only finished recently. As she sat there listening, it was almost like she was taken on a magical journey, and she could feel just what he felt. 

“It’s beautiful, have you found a name for it yet?”

He turned his head towards her voice, and gave her one of his still quite rare smiles. 


She blinked, as that was simply not the name she had expected him to say. But, more than any date, it told her just how much he actually thought about her, and what she meant. She had been impressed by him wanting to go on a date, as he still wasn’t comfortable with going out, but to name his very first piece after her.. that was special. 

“To much?”
“No.. Just perfect!”

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