9:15 – Spring changes

(Authors note: I have had several issues with my pc over the last week, and I have since a reinstall of windows has issues saving the game, so this is why I am splitting the family this early, just so I could save them, incase the worst happens.)

“So.. why don’t you want to be heir anyways?”
“Why would I want too?”
“Well think about it, you have the money to do what you want, you don’t need to work unless you want to, and hey, you get to build a home you want.”

He knew Elijah had some good points, but he still wasn’t very sure he wanted to actually be the next heir. Why he couldn’t really say, but he just felt it was a little odd that they all seemed to want it. 

“Does anyone think about what I want though?”
“Honestly, do you even know what you want?”
“No… I guess I don’t.”
“Then why not take what the heir position has to offer, the fact that you can so whatever you want with life. Even sit at home all day if you want to.”

There was a small silence between the two, before they both broke out in a chuckle. Since his mothers outburst at him, he had really become much more of his old self again. At least around the house, and to some extent in the garden. But still, they had never seen him venture outside of that. As much as they would like to see him take that final step, for now, they were simply fine with him being himself around the house. 

“I don’t think we ever had this big an audience..”

Jonathan chuckled as pretty much all the dog’s had joined the two as he was teaching her the names of different things. That this little girl was bright he had no questions about, she was much quicker to learn things than her twin brother. 

“Yep, and their all watching you learn.”
“They want to learn too?”
“Hmh.. maybe?”

He for a few seconds entertained the notion that they were in fact learning how to speak, and that he would one day find himself with several dogs that knew what they were actually talking about. Shrugging it off, he focused back, only to see his daughter already on her feet and ready to play instead of learn. They were all enjoying the warmth the sun was now bringing, so the entire family spent more time outside, even though it was still snow on the ground. 


She heard her mom chuckle, as they had been surprised by a bit of snow. But unlike most the winter, it was the wet and heavy type, it the fluffy one they had become accustomed too. 

“Much practice honey, much much practice.”

She held out her hand to help her daughter back to her feet. She still remembered how her sister had it so much easier the first few times they tried, and how much that frustrated her. She was awoken from her thought by the sound of another fall. 

“Come on, you can try a day where there isn’t wet snow making it harder.”

Even she had noticed how the snow was affecting her own performance, so she could only guess how much harder it was for her. Together they made it out of the rink to take the skates off. 

“Have you mentioned your plan for him?”
“Yeah, a couple of times, I think he is kinda easing into it.”
“Good, I talked with your dad, and we plan to take the two youngest with us after your birthday.”
“The big push huh?”
“Yeah, I think he will just keep leaning on us if we stay, and I think he needs to find his own feet.”

“You are really getting good at that thing.”
“They told me, they will be moving out when we all have our birthday next week.”
“I guess it’s okay, I still have you and Gramma, and of course their not taking Lunos with them.”
“Any grand plans?”

Carl shrugged his shoulders, he knew he could get a job if he wanted too, he also knew he didn’t really have too with the amount of money they had in the bank. 

“I’m thinking about it..”
“I suggest you try a music career, you are far from the first blind one.”

Itsuki just put his hand on Carl’s shoulder, and left him to his guitar playing. He had a hunch that even when everyone else was out of the house, he would lean on the few that were left. But he also knew that his wife had already accounted for that, and had mumbled something about plans. Still, it felt a little bad to push him this way.

“Well.. this I have been waiting for.”

The bees had been sleeping for most the winter. Although they had ended putting out some sugar water for them, in case they ran low on energy and food. 

“Yeah… it’s good to have spring.. but we are moving soon, and I am taking you with me.”

She had already made plans for where they were going to move, and made deals to move the plants and the beehives. She knew her son wouldn’t want to have to deal with that, but mostly it was because she wanted to keep doing what she was doing. 

“So you guys need to be nice, and not sting the ones that will move you, yeah?”

Sometimes she wondered if they understood what she was saying, but she was mostly happy that the bonding between them and her had worked. She could still remember getting stung almost every day when she got them. 

“You know, we’ll miss the honey.”
“Oh.. you will huh”
“Of course we will mom, tea with honey is one of few things that we can drink.”

Elijah smiled her her, both him and his sister had their houses being built, and all in all, they were all ready to move on, even if they all also worried about the one they left behind. 

“We are doing the right thing.. ?”
“I think so.”
“I just.. feel worried.”

He smiled at his wife, wrapping his arms around her as they were sitting on the swing. The sound of the melting snow around them, and the warmth of the sun made it a quite pleasant thing to just sit out there and talk. 

“He’ll be fine, I am sure of it, but he does need the push, he can’t live the rest of his life in the house.”
“But what if he does?”
“Then we’ll handle it then.. Nagisa mentioned they had a plan.”

She still felt kinda bad about it all, but she really did hope that it would end well, and that it would force him out of that last little part of his shell. There would probably always be a part of her that worried though.

“Besides if it fails, then we have a backup plan.”

“Well. you know the heir is free to change the house as they want, I thought maybe you would like to make it a bit your own?”
“Hmh.. maybe, but I am not sure what.”
“I tell you what, I’ll call a designer, and you and him can talk, and he can build a small model, so you can “see”.”
“They do that?”
“Of course they do, I’ll take that as a yes.”

She put her hand on his shoulder, before leaving him to where he was sitting and listening to the TV. He was learning how to read with his hands, but he still seemed to enjoy “watching” TV whenever he had nothing better to do. 

She had asked him once, and he had just said that he imagined what was happening from the sound, and that he enjoyed the music. 

The same day they were celebrating all the kids birthday, they noticed the first grey fur on Brenda. Unlike Truman, it was quite easy to see on her otherwise colorful coat. 

“Your taking her and Truman?”
“Yeah, I feel they should stay together until it’s their time.”

Carl nodded, he would really miss having them all around, but he also knew that it would probably be a good start on whatever was to come. He still wasn’t sure why everyone thought it was a good idea for him to take the reins, but it was hard to refuse. 

“Their starting to work on the house tomorrow?”
“Yeah, were staying at a hotel until their done.”

He hadn’t like that either, but with the taxi taking them from one door to the other, there wasn’t much he had to worry about. 

“Did they mention how long it would take?”
“Nah.. but well, we can afford the hotel until it’s done.”

They had all seen the model, and it was a very pretty house. It also had room for a lot of instruments, something that had made Skylar pretty happy, as she really wanted him to follow his musical dream.

“Ready then?”
“As ready as I can be.”

He was the last to blow out the cake that his parents had made. It was their grandmothers old recipe, just with a twist of honey from the garden, letting them all grab a slice and sit together and talk.

“Well.. good luck I guess.”
“You guys too”

He watched them all walk out of the house, dogs and kids in tow. Leaving only him, Lunos, Itsuki and Nagisa in the big house. A house that would only last the night, before they started to work on it. 

As they walked out, Skylar turned back and waved at the few that was left. Still just a little worried if this was the right choice, and hoping everything would be okay. 

“It’s fine mom!”

She looked surprised, it wasn’t like she could see her worried look. But it did make her smile, and she did one final wave before they all got into the big moving bus they had rented. 

“He’ll be just fine.”

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