5.1: A new family member

“Thanks for coming with me.”
“No worries, I wanted to see this place too.”
“Yeah, some guys at work mentioned they had some pretty decent drinks”

It wasn’t exactly why Natasha had wanted to go there, but she just smiled and nodded. She had noticed a kitten that was roaming the area, and she wanted to see if she could help it somehow. But as much as she spent the evening looking, she couldn’t see it anywhere like she had so many times on the way back form school.

“Not here then?”
“Eh.. no..”

She was surprised that he had realized why she wanted to go there.

“You knew?”
“Well, you were never the type to go out and drink, so I kinda put two and two together.”

They looked for a little longer, before they finally headed home.

“A kitten?”
“Apparantly, one she had noticed on her way home from school.”
“Well, if she finds it, I say we take it in.”
“I guessed you would say that, how about we do some shopping, just in case?”

She smiled at her husband, as the two left to get some pet supplies, just in case this kitten came home to them after all.

She hadn’t seen the kitten for some days, until she came home from school one day, when she noticed a familiar kitten sitting not to far from her house, just outside the gates.

This time though, she made sure that she didn’t just walk passed it, and sat down and stretched out her hand to let the little one say hello.

“Followed me home have you?”

She smiled at the kitten that took her time to sniff her hand her boots and pretty much her in general.

“So how about it little one, why not come live here, you found it after all.”

As she asked, the kitten crawled up in lap and purr quite happily, Natasha not letting the opportunity pass her, lifting the kitten up in her palm, realizing just how tiny it was.

“Awwwww, you are just the cutest little thing, Nova? You like that name?”

The happy purrs and cuddles from the kitten she simply interpreted as a yes, taking her backpack in one hand, and her kitten in the other, walking towards the house, still talking to the little one.

“And don’t you worry, I am sure everyone will love you!”

“Ah, so she finally found her kitten.”

Pretty much the whole family had gone “awwwwww” when she shoved them what she had found just outside their house. And with that Nova slowly took over the entire house, as everyone wanted to get to know their new family member.

With a full belly, many pets and much fuzzes their new family member curled up on the carpet, getting another collective “awwww” moment as she fell asleep.

“That is by far the cutest family member we have”
“I agree, I wonder how old she is.”
“Hmh.. not very old, I guess we could take her to the vet and check?”
“Let her get comfy here at home first, then we can always take her to the vet and check.”

“I almost though you forgot about me..”
“I’m sorry.. I just got so caught up with Nova..”
“Yeah.. we have a kitten now.”
“Ohh that cat you talked about on the phone, the one you were trying to find?”
“Yeah, it showed up just outside our yard.. and she is just so cute!”
“Hmh, I’ll have to meet her then, maybe I have the wrong girlfriend?”

He just chuckled and pulled her close, before gently kissing her.

“Nah, I’d not choose anyone over you, you know that.”
“Mm… you told me so, a couple of times.”

She remembered her talk with her mother, but decided that she wanted more than just the two of them standing like this.

“Are you sure?”

“If you want me to stop, you just say so, okay?”

If there was one thing she was pretty sure off though it was that she really had no want for him to stop. But she did head her mothers words about protection, something Lee had no problems with understanding.

“Oh stop that”
“That overly worrying, I already had that full talk with her, and if this is her decision, then I trust her to do whats right”

Anthony still sighed a little, a part of him wishing that his little daughter wasn’t so all grown up already. Somehow he wasn’t quite ready for her to be so grown up, even though he had to admit he found it special that she was still with the boy that she had said she loved so many years ago.

“I think it’s more how fast she is growing up, and she had always been a bit of an adult..”
“Yeah.. I still remember her saying Lee was her boyfriend in kindergarten… I honestly never thought it would last.”
“Man did she prove us wrong huh?”

They both chuckled a little, finding their own way to take their minds off all their children almost being grown up already.

“You are just the cutest little lady I know.. and don’t tell my fiancee I said that…”

He chuckled a little as Nova was making sure that everyone in the house was her people. Always ready to give and receive cuddles. They had taken her to the vet to check her age, and found that she was almost a year old, something that told them she wouldn’t be a tiny kitten for all that much longer.

“And don’t worry, I am sure you will be just as lovely as a grown up cat.”

“Oh come now, we said we would get married after we moved”
“Oh.. that kinda so”

He smiled at her, knowing fully well what she was hinting to from the start. And she was right, he had after all promised her just that.

“So you still want me?”
“Well, not like I have anyone else lined up is there?”

He chuckled, before pulling her properly into a kiss.

“Of course I still want you silly”

“I even hired catering and music.”
“You did?”
“Yeah, just wanted to surprise you with it all.”
“Well.. I’m surprised!”

They both chuckled. She had been so busy with her career, that he had simply decided to handle the work, and just tell her when it was getting close enough.

“So when am I getting married?”
“That’s in two days.”
“Yep.. just enough time for you to get your dress.”

He winked at her, before handing her a card with had the name of a wedding saloon, with a time for the next day.

“I talked with my grandfather, he already knows you have tomorrow off.”
“You do surprise me sometimes.”
“I know.”

“I love you, you silly man.”
“And I love you too, my soon to be wife!”

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