“So home
“And your still not telling me the surprise.”
“So mean.”

Chris just
chuckled, wondering if maybe he was making this surprise seem bigger than what
it actually was. But he also didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so he had been
adamant to not cave and tell him what it was.

“Its just
half a day, I am sure you will manage.”
“Meh.. sure I can’t change your mind?”
“Pretty sure.”
“Absolutely sure?”
“Yes, come on, one last walk?”

Hayle could answer he found himself pulled outside where the biggest moon he
had seen in a while greeted them.


They both
noticed it seemed to snow, yet they couldn’t really see anything but some very
light clouds. It was quiet too, just that creaking noise the snow made whenever
they put their foot down in the snow. They stopped, Chris gently putting his
hands on his husband’s face, just standing there in the quiet of the snow
gently falling around them.

“I love

watched his parents head out for a walk with a bit of a smile, picking up the
guitar again, Rylan just looking at him from the sofa.

“You really
are getting good, you should do something with it.”
“Like what?”
“Dunno, try small playing jobs or so?”
“I think I’d like to be a bit better first.”
“But you will think about it.”

He played
for a while longer, watching his brother sit there and read a book, with his
foot slightly moving to the music. After a while, he put away the guitar, put
on some music on the stereo instead, and joined his brother in reading.

“I got us
some snacks…”

He stopped,
noticing who was asleep in the sofa again. The first thought in his mind was to
get a blanket, but instead he just took the book out of his hand and put it on
the table before going back to his own book, looking up at his brother on
occasion to see that he was okay.


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