They swam together to the beach, getting changed, before he took her hand and started walking together towards for her at least, somewhere unknown.


“Okay.. what is up?”
“You are acting nervous.. I know you too well to ignore it.”
“I guess I am a little nervous.”
“For what?”

He turned around and pulled her a bit closer.


“Yes.. because I have decided that I am not going to wait.”
“I know you worry, I know your scared it might be something wrong with this dance. But I know the only thing that isn’t wrong right now.. is us.”


“So  little lady death.. will you marry this old soul?”
“…. Yes.. dumb-ass, but yes!”

She had been really surprised by this action, but she had to admit, she was also really happy that it had been his choice and not something she had to push for.

“Do I need to ask your dad for your hand.. or something like it?”
“No.. I don’t think you do, you done it so many times.. I mean, unless you want to?”


“Now what?”
“Well.. I know Chris is home… I think he would apriciate the company, and the news.”
“Lets go visit then.”

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