Their life settled pretty well after they got married, they found their own routine, which was pretty impressive in Nat’s mind with her work being all over the place and him working quite a lot too. Perhaps it was why it worked so well.

“You know..”
“It’s your birthday soon?”
“Yeah.. that and, one more thing.”

Ilari looked at her, not quite sure how to start this talk. He knew just what had happened in the life she kept avoiding to talk to him about, but, as he wanted to do something special, for both of them, he had to talk to her about it.

“Well.. I wanted to talk to you..”
“Ah crap..”

Both their phones went off at the same time, it was never a good sign, and all the talking he had just planned was shelved for another day.

“I’ll be careful, promise.”
“You better, I don’t want to see you at work.”

She gave him a quick kiss before vanishing, and he left the house to be picked up by a colleague to go to the same place.



It had been a rough week of accidents and incidents, making them both barely have time to be home, and even less to talk.

“Is this going to happen every time I mention talking about something important?”
“Well.. I would hope not?”

She still wasn’t sure what was so important that he felt they needed to talk about it, but it did worry her.


“Should we test the thesis?”

He couldn’t help but laugh as she made it ever so clear that she was not going to let him talk right now.

“I am so not taking that risk, come here instead!”



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