“I admit, I
am liking this new routine of evening walks we have.”

chuckled, it had become a thing over the first few months of them living there.
With Hayden feeling better they felt freer to head out for walks than they had
when they lived in their old home. It wasn’t something they had thought much
about back then, but now that they had it, it made it very clear that their
decision had been the right one.

“Now why
are you faster with this than me?”

chuckled as he finished his homework faster than Rylan. With him most days
going to school, homework had quickly become easier for him, as Rylan didn’t
have to sit and help explain the things his teacher had been teaching them in

“I’m just
smarter than you, that’s all.”
“Oh haha.”
“Just kidding, I know you hate math, and kinda like it.”

Rylan just
shook his head, noticing Hayden sitting himself closer to help him out with the
stuff he didn’t quite get.

“When is
the next round of D&D?”
“This weekend I hope, just need to see if everyone can make it.”

One of
Hayden’s favorite things after they moved was sit outside and play the guitar,
even though he knew it wasn’t very good for the guitar if he stayed out too
long. Hearing footsteps in the snow, he looked up to see his dad.

“Mind if I
“Just not too long, we don’t want to break another set?”

chuckled, sitting down with is guitar next to Hayden, following along with
whatever he was playing.

“I saw them
all leaving?”
“Does that mean that you will tell me what the surprise is?”

chuckled, it was quite fun to see his husband so curious, but he did intend to
show him what he had been keeping to himself.

“Close your
eyes, and no peaking until I say so.”

He led his
husband through a portal, it had taken him and his brother quite a bit to get
it working, but now it was.

“Okay.. you
can see now.”

opened his eyes to see a huge underground pool, clearly been made to look and
feel as much as the ocean as possible without making it. Watching his husband
jump into the pool to test it made him chuckle, it was a little like seeing a
big kid with a new toy. After a bit of playing around, he pulled himself up on
the edge.

“You even
managed to make a beach.”
“I tried at least. I know it isn’t the ocean, but it is as close as I could get
“You did good, have you showed the kids yet?”
“No, I wanted you to be the first.”
“They will love it too, I’m sure off it.”
“I hope so.”
“They will, just like me, now come for a swim with me, silly dragon.”

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