“So no luck with the mermaids?”
“Yeah I heard him ask you so.. we’ll just have to keep looking then.”


He was waiting for Toshi too finish taking a shower, as they had decided to get an early start, and a early coffee at what had become both their favorite coffee shop on the island. The fact that they also served some really tasty breakfast made it a great choice for letting Toshi have some actual time off from the kitchen.

“And yes, I will bring you back something, don’t worry.”
“And you say I am spoiling that cat?”
“Yes? I never said I wasn’t.”

Toshi just shook his head as Ollie jumped off the sofa, brushing past him with a purr before running out the back door.

“It is official.. I want to be a cat one day too.”
“Come and go as you want and always be catered for?”
“It does seem like a pretty good life really.”

Toshi didn’t really want to touch too much on it, unlike Derek who as far as they knew had an almost everlasting time ahead off him, Toshi did not.

“That look is not nothing.”
“Was letting my mind go places it’s better for it not to be.”
“I’ll tell you later.”

Derek had learned that pushing Toshi too much never went the way he intended. So he nodded, and let it be. For now at least.


“Okay, so coffee, breakfast and then we start?”

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