“So everyone is coming?”
“Yep, everyone is coming!”
“I am impressed, and our dads
are okay with them staying all weekend?”
“Yep, something about getting some extra beds, but in short yes.”

smiled, it was nice to have them all come here just so they could spend an
entire weekend playing their D&D game. It had been a bit harder to get everyone
together, with school, work and the fact that Glimmerbrook was a bit hard to
get too. But it was finally a weekend for everyone to look forwards too.


All he got
in response was a deep sigh from his husband, who had decided to use him as a
bed for the afternoon.

“We do have
a bit of preparing to do, there is a lot of kids heading our way for the
“And now you are cheating”

lightly at his husband using his weight to not have him move, knowing fully
well he can just port out of his grip.

“Fine, you
win for now.”

He could
hear his kids come home, the sound of them chattering, while doing their homework
before setting up for their friends arrived for the weekend of game and fun.

“I’ll set
up, if you get the snacks?”

looked at his brother, he had been a bit tired, and that as it always did
worried him a bit.

“Or I can
do both and you can get some rest?”
“I should be fine.”
“I’d rather have you play with us this weekend, than do silly things like help
me set up for it though.”

looked at Rylan and nodded, he knew he was tired, it had been a long week, and
although he was better he still wasn’t like everyone else.

“Okay, I’ll
go get some sleep after homework, and you can wake me up when they’re here?”

smiled, putting his attention back at his homework, his head already deep into
the story he was going to put them all through.

“This is kinda nice.”
“You mean a house full of teenagers playing games?”

They had
let the kids have the downstairs, telling them to just come tell them if they
needed something. He looked at his husband who was now lying almost nose to nose
with him.


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