Neither off them actually checked the clock before they headed out, on the Islands it was light early, so they naturally just asumed it wasn’t all that early. As they walked though, they got the first ideas that perhaps it was earlier than they thought.

“Ehm.. do we even know what time it is?”

Just as he was about to check the watch on his arm, they both heard someone singing from the coffee shop ahead of them. At least that meant that there was someone there.

“Oh.. it’s fifteen minutes until it opens.”


The man they deduced had been singing suddenly turned around and watched the two. They had seen him before, so they knew he worked there, it was just them being out way to early.

“Sorry, we forgot to look at the clock, and were a bit early.”
“Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t notice you at all.”
“That’s fine, do you normally sing?”
“Only when I am alone.”
“Ah… again, sorry, we’ll just wait until you guys open.”


“Nah, if you guys are this eager for coffee, come on in, I’ll get something started.”

He was looking at the both of them with a look Derek couldn’t quite figure out, it was somewhat inquisitive, but also somewhat reserved.

“Only if it is no extra fuzz, we can easily wait.”
“Nah, ten minutes early is no big deal.”

After coffee and a good breakfast the two headed back out, spending the entire day looking for caves and new hints on how to commune with spirits, and of course how to find out if mermaids were actually a thing.


“Eh.. weird…”

He had noticed him standing out there just staring at nothing. At first he thought it was just him looking at the stars, but as he stood out there for a while, it seemed more like he was far, faar away.

"I was almost sure I could hear singing.”
“Yeah.. must have been my mind playing tricks on me. Way to much mermaid lore.”
“Having mermaid day dreams?”
“Oh god that would have been a thing wouldn’t it?”

Derek chuckled, they had indeed been through a whole lot of lore, finding a local library who had proven itself to be quite the gold mine for just what they had been looking for.


“All these stories they have about the ocean.”
“Yeah, makes you wonder just what might be down there really.”
“Mermaids.. maybe Siren.. or were they the same thing?”
“If that book was right, they are two different versions of a species.”

He felt Derek’s arm’s lock around him as they were just standing there looking at the sea. For a second he almost thought he heard that song again, but it was lost in where Derek’s hand were slowly headed.

“How about we think more about it later.”
“You are a horrible influence on me….”
“And you love it.”

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the handsome stranger there is made by @cillaben​ ❤

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