Much like Ilari had mentioned, adoption took it’s time. They were being screened for more things than either of them could ever imagine. Which of course meant that it took time.

“So.. you met her?”
“A couple off times, she remembers Ilari.”
“And you?”
“Nah, she never saw me. I took care of.. well almost everyone in her family though.”

Hayle just nodded, he was still curious to what this kid thing was.. or tiny humans as he had called them when he had seen them at home.

“I think she will like it here.. but should I well.. you know?”
“Nah, we plan on being honest with her from very early on, she deserves to know.”
“So no hiding the horns?”
“Nope.. but we’ll need a bit off time before you visit.”
“Of course.”


“Oh come on.. how can you keep winning every single time.”
“I’m just better than you both, that’s all.”
“I am so sure you are sneak practicing with my dad..”

Ilari just chuckled, he had some play sessions with her father, this was true. But mostly he just loved to game, and he was very good at it.

They had prepared the kids room for her first visit with them, while they were waiting for all the paperwork to finally go through, she was allowed to visit and stay with them for a weekend if they wanted too.


“Yeah.. I like it here too.”

It was her second weekend with her hopefully to be adoptive parents, and she was loving every minute off it. The orphanage was full of people, rush, hustle and bustle. The quiet of the apartment and the feeling of home was  something she quickly came to love.

“Can I join you?”


“Can you play this one?”

She handed Nat a doll, as she sat down next to her to join her in her play. She had found her somewhat scary at first with her red eyes, but it only took her a couple of hours to realize that the eyes were nothing to be afraid off.

“But who is this?”

She had already learned one thing about this kid. Her imagination was absolutely fantastic, and she could make up the grandest stories in minutes and have both her and Ilari just listen to her as she spun her tales.


“Do I have to go?”
“Yeah, but just for now, hopefully next time it’s forever.”
“I hope so.. I don’t like going back there.”

Her words made Nat almost want to go there and tell them she would just stay with them until the papers were done and then make it official. But she knew that wasn’t the way it worked.

“I know, I don’t want you to have too go back there, but to make sure you end up with us.. we are going to just have to do our best, right?”
“Come on then, best not let them wait.”

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