3:21 – Goodbye Sulani

“Still nothing?”
“Nothing, no attraction, no nothing.”

They stood still for a while, both taking in that they had done it, and that Toshi was finally free from the sirens curse. On top of that, they had freed the siren from its curse.

“So now what?”
“Honestly… I think I’ll explore these waters more, I feel like something is still out there, like home.”

He gave the two a wave, before jumping back into the water, quickly swimming away for deeper waters.

“Imagine if he has a family, it would mean the sirens spell took him away from them.”
“True, if he has one, I hope he finds it.”
“So.. what would you like to do now, until we have to leave?”

Derek just pulled Toshi close.

“Honestly it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s just you and me.”
“Okay, you, me and Ollie.”

Toshi chuckled as Ollie sat watching the two off them. It felt like the biggest burden had been lifted from his shoulders, and even though he hadn’t noticed it properly until now, he felt like fog had left his head.

“Oh! I know, I want to go snorkeling one last time, can we do that?”

The cat simply turned around and headed into the house.,

“I guess we will be doing that without him.”

The rest of the evening and night was passed with them just enjoying the others company, Derek being the first one up, remembering that they still had a fruit left.

“I guess you will be for our bosses, to make sure their happy with our vacation.”

Taking the fruit, he put in in a small box, marking and tagging before putting it into his bag.

“How long?”
“A couple of hours?”

He felt Toshi’s arms around him, before he found himself pulled back towards the bedroom Ollie just giving him a look that made him chuckle.

“You think they will let you come visit on the weekend again.”
“They better.”
“They were happy with my report, how about yours?”
“Very, even more so when I said I would be bringing a fruit back.”

He looked at Toshi, there was clearly something on his mind still, that he hadn’t quite gotten out of his system yet.

“Why weren’t you angry with me.”
“I told you?”
“Yes… but I kinda thought you would be anyways.”
“It’s hard to be angry with someone, when you know it isn’t their fault.”
“Let’s just put it down to me being an alien then?

There was a sound of a car getting closer, ready to take them to the planes that would once again split them apart.

“Minus the whole siren thing, I say this was a pretty good vacation.”
“Yeah, minus the shark.”
“Awww, it was a nice shark”
“It was scary!”

The car pulled up next to the house, a man waving at them to get going.

“I’m going to miss you”
“I’ll miss you too.”

They grabbed their bags and walked towards the car, and new adventures.

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