3:20 – to be or not to be

The next morning, Toshi found himself busy with the washing, that familiar feeling from before getting ever stronger. He just wanted to keep it in check, the last thing he wanted was to have to go tell Derek to tie him down and lock him in the bathroom.

“Need any help with that?”
“Nah, I’m good, keeps me busy.”

They also knew that regardless of their success with this, they would have to leave the next morning. Vacation time was over, and they had been called back to their respective bases. So, they used their morning to clean and put everything in order.

A couple of hours later, and there was a knock on the door, Derek seeing Eric standing outside, looking about as nervous as the rest of them. Turning quickly to Toshi.


They found their way to the same table they had sat on the first time, Derek putting down the three fruits he had gotten

“So those are it?”
“And all I have to do is eat one.”
“That’s what the mermaid said…”
“I guess those are words you never thought you would say to anyone?”
“Oh you would be surprised what I imagine.”

They watch as Eric pick up one of the fruits, holding it in his hand a bit, before taking a bite.

“I was worrying this would taste really bad, but I admit, it’s actually not bad.”

He finished the rest of the fruit in silence, then they all sat quietly a bit no one really knowing what to expect from it.

“I somehow expected it to be something… I don’t know, almost shiny?”
“Me too.”
“Anything though.”
“I don’t feel anything.”
“Me neither.”

Derek looked a bit questioning, not quite grasping what they were on about until it suddenly dawned on him.

“No, it’s gone.”

Before either off them could utter another word, Eric had ran passed them, jumping into the water, looking at his feet expectantly.

“Yep… no longer a merman… this feels weird.”
“Time for a second fruit then?”

It was the second time they all sat around the table while Eric ate another fruit, leaving them with only one left.

“Again, I kinda thought there would be more, I don’t know, magical.”
“Still nothing then?”
“No.. something, but not that.”

He looked at the ocean with a smile.

“It feels like it calls to me, like it once did.”
“It didn’t while you were..?”
“Cursed, no, it didn’t.”

They got their answers pretty fast as Eric once again dove into the water, this time turning into a merman.

“Pretty sure you looked different?”
“Yes, but that was the siren, this is how I used to be I think.”

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