3:19 – The big question

“Are you really sure you should be doing that?»

Toshi watched Derek, who was trying his luck against the punching bag they had installed. Partly it was because he did feel like hitting something, and he was nervous on top of it.

“What is the worst…”

He landed a hit, which sent the bag flying one way at first, then hitting him with the same amount of force making him fall backwards. Toshi trying his best to not laugh, while also slightly worried that might actually have hurt him.

“I asked for that one, didn’t I?”

He pulled Derek back up, quickly eyeing his scars to see if they suddenly looked worse somehow. After making sure he was okay, he walked over to the sparring machine, also something he had brought with him to do a bit of a workout himself. He felt worried, anxious, and worst of all, he could feel him as he came closer. The pull was already there, and he knew he wouldn’t arrive until the next day.

“Wow… I think that machine might not be able to take more off a beating.”

He couldn’t blame him, although he wished he didn’t have to bee. Deep down though he knew they were both worried, and the idea of having to tie Toshi down wasn’t all too tempting to him. But he also knew he would keep that promise if it came down to it.

“Come on, let the poor machine have a rest, and we can go and have a calm evening. Candy, movie and something nice to drink?”

He knew Derek was right, just moping about for the next twenty-four hours would probably not be such a good idea. Heading inside he was greeted by Ollie, who pretty much jumped straight up into his arms.

“Oh so you are taking his side are you.”
“You always take his side.”

He chuckled, there was just something about Ollie that made him feel like they had an actual conversation.

“So, what movie do we watch.”
“Hmh, just not something silly and romantic, the mood isn’t quite there for it.”
“How about… 2012, I mean, it’s a funny movie really.”
“World destruction is funny?”
“Yep, when you get all the technicalities wrong, and then add impossible things, it becomes funny.”
“Okay, but only if you tell me and explain exactly what they say is wrong”

They had watched that, and a couple of other movies before they finally called it a night, Derek just watching Toshi sleeping wondering how the next day would go. If it didn’t solve the problem, he only had one more option left, and it wouldn’t be an easy one to get through. Letting Toshi go off with this person was just not a valid option in his mind.

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