3:18: Fruit of hope

“Still nothing?”
“Sadly yes.”
“Well I found something.”

Toshi excitedly explained what he had found when going through the local small library. It was about a special fruit that was called Kelp, and it had been found in the cave before. The small book didn’t tell exactly what the fruit had been used for, but it meant that they had at least some more truth to what had just been story and a hope by now.

“I guess I just have to keep at it then.”

Two more weeks had passed, Toshi finding out more about the islands, while Derek went cave diving, an added amount of pressure was put on them by a message they had gotten just a couple of days ago, as Derek would need to go back soon.

“Come on cave, I need your help now.”

He looked at the Mural on the wall, hoping that this would be the time where he would finally find it. Making his way through the many twists and turns, he noticed a light from somewhere he was pretty sure he hadn’t been before. It only took him a few minutes to enter a cave, where much to his surprise there was someone sitting that had to be a mermaid.

“You are a tenacious one.”
“I have to be.”
“I believe you want this?”

She held out a fruit in her hand, much to his surprise it looked just like the one drawn in the book Toshi had.

“I do.”
“For your tenacity, it is yours.”
“I know this will sound odd, but is there any possibility of more?”

He tried his best to quickly explain the situation, the mermaid looking at him.

“I see, a siren is a strong curse, but it should work as you think. And to save your friend, and bring back one of ours, you can have as you wish.”

The fruit in her hand glowed, and instead of one there was now three off them.  He thanked her, before making his way back to the surface, picking up his phone sending a message to Eric he had been waiting to send. Then he headed back home only to find a note from Toshi to join him at the festival.

“Festival, why not.”

He put the fruit inside their safe, to make sure no one found it, or a certain cat tried to eat them, then made his way to where he knew he would find Toshi.

“Why am I not surprised your making food for them.”
“Hey! And well, they are teaching me the recipe.”
“Again, not surprised.”

He would have loved to tell Toshi about what he had found, but as there was just so many villagers there, he decided to wait. Eric wouldn’t be there before a couple of days as he had a lot of travel to do to get back.

“Why are you standing out here?”
“Oh I was just waiting for you, I have something to tell you.”
“Eric will be here in a couple of days.”

It took him a few seconds to realize what that meant.

“You found it?”
“Yes, three of them, the mermaid who I assume is their keeper was kind enough to give us three.”
“Oh thank god!”

As much as it scared him to know that Eric was coming back, he was also just happy to know that this entire horrible nightmare would hopefully soon be over.

“So, do I need to tie you up?”
“Not yet at least.”
“You’ll tell me if it comes to that right?”

Derek looked at him, he knew he felt bad about what had happened still, as much as they had talked about it, he knew it was something Toshi had a very hard time forgiving himself for. He could understand it, it still hurt to know he had been with someone else, but he refused to make it more than it was.

“You know when this is all over, so is the vacation?”
“How long do you think they will keep you?”
“Don’t know, but I will fight for weekend leaves.”

They stood together as the sun set, both knowing in a couple of days, a siren curse might be broken, two people might be freed from a spell.

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