3:17 – The cave

“You really think someone here would know that cave?”
“It’s a good a chance as anywhere else don’t you think?”
“Hmh… I guess so.”

With Eric having left, Toshi seemed much more his old self. Still not ready to forgive himself for what had happened perhaps, but still in a better mood than before.

Derek had learned that the key to getting people to tell them things they normally wouldn’t was to casually sneak it into the conversation, like now when they were playing chess.

“So, still looking for places to visit?”
“Yeah, still have some time left of our vacation, so trying to make the most off it.”
“Anything, in particular, you want to see?”
“Well, we heard rumors about caves, but we never saw any. And with one of us not to keen on the water after an encounter with a shark, I guess cave would be more his thing.”
“Hmh.. there is that one cave I can think off.. but no one’s ever found anything special in there.”
“Well, it’s still a cave?”
“True, and it’s just around that waterfall I told you about when you first came here.”
“Oh, can’t say I have noticed it. Even though we had several trips to that waterfall.”
“Well now that you know it’s there, you’ll spot it.”

Derek nodded, focusing back on their chess game. At least now he had a fairly good idea of where to head next.

“How did we not see this?”
“I have no idea…”

They looked at each other, they must have passed this cave so many times, but this was the first time they both saw it was there.

“Okay then… I’ll go in, you keep an eye out here?”

Toshi would have liked to go in there, but he knew why Derek suggested he would go. The likelihood of there being traps and trick and so on was big, and as proven by their previous adventures, it was more his strong suit than his.

“Hmh… was that there before?”

He looked at what seemed like a mural on the cave wall. He was pretty sure that was not even there when they arrived. Not that they had seen the cave before either though.

“This place is just getting weirder and weirder…”

As he was watching it, it was almost like it moved, but when he touched it, there were no moving parts, it just felt like rocks.

“Still… it looks like it moves…”

He walked around a bit, found some trash that people had tossed, deciding to grab it and then toss it when they came home. He knew people had spent so much time trying to clean up these islands, it just annoyed him that others would

“Seems to be a big cave…”
“It is… And it’s not a normal cave either, I am going to have to go several times.”
“Yeah, remember in the jungle, where there were doors you sometimes couldn’t open?”
Same here, just different types of doors.”

He looked at the doorway to the cave, realizing this really might just take him sometimes.

“Hey, Derek.”
“Did you notice this mural?”
“Ehm.. no?
“Well, it just changed how it looks.”

“Yes, when I first noticed it, it only had small parts, not all of that.”
“So, it’s linked to the cave?”
“And maybe to exploring it?”
“We’ll have to keep an eye on that.”

Toshi looked at the cave entrance, a somewhat worried look on his face.

“Well, in the jungle we had to take like a week’s break if this place is the same?”
“Only one way to find out, I’ll go back in, see if it changed.”

“Careful in there, okay?”
“Of course.”

He vanished back inside, leaving Toshi to wait outside once again. He looked at the mural trying to see if it would change again.

“Did it change again?”
“I am not sure… not as much as last time if it did.”
“The cave changed, so I guess it changes every time you enter.”
“So.. just a matter of going again and again.”
“So it seems.”

They looked at each other, it would seem this lead might be a good one, even if it might not lead to anything, this cave seemed fairly magical.

“Let’s head home, for now, I’ll take with me drink and food tomorrow and keep at it.”
“I’ll help out with cleaning the island, that way if I am lucky maybe the spirits help us out a bit.”
“Ah that reminds me, what did the boss say about the spirits and all?”
“He was fascinated, wanted us to check more, talk to them, etc.”
“So you do that, and I go caving?”

“Just be careful in there.”
“Sure, and you want out for sharks, right?”

They parted ways to get the jobs done, their days pretty much filled with Derek being in the caves, and Toshi helping out the islanders keeping the place clean and learning more about the spirits. They both knew they had a time limit so they pretty much only saw each other at night time.

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