3:13 – The true curse

Maybe, if he kept his eyes closed this would all just be a horrible dream. He wasn’t in some stranger’s bed, and what his mind knew had just happened was just a dream. But he knew it wasn’t, he knew what he had just done, and what was worse, at the time, he had enjoyed it.

At just that moment it had felt right

It had felt like something he had waited for all his life

It had felt good

But… something had been missing

Something he couldn’t quite put his finger on at the time.

Not a something, but a someone.

He forced himself to keep his eyes closed a little longer, swallowing several times trying to wipe the memories from mind.

“You need to tell him.”

His eyes shot open when he felt a hand on his shoulder, looking up at the man sitting next to him with an almost equally sad look as he himself probably had.

“You mean tell him I cheated on him?”
“You tell him the spell won, for both off us.”

He suddenly remembered the eyes, how they had this odd shiny glow in them just before he had asked him to leave. Before he had failed.

“The spell cast on me, turning me from a merman into a siren.”
“Can it be undone?”
“I haven’t found a way, and the elders here shun me.”

For a short while his mind was busy contemplating what this could mean, and perhaps the elders or the spirits could help both off them out of this mess.

“I tried leaving before, in the end I get pulled back, or they find me.”
“Like when I asked you to come back?”

They stayed quiet for a while, the slight lightening of the room telling them both it was almost morning.

“You need to go home.”
“I know… I just don’t know how to even start.”
“With the truth… I’ll come by tomorrow, the spell is calm now, so we have time. And he can punch me if he wants too.”
“Calm now?”
“You mean it will happen again?”
“Yes… I want it to stop, as much as you do, but if we don’t break it, it will bring us back together over and over again.”

If it felt this bad with one time, knowing that you were locked by this curse to have it happen again, made him feel ill.

“Maybe you two can help me never have to have this talk again.”

He couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Eric as he now knew to be his name. He could only imagine being stuck like with a curse like this one. Never knowing if the person you were with were just there because the curse told them too, or because they cared about him as a person.

“Fine, come by tomorrow. But I make no promises how Derek acts.”
“It’s fine, I have been hit before.”

He knew Derek probably wouldn’t hit him, but he could only assume he would be angry, and that was something he still hadn’t seen him be. He made his way back down the windy stairs, feeling like drenching his entire body in boiling water to wash off the feeling of someone else’s touch.

“I won’t blame you, but I can’t promise not to be hurt.”

The words churned inside his head as he walked, closer and closer to home and to telling the person he actually loved what he had just done.

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