3.12 – Not as planned

“So why not?”

He looked at the man standing in front of him, he could see the similarities between this form and the siren one, but there was something sad in his eyes that he hadn’t noticed that time.

“Because I don’t know how.”
“Yes, had I known how I would have told you, and cured myself.”

He stood so close to him, that it took every ounce of self-control Tohsi could muster to not wrap his arms around him and pull him close like he would have done if it was Derek.

“I was turned into this, it was a curse put on me many years ago.”
“By who?”
“Oh this is a good one, by a scorned lover.”
“You know this sound ridiculous right?”
“I know, sadly it is the truth.”

Toshi shuddered as he leant his head on his shoulder, forcing himself to not put a hand on him, holding his hands down to the side.

“So I am not the first?”
“And you have no idea how to stop this?”
“No, I would have stopped it long time ago.”
“I would like someone to love me for me, not because their under a spell.”

Toshi’s will wavered as he heard the tone of the man’s voice crack, and he could only imagine how bad it would feel to know that the only likely reason that someone loved you was because of a spell.

“How come your friend isn’t affected though?”
“You mean my boyfriend?”
“Yeah… sorry.”
“Don’t know…”

He knew it was because Derek was Alien, but heck, how did you tell a siren that.

“Maybe he just loves you too much for it to work?”
“Must be nice to have someone love you that much.”

It felt like someone had just stabbed him with those words, it was just painful to think off him standing here, wanting to be with this man knowing fully well Derek was at home trying to find a solution.

“You should leave.”

Toshi looked at the man in surprise, noticing a shine in his eyes he had not seen before. Was this the spell he himself had been put under taking effect.

“Please leave now.”

He could feel his breath on his skin, as he tried to move finding his body fully unable to do so, feeling how his hand slowly trailed down his chest. He could feel his own body reacting his breath shortening as his pants was slowly opened, a small moan escaping him against his will.

“I’m sorry…”

He was lost against the pull off the spell, letting himself being lead towards the bed, the small voice in the back off his head telling him this was wrong going quiet.

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