3:10 – looking for you

“I wish I could sleep like you”

It was hard not to envy a cat who was sleeping, they could really just make everything look super comfortable. Even when sleeping on the floor, but when also on a soft surface like a sofa, then it was even more so. Derek had been called by one of the people in the village for a bit of assistance, so he was home alone for the first time in a while and he wasn’t all to happy about it.

“I am not going to fall asleep, that’s for sure.”

He chuckled as Ollie stretched and then just continued sleeping on his back, leaving him be and focusing on other things he could do instead. Like some cleaning, and maybe making some food


The last thing he remembered he had taken some trash out, and now he was standing somewhere he couldn’t even remember having gone too. After standing there for a while, he slowly understood where he was, he was close to that volcano they had been at the other day, but why?

“Great.. now I can’t even remember walking somewhere.. “

It was that same feeling he had before, like he was still being pulled by something, and the memory from that dream came back as strong as if it had just happened.


He turned around and ran, as fast as he possibly could, trying to block out pretty much every emotion. Getting home, he picked up the phone and called Derek, who told him to meet him closer to where he had been working.

“Wow, calm down. You realize it means the location was probably right, the one they told me about?”
“Yes.. but I can’t.”
“I know, I’ll go there, but not until you have calmed down and are feeling better.”

He talked Toshi into coming swimming with them as he noticed some dolphins swimming around. Hoping they would help calm Toshi down as well as bring his mood up a bit.

“Okay.. I admit this is…”

He stopped as he noticed something huge next to him.


“Don’t worry, it would probably not swim right by us if it wanted us for dinner.”
“It’s a freaking shark… I am allowed to worry.”

He had to admit it was a little spooky to have a shark swim so close, but on the other hand, it didn’t seem all to interested in the two other than looking at them while swimming by.

“I think we are just witnessing something fairly rare, I never heard anyone here talk abut sharks. Dolphins are mentioned often, but never sharks.”
“Or you know it could be because sharks are scary, and can eat you?”

It seemed to look at them for just a little longer, before it vanished off in the distance.

“So much for a relaxing time in the ocean.”
“Oh, I think it can still be releaxing.”
“After having a shark swim right next to me.. I doubt it.”
“Oh we shall see.”

“Okay, you…. OI!”

“I win, yes I do!”

Derek chuckled, using both hands to make sure Toshi had no defense on the onslaught of water that was coming his way.

“Okay, you win, yes!”
“Excellent, I say my prize is you cook dinner.”
“I do that anyways.”
“Well make something extra special then.”

He pulled Toshi into one last kiss before they headed home. In the back of his mind, he knew he would be back to that hut soon enough, seeing if they could finally put an end to all this.

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