3:9 – The honest truth

It had taken hours for Derek to calm Toshi down enough to let the two have an actual talk about it. He had gotten most of it between the many rounds of crying and comforting, but there was still some areas he had questions about.

“Okay.. so any ideas as to how our siren was?”
“He did oddly remind me off that man at the cafe.”
“The one singing?”

It dawned on both of them that they had walked in on him singing, but could it be that simple, he had said he normally didn’t sing, but as they had been early.

“You must hate me by now.”
“Why would you think that?”
“I kinda just cheated on you.”
“In a dream.”
“It didn’t feel like a dream, and I was very…”
“If its a siren song, then you do not have much of a choice.”

“Look, the instant I mentioned Sirens to the older ones here, they changed. As long as I asked off mermaids, they told their tales off what people might have seen, but when I said Siren, that all changed.”

He told Toshi how one of the elders they had come to know took him to the side, and told him about the power of the sirens. How their song would lure anyone into their grasp, but also that not all sirens used their song willing, but as it was in their nature to sing, there were those that enthralled someone without even wanting too.

“You think that’s what happened here?”
“Yes.. and I think we need to find that person at the coffee shop.”
“But I haven’t seen him since that time.”
“No, she said he wanders sometimes.”
“Well she told me where he lives, I was there, but there was no one home. I’ll just check every day and then in the end, we will find him.”

Derek just held Toshi close, he didn’t like this one bit not only because off how it affected Toshi, but also he knew it wasn’t his fault, it probably wasn’t the siren’s fault, but he would honestly stil like to find him and kick the shit out of him for it all.

“I promise, I will not blame you for any of this.”
“I can’t promise it won’t hurt me, and I don’t want to lie to you about it.”

His heart broke a little when he could hear Toshi crying against his chest again. It has just been to much off this the last few hours, and it just made him want to hit this person even harder.

“Look at it this way, it just means I love you that much.”

He properly wrapped his arms around Toshi, holding him tight until he could finally feel him relax again.

“Now how about we still try and make it a bit of a holiday too?”
“Can we?”
“I don’t see why not.”

They had finally found out who to ask when the island events were on. Derek secretly hoping to meet the one they had heard singing that one time, but he seemed to have gone missing. So instead he focused on enjoying the time they had together as best he could.

“Didn’t you tell me not to play with fire last time?”
“Did you listen to me?”
“No.. but I am not the clutz of the two off us, now am I?”
“Shhh, don’t ruin my moment!”

He somehow managed to pull it off without getting burned, something Toshi had to admit he had not expected to happen at all. He had been expecting to be tending to burns all evening.

“Okay, fine, I am impressed.”

“Good, might have to keep trying silly things then.”
“To impress me?”

Toshi chuckled, he suddenly saw a future filled with bandages and bedrest for Derek.. and a very angry doctor.

“I am not sure your doctor would agree to this.”
“Nah, she doesn’t agree to anything fun.”
“Well can’t say I want to spend the rest of this vacation tending new wounds either.”
“Hey, you just said you were impressed!”

“Fine.. I’m impressed, still not your nurse.”
“You’d make a good one, I am sure.”

He didn’t get the chance to answer before he found himself with Derek kissing him. And just for the shortest off moments he forgot all about everything around him, and what was going on and enjoyed the moment.

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