3:4 – The Spirits of Sulani

“Can I ask you something?”
“Sure, but I can make no promises about answering it.”
“Where you came from.. is the night-sky different? I mean.. the stars and such?”
“Yes, it is nothing like the one here.”

He knew better than to dig more, but with what he already knew it means that they were from different galaxies and that meant Derek was far far from his home.

“So you had to learn our night sky then.. or did you just not bother.”
“Nah, it was one of the first things I did learn. I always did like stargazing.”

He tried to imagine how it would be to have to try and learn a completely new night sky, and in many ways, learning to deal with a whole new world.

“How about we head back home?”
“I guess we could.”
“Maybe we meet some spirits on the way.”
“You wish.”

“We could always stay here a little longer.”
“It’s never just a little longer with you.”

“You don’t normally complain about that.”
“No, but I also don’t want a certain doctor lady to kill me when you go back.”

Derek just smiled, he knew just all to well she would not be happy with him. She had not been happy about the idea off him going in the first place, but with a bit of persuation from John she had agreed to the idea as long as he promised not to do stupid things.

“Well come on then, let’s head home. I’d rather not loose another round of weekend visits.”

“No spirits thouhg.”
“Nope.. I am really not quite sure how much I believe they are here.”
“About as much as we believe in mermaids I guess?”
“Just about, but, if it lets us stay here longer, I am happy.”
“I just wonder how long that would be.”
“No idea, I am just going to enjoy every day we get.”

Toshi nodded, it was the best approach after all. Just enjoying the time they had when they had it.

“Stop looking so worried.”
“It’s hard, you look much too tired.”
“Fine, come here then, and we will get some sleep.”

At first he thought it meant something else, but for once Derek meant actual sleep and not something else before. The next morning he woke up early, deciding to get some cleaning done and a shower before Derek woke up. He was mid shower when he suddenly heard Derek’s voice from the bedroom.

“Toshi… I think you might want to come see this.”
“I’m in the shower..?”
“Yeah, you really do want to come and see this.”

He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and headed out to the bedroom wondering what on earth could be so important.

“Oh my…”
“See, told you that you might want to see this.”

They had been sent here to see if there were spirits, and oh boy were there spirits.

“Well I’ll be dammed.”
“Makes you second guess that merman thing doesn’t it?”
“Yep, kinda freaky though.”
“Wonder if you can talk to them, like they said.”

They watched it for a while, before they finally tried talking too it. But they got no response in any way. Perhaps they were not asking the right things, or in the right way. It wasn’t all to easy to know.

“I guess… we might need to try talking again sometime.”

As sudden as they had appeared they vanished again, leaving the two looking at each other for a bit.

“I guess this means a longer holiday?”
“Most likely.”

Toshi went back to the shower, before coming back out again his head buzzing with all the sudden questions he found himself having now that they knew that there was such a thing as spirits.

“Did you see them too?”
“I’m just going to take that as a yes.”
“Means we get to stay here longer.”

It was just then it dawned on him how much that actually meant to him, that he had been so worried about them having to leave, he had not done what Derek had said.

“How about.. we cook something extra good for lunch?”

“You spoil that cat.”
“I spoil you too.”
“I am not a cat.”
“Nope, but you are almost as bad when it comes to food.”

Derek just chuckled, he wasn’t wrong specially when it came to his home cooked meals.

“I vote, we go talk to that elder again, ask her how best to commune with them.”
“I think that is a good plan.”

“Lets go then.”

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