3:3 – Feels like a vacation indeed

It was starting to feel quite a lot like a vacation. They were keeping an eye open for the spirits the locals talked about and of course the mermaid thing, but other than that, it really just felt like they were on vacation together. Lazy mornings getting coffee at what had become a favorite coffee shop by now, then just exploring the island at their own leisure.

“I was told there was a thing in town today.. fire festival or so..should we?”
“Well I don’t see why not.”

Neither of them noticed the small light that moved through the house, both much too focused on getting changed and heading out.

“I think we found the place.”

They had been told about these island festivals that happened quite often. Toshi’s biggest hope was still to see a turtle hatching event that they had told him about, but for now he was simply enjoying what he did get to see.

“Oh look at that.”
“Your going to try it aren’t you?”
“Of course I am, it looks like fun.”
“If you get burn wounds from that, you are so on your own.”

Not that he had to worry all to much about it, Toshi had more than enough control to handle the fire things more than well enough to actually have the people there start watching him and cheering.

“Show off.”
“I didn’t expect to you know.. get a crowd.”
“I know, just when you are that talented, it happens.”
“Oh ahaha!”

They stayed at the festival for a while, before deciding to just go for a walk around the island to see more off it. They kept finding new spots every time they were out and about, so it had become a bit of their thing by now.

“This island has so many little gems like this”
“Come on, lets go for a swim.”

The water was so clear they could easily see the bottom off it, Toshi testing if he could dive all the way down while Derek simply swam around before floating on his back for a bit.


He looked around realizing it was a bit since he saw him come up for air last. Looking around he suddenly felt someone grab his leg and pull him under.


Toshi just chuckled as they both surfaced, before he found himself with a face full of water.

“Pff, it was funny!”
“Right… so is this though!”

“Okay, okay I give!”

It was hard to beat Derek and the splashing game when he really wanted to win it.

“I am starting to like this vacation thing.”
“Pretty sure I have some to spare, with not having had any in like 300 years.”
“Just a little.”

“I think I am enjoying the fact that you have your vacation too.”
“So its a win win then?”

As much as they both tried, the fact that they knew they could be called back at any time was dwelling in the back of their minds. Mostly they tried to send reports every day on findings and hope that them not having found what they wanted meant they got to stay longer.

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