1:35 – Getting there

It wasn’t long after the wedding before there was another birthday for the twins, something he was happy he got to stay for. He had some talks with Nat’s father as his time was slowly running out. It was fascinating, because he would not tell him the exact time, but he did tell him to make the most of said time.

“So family birthday here?”
“Okay.. I’m going to need help baking the cakes then.”
“Yeah, they wanted different ones so I figured why not?”

They had invited the family over for it, and with cakes being made, and two toddlers about to get into school age, no one really had time to worry about what was to come.

It was almost spooky to see just how much Christine resembled her mother when she was that age, and with some pictures Seamus had they could pretty much say the same about Lukas.

Hayle dragged the two young ones out for some pictures, but when Nat asked Chris why, he just smiled and said it was the whole fascination Hayle had with taking pictures of everything. She had noticed it after he got his camera when they had their kids, he did have a love for it.

“Oh no, I am to old to fall for that old trick.”
“You’r gonna have to beat your old man the old fashioned way.”

She smiled, trying her best to figure out the best move to win this game, but in the end she had to admit defeat.

“Next one, I will win.”
“As quickly as you learn, I have no doubts.”

She was a cleaver young lady, and her career in science had been much faster than anyone of them had expected. Her husband’s military career was a bit slower, but he too was doing good.

“Don’t worry Grandpa, I will take care of Grandma for you.”

They had talked to the kids, and although they had first wondered how it could be that some had to die, while others seemed to live forever, they quickly accepted the explanation when it was given.

“I know you will munchkin.”
“Mommy and daddy will too, and Lukas.. and when I grow up and have kids, they will take care of her too.”
“I’d like that.”
“Would you mind if I got a dog when I am older?”
“Nah, I actually like dogs.”

He had a very similar talk with Lukas the day after, although no mention of any dog. He was just happy his grand kids were seemingly handling this upcoming doom pretty well.

“You think great grandpa will tell us what happens?”
“If he is allowed too, I think he will.”
“Oh even he has to follow rules?”
“Yep, even Death has rules.”
“That’s pretty cool.”

They really were the weirdest family, but he loved it and when he sat and thought about it, there was really no other way he would have wanted it.

“I know.”

Her father had told them that they had a couple of days now before it would happen. He normally wouldn’t bother, but he knew that for them to be prepared was important.

“And you will be fine.”
“Yes, I think it will hurt, but I will be fine. I have to much family now to not be.”

He pulled her close

“How about a visit to Sulani?”
“Chris and Hayle?”
“Yep, I feel like meeting them all one last time.”

At first there was a bit of quiet when they came. Chris had of course told them what was to come, but being challenged to a game made any apprehension they might have had disappear like fog in the sun.

“Hayle and I used to play this often back in the bachelor house”
“Everyone there did.”
“Yeah, it became a thing I guess.”

While the grownups where playing, Christine made a new friend in Felix, making her a little more unsure if she wanted a cat or a dog when she grew up.

“Mauybe I can have both?”

“I am going to beat you today.”
“Might be your last chance!”

It was odd how she had actually enjoyed the time they had. She had been so sure she would worry more, but with everything happening and all the life in the house, he had been right, she simply didn’t have the time to worry about what she knew would happen.

“Oi.. one secound.”
“Oh you know better than that Ilari my friend.”
“Eh was worth a try.”
“Ready then?”
“Yes, lets teach you something new.”

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