1-33: Marry me

“So what dad?”
“Have you.. well prepared?”
“What would I need to do, I mean..?”
“Just prepare your mind, nothing more. I will take him myself.”
“Good, but I am guessing your are curious?”
“Of course, in all of existence, this has never happened before.”

She knew why her father was so fascinated by what was to happen eventually. She just hoped he would have to wait for as long as possible before he found out.

“Have you thought about the children?”
“Do you want them there? I would allow it, for them to say goodbye?”

She hadn’t really thought about it, they had decided to be honest about it all with the kids when they got a bit older, so perhaps it would be good to let them come if they wanted too.

“I’ll ask, let the parents decide.”
“Good, good.”

“What did dad want?”
“Just to talk, about things, this and that.”
“So about me?”
“Yes.. and he asked me something, I think I want your opinion on.”
“Yeah.. should we ask the kids if they want to join?”
“Can they?”
“Yes, my dad can allow that.”

“Hmh.. that is a hard question.”
“But.. I think it should be an option for them, and you.”
“Yeah, then you would be there with someone, family other than your father.”
“True.. so, tell them, ask them, and leave it up to them?”
“Yes, I think that is the fairest way.”

He had always been so down to earth on this, it was almost annoying sometimes. She wished just on occasion his own death and what would happen would freak him out a little more.

“You know.”
“A little bird told me, we might get news today.”
“The Lukas bird?”
“Yep.. that one.”

Lukas did not miss a thing happening in the house, so he had noticed his father sneaking in with a box, and of course told his grandpa all about the secret his father had.

“I know this isn’t fancy.. or big, or grand, but you did mention you would kill me if I pulled something big.. so, will you marry me?”

She really had told him that, after he pointed out someone proposing to their love on the big screen during a game of some sort. She would have felt so bad if someone did it to her, so she had told him that would NOT be a thing she wanted ever.

“Thank you for not making a big thing.. I loved it just the way you did it.”
“I was thinking…. how about this weekend?”
“This weekend?”
“Getting married.”

“How is it you always think of everything?”

It had suddenly dawned on her why he had wanted to push things, it was because of her father, and the simple fact that they did not know how long he would be with them.

“Hmh.. dunno, I just want what is best for our family, maybe that’s why?”
“So my dad is what is best for my family?”
“Yes, specially for your mother.”

“I’ll get things set up. Your uncles mentioned they could get the same place they were married on short notice.”
“That would be perfect!”
“Then, as a certain captain would say: Make it so!”

She chuckled, he had always been a bit of a nerd, but that was part of what she liked about him. Now all they had to do, was tell and invite people and then quickly get ready for the wedding.

“I say a little bird was right.”
“Come on, we have planning to do.”

She smiled, giving him a big hug before heading innside. She had just gone out to get a breath of fresh air, before going back in to try and get everything sorted for the weekend.

“Was ours this much?”
“No.. but we didn’t have all this family then.”
“Wow… let’s get on it!”

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