1:32 – They grow up so fast

“Well.. I guess I skipped this with your mother.”

Life with two little ones in the house was not boring, from feeding, playing with and general care taking it felt a little like the two of them had the entire household wrapped around their little finger.

Ilari was just happy to have some time with the little ones, they were always in someones arms it would seem. He was also happy to see the distraction they were on his wife, who would normally be all gloomy about his birthday coming up soon.

“I guess you will be crawling around the house by then.. making messes and keeping us all even busier.”

He was right about them being all over the place, and two babies had become two toddlers that had everyone on their toes. She loved it though, there was a life to these little ones she couldn’t deny, and they made her smile more than she had thought possible.

Ilari was trying to teach them how to talk whenever he could, figuring it would be better for them all when they learned how too. That way, there would hopefully be less crying and whining, hopefully.

With it being Ilari’s birthday, they had invited the family over, which meant that Hayle brought his camera, and got some pictures. Ilari had put an idea in their head that they wanted to do for his wife and her mother.

“Looks good, I’ll just randomly walk around and take some more.”

Raelyn nodded, she hoped it would make her mother feel a little better when the time came, the memory of them being a family.

“You can do it dad!”

They chuckled as he looked on the cake the kids had requested for his birthday. They had decided that grandpa needed a special cake, and what could be more special than a cake that looked like a hamburger? In a young ones mind, apparently not much.

Hayle found himself roped in by the little ones, not that he was surprised, while his own sons were over playing games with Death. It was a weird thought when he realized it, but after being with Chris it had become a fairly normal thing.

“You need to stop that missy.”
“I am not.”
“Yes you are.. now come on, you can’t say white hair doesn’t look good on me?”

She hated to admit it, but white hair did actually look pretty good on him, it was the fact of why it was white that wasn’t such a good thing in her eyes. Then again, she knew it was a good thing, it was an end to a very long dance, but it didn’t mean she wouldn’t miss him.

“So if you don’t stop that, I will just have to tickle you into submission.”
“I am not Hayle..”
“No, but I do know your weak-spots by now.”
“Fine! I will stop moping, don’t you dare!”

“Silly grampa.”
“Aww, not scary?”

He chuckled, these kids were not easily frightened. Then again, they had been around the supernatural since they were born, so he assumed perhaps something else would be scary for them. Normal boring life or something like that.


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