1:31 – Little ones

Time to head home?”
“Yeah, I think this heat won’t do you much good?”
“I think your right.”

She had been feeling it the last few days, she was more tired, and she could only guess that had to do with her being pregnant.

“So.. I fixed us a doctors visit when we get back.”
“Oh yeah, a checkup?”
“Yep, I wanted to make sure you were fine, you seem tired.”
“My mom thinks it’s just the heat.”
“I am not taking any risks of that not being the case.”

She smiled, it was just cute how worried he had been with her since she told him. If he had it his way, she was sure he would carry her everywhere, or preferably that she was just sitting still somewhere with someone keeping an eye on her.

“So, there are two in there?”
“Well, I would say it runs in the family, with Hayle and Chris having twins as well… but.”
“Maybe it runs in the extended family?”

The control had been fine, just the added surprise of their being two of them in there and not the one they had expected. It also meant more checkups just to be safe, but she was fine with that.

“Can I?”
“Of course you can. Everyone else seems to want to as well though, so you might have to be quick.”

Hayle chuckled, most of the family was gathered up for a movie night, and although he was happy it wasn’t him that was pregnant this time around, he had to admit there was parts off it he was missing.

“I think Uncle Chris is worried you will get baby feever again.”
“I heard that!”
“Don’t worry, I am not feeling any need to go trough another birth.”
“That bad?”
“To be honest, yes, it was that bad.”

She had maybe wanted him to say it would all be fine, but then again, it was better to hear it as it was.

“My turn then.”
“Sure grandpa.”

It was still so easy to forget who he was. After all, around her he had just been grandpa, nothing more than that. But she knew who he was, what he did,and generally she knew he could probably teach her more about the universes than anyone else.

“Have you thought about names?”
“Yeah.. we know its a boy and a girl, so we thought Christine after.. well.”

She noticed him stop, looking up at her with a look she at first didn’t quite manage to inerpet, until she noticed the warm smile forming on his face.

“After my wife.”
“Yeah.. and Lukas, after Ilari’s father.”
“I think that’s perfect.”

“I heard you were the one to beat.”
“Oh you can try Rylan, but against me.. well.”

Nat just watched them all, it was good seeing them all together having fun, and she had heard the names as well. It was still odd how her mother had such a human name, but her father had explained it to her when she was younger.

She was the one that had said she would stay at home with Raelyn, it was so close to the date now, that no one wanted to let her be home alone. She had decided to give birth at home, but she was happy there was always someone there with her.

“Look, is that?”
“Yep I think it is.”
“It’s so odd seeing dad with his uniform, not the silly one with the hat, but the actual detective one.”
“Yeah, he doesn’t use it all to often.”
“So.. that means they finally got the guy.”
“Finally, hopefully it means less random work for me.”

Her mother had told her about it, also how much reapers hated his kind, mostly because it upset the natural balance of things, but also because they knew someone lost the opportunity that life actually had in store for them.


Hayle most certainly hadn’t been kidding when he said it was not fun giving birth, but he had in many ways prepared her for it not being easy.

“I hope it is at least faster…”

Luckily for her, it wasn’t like how her uncle had told it. Both were born within a few hours of it starting, letting both her father and her boyfriend come home to find two new family members.

“I know right?”
“I promise to be the best dad I can…”
“You’ll be great, we have good teachers after all.”

He nodded, he was still a little worried, growing up in an orphanage hadn’t exactly made him overly confident in his own parenting skills, but like she said, he had people to lean on.

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