1:30 How time flies

“A vacation?”
“Yep, I mean with you two working and Ilari working and of course me.. wouldn’t it be nice to have some time somewhere else?”

She had to admit she could see where her mom was coming from, time just semeed to run away with them with work, and everything else. She knew her father would soon be an elder, which made her mothers suggestion to take a holiday together make even more sense.

“Hey mom..?”

She stopped in what she was about to say, she had been a little uncertain off how to tell her with what she knew off her moms past.

“What? You can’t start with Hey mom and then stop.”
“I eh… I think I might be pregnant…”

“Your not angry?”
“No, I want you to be happy, and I think this makes you happy right?”
“Yes, and he is happy too.”
“Have you told your father?”
“No.. I wanted to tell you first.”
“Then you should go tell him.”

She gave her daughter a hug before she watched her run off to find her father. It also meant that her vacation idea changed from exploring the jungle to just relaxing in Selvadorada. No way was her pregnant daughter going to wander around some jungle

“Yep, no exploring though, with a baby on the way.”
“How do you feel about it?”
“A little nervous to be honest.. I mean, I never had parents.”

Ilari nodded, he could only imagine how it would be for the two off them, but specially for Seamus, who after all had lived most his time as an orphan.

“I guess I just want to make sure he or she gets the best life they can?”
“That is all a parent should want for their kids, it’s what we wanted for Rae when we adopted her.”
“You know, the kid might be born on your birthday.”
“Now that, would be cool.”

They had already taken her old room and converted it into a nursery, so that they could now, finally go on a holiday.

“Well we are in a jungle, what did you expect?”
“I dunno… something more fun than bugs?”

The days flew by faster than most of them would like them too. Even without exploring the jungle, there was a museum a local marketplace and a bar. They even learned a local dance, which they all found rather tricky but fun to learn from the locals.

“I’ll be back in just a little, okay?”
“Sure mom.”

They knew what it meant when she said that, unlike the rest of them, she could never fully take a holiday.

She watched them try and help her, wishing their efforts would actually get them what they wanted. But her time was up, there was actually nothing they could do for her.

“They are trying really hard…”
“They are.”
“Will it work?”
“No.. I’m sorry.”

She looked at the female next to her, watching the two try to save her life with a bit of a sad smile.

“Is it odd that I feel worse for them, than for me? I mean I realize I am dead, but ty are the ones trying to save me, and they will have to live with it not working.”

“I think I’d rather go, than stand here and watch. When I do, then they don’t have to work so hard, right?”
“Then I am ready.”

She nodded, walking with her hearing the ambulance form behind just as they stepped through to the other side. She was indeed right that it would be harder for them, the ones who were trying to save her life.

“Found you.”
“I wasn’t hiding.”
“Perhaps, I still found you.”
“Bad time at work.”
“Kinda.. watching people work so hard to save someone, when there is no chance is just..”
“I know.”

“You know.. I have taken lessons from Chris.”
“Oh have you?”
“But why?”
“Because for my birthday, I want a dance.”
“Well, then you are early, as it is not your birthday yet.”
“Consider it training.”

“I say you ahve a good teacher.”
“I know.”
“Thank you, and you can have a dance for your birthday, and any other day you wish.”

He smiled, he knew her too well to not know she was worried, restless, sad, everything that came with knowing that life went on, without her having any say in it.

“Come, let’s see how the kids are holding up.”

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