1:28 – almost grown up

“My dad’s soul.. is a very old one, it’s been locked to my mom for longer than one would like to think off.. something really stupid she did when she was younger.”
“It just means that they have some lives behind them.”
“Ah.. so he is actually human.. like you and me.”
“Yep, fully human.”

She could feel him relax a bit, and honestly he was taking this much better than she would have expected. Even if it was the second time around. Now she came to the secound part of this whole thing.

“So.. I guess if you can accept all that.. I have one more thing.”
“Not sure I can handle one more thing?”
“It’s a nice thing, at least I think it is.”
“I asked my mom and my dad, and they said you could live here with us if you wanted to.”
“Are you joking?”

She looked at him, as he seemed to not quite realize what she was saying was true.

“Fuck yeah!! I mean.. I would love too!”

“So.. I hear we have another kid?”
“Kind off.. we aren’t adopting him, but he is staying here.”
“There better be ground rules on that end.”
“Oh there is, trust me there is.”

He looked over at Nat and nodded. He didn’t really mind as long as he didn’t suddenly become a grandfather already.

It didn’t take them all too longer to get used to being one more person in the household, and they all had to admit, he had eased into the idea of what they all were pretty fast

“So… we won’t do an all together birthday?”
“No, me and your dad will go, with Hayle’s family coming he wasn’t sure too many would be a good idea.”
“You mean his brother.. and his.. ehm.. “
“Them, and a twin sister which was news for all of us, and his grandparents who want to meet the kids.”
“Oh wow..”
“Yeah, we figured it was better to just have it here?”
“Yeah, will just have to visit them later and see how they are.”

Originally the plan had been to have their birthday with Hayden and Rylan, but with the uncertainty of Hayle’s family members joining, they all felt it was right not to end with them being too many. And none of them knew what his family actually thought about humans.

“Has he ever had a birthday before?”
“No.. I don’t think he had one like I had. More like you get a piece of cake on the oprhanage.”

Nat nodded.

“How about we invite Chris, Hayle and the kids to come here after they have had their birthday then, and we do it that way?”

“So.. no huge birthday party?”
“Nope.. smaller one and here.”
“I think that sounds better.”
“Anything you want for your birthday then?”
“Like a present?”

He shrugged his shoulders a bit. It was hard to say really, he had allready gotten so much after moving in with her family.

“I think I kinda got my present for the rest of my life when I moved here.. “
“Oh come, something else?”
“Well.. a camera maybe, like the one your uncle has.”
“I’ll ask Chris then, he bought the stuff.”

He still wasn’t quite used to this idea off a family, but he did love living there with them

“How about you?”
“Yeah, what do you want for your birthday?”

“Hmh.. can I have anything?”
“Ehm.. depends?”
“Can I have you?”
“You allready have me don’t you?”
“True.. how about.. can we live here, even as adults?”

He looked at her, wondering where just that question came from.

“I know it’s a wierd question.. but I don’t want my mom to have to live alone.. I mean, when dad eventually…”

She trailed off her chain off thought. It was something she didn’t all to often think about, but it did hit her sometimes.

“I’d love to stay besides, we’d get help with stuff.”
“Well.. you know.. adult stuff.”

She chuckled, she knew what he was thinking off, they had already had the long talk, which was wierd as they were a bit young. They had however both been without parents, and both agreed on most things that would come eventually.

“Come her you.”
“Their all growing up so fast.”
“That they are.. I heard babytalk the other day.”
“Just talk, like in if they wanted to have children.”
“Oh god, I am not prepared for this.”
“No parents is I think, but imagine, grandkids!”

She chuckled, it would most deffinatly be something very different in her life. The idea of a human family was still odd to her, but she was growing to like the idea.

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