1:27 – How to tell him


She snapped out of her own thoughts as she heard her daughters voice. She knew she had wanted to talk to her, but as she had been out when she came home, she had ended up thinking about that serial killer instead. She knew she could probably find him, but it would once again break several rules.

“Dad said he had mentioned I wanted to talk to you?”
“About a certain young man?”

“Yeah.. I mean.. I really do like him.”
“Well he is like me.. an orphan, just no one adopted him. He still lives at the orphanage..”

She could guess where this was going, but she wanted her to come out and actually say it.

“I eh…. well, we have room, and I thought maybe he could stay here?”
“You mean, the boy you have a crush on, in my house?”

She heard her shuffle her feet again.

“Yes.. ?”
“Well.. living here comes some pretty strict rules for the two of you.. and, have you thought about.. well the other things?”
“Yes.. I figured I’d tell him.. if he believes and handles it, then ask?”
“And you will keep to the rules I will set for this?”
“Yes, I just feel so bad that he has to live.. well there.”

“Okay.. if he takes it well, and he can accept who you are and what we are, then he can live her, if he so wants to. But I will not have you end up a teenage mom, we clear?”
“You know it is a lot to ask of him, to accept all this?”
“I did?”
“You were also a child, children accept these things much easier.”
“I think he will.”
“Well, I hope you are right.”

She watched her running back innside the house, hearing the tell tell sign of a phone being used. She most certainly wasn’t wasting any time in getting things rolling.

“Just hope that was the right choice.”

“Almost done.”
“And then you will tell him?”

She noticed the sigh, she knew this would be one heck of a talk. He had already been over a couple of times, but she still hadn’t gotten to the actual talk done, he always wanted to do something, and she always let him do it.

“How about a game of hoops?”
“No Seamus, I really need to talk to you about something.”
“Oh.. yeah..”

She took him with him out on the terrace and sat him down. She wasn’t quite sure where to even begin this talk. So she figured she would just start from the top, and take it from there.

“You are just joking now.. right?”
“You mother is a reaper.. daughter of death? Death is your grandfater.. and you have two uncles who are.. a God and a merman reaper?”
“Yeah.. and two nephews who are probably demigods..”
“You know how ridiculous this sounds?”
“And you still tell me this bullshit why?”

She stopped the minute he called her story bullshit. Up until then she had almost thought he had believed in her.

“Because.. if I was to ask you to live here with us, this is things you would need to accept.”
“Right.. Sorry Rae.. but just no.”

She could feel her heart sink as he stood up, shook his head and left the apartment without another word.

“Well.. that could have gone.. better..”

“How is she?”
“As well as can be imagined?”
“She did the right thing though.”
“Yeah.. I oddly thought she might be right about him, that he would accept it.”
“He still might?”
“I guess.”
“Did I?”
“The first time.. did you tell me?”
“No.. I ehm.. faked aging..”
“Oh.. yeah.”

She sighed, she wanted the best for her little one, but she also wanted it to be done right. She had done it wrong so many times that she needed to do this right.

“I guess..”

Their talk was stopped by the sound of the doorbell.

“Who could that be?”

“I’m sorry I left like that.. but it was..”
“I know it is a lot to believe in.. but I can prove it.”

She pulled up her phone, flipping through some of the pictures, to one of the latest her uncles had sent her.

“These are my uncles, Christian and Hayle.”

He looked at the picture for a while. One of them looked very human, but the other..

“So Christian is Uncle Chris.. the reaper who works with your mom, and is a merman?”
“He looks.. human.”
“Well, so does my mom.”
“And Hayle?”
“He is a Ice dragon, he took human form to well.. test out human life and entered by uncles bachelor…and the rest as they say is history.”
“And he is?”
“Pregnant? Yeah.. one of the perks of being a god I guess.”

She heard how he took a deep breath, trying to take it all in, and not just shake his head at it again.

“And your dad?”
“Human, just like me.. but…”

She could almost hear fear in his voice as she added the but to that sentence. She took his hand, before continuing.

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