1:26 Life as we know it

Raelyn was doing good in school, and still had the love for the computer and the games she could play. Although they sometimes feared she was on it a little to much, they had agreed that as long as her grades were good, and she kept a social life outside as well, they would let her have her fun.

“Did you hear it too?”
“This boy?”
“Yes, I mean..?”
“Well.. now this is new for you, you look like you want to find him and interrogate him already.”

She chuckled, it was rare to see Ilari like this, but he was protective off their daughter, but to this extent? It was both funny and a bit endearing really.

“Seamus wasn’t it?”
“Yep, he has been mentioned now a few times.”
“You know. .that’s one thing we never thought off yet?”
“Do we tell well.. you know.. “
“Oh.. yeah.”

“I guess she will have to decide that one.”
“Probably for the best.”
“She will be an aunt soon too.. whomever this boy is.. is in for a bit of a shock if she decides to tell him everything.”
“A good test of his character then.”

He noticed how her look changed as they were talking about futures and what would come.

“Oh no.. you don’t get to do that.”

“Sorry.. but I ehm..”
“Yeah.. “
“I’ll go fish for more info on this Seamus then.”
“As long as you don’t push it..”
“I promise I won’t”

She knew it would soon be a new round of birthdays, and then… She shook her head, she had promised them both to not keep doing this. And they had a point in it, she was the one who’s work was telling everyone it was natural, so it was a bit silly that she herself was struggling with it happening to those close to her. It made her wonder if her dad ever struggled with it, when it came to her mom.


It was another one that wasn’t on the list, and she knew what this meant. Same method of murder.. deep in the forest, handsome young man. Oh man she hated serial killers.

“I guess I should tell him.”

She looked at the man in front of her, who looked at his own body with a look she knew.

“But why?”
“I wish I could tell you… but I can’t.”

He turned and looked at her, his eyes full of questions. Putting an arm on his shoulder, she walked him off, answering as best she could and guiding him on his way.

“Why does anyone feel like it..”

She sat next to the body after having called her husband, and told him where to find it. Serial killers were something she hated, they took lives long before they were meant to go.

“I know you hate these..”
“You think I am right?”
“Sadly yes.. we will issue a bulletin and tell people to be carefull, and not to walk alone.”

He pulled her to her feet, making the needed calls, and they waited for the ambulance and the crime techs to arrive.

“How do you stumble on these Ilari?”
“Had a random caller.”
“Lucky bastard.”

He looked to the side seeing his wife standing there. He knew he was the only one that saw her, and he had to admit part of his skyrocketing career was of course her. She would tell him if something was about to happen, or like this, had happened.

“In all ways possible.”

As everyone left, they were standing there alone in the forest.

“Come on.. let’s head home, I think our daughter might want to talk about a certain someone.”
“I’ll let her explain.”

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