3:2 – Vacation time

“I thought you said you’d be good..”
“I am.”

He couldn’t really argue against that, but it wasn’t the rest he knew the doctor had ordered.

“I only said I’d be good tomorrow, I did not say when.”

Toshi grinned, although he did worry some, he also didn’t really mind him going against the doctors orders, at least not this first day. He generally had a hunch she knew Derek way to well to know he wouldn’t fully listen.

“So.. what now?”
“Well, there is a beach in walking distance, how about we go here, and then ask around, see what the local people say we should go?”
“Do they have food here?”
“Hmmm, no it’s just a small beach. I’ll make you breakfast after a quick shower.”

Derek watched Toshi leave the room, the sound of the shower next door reaching him, leaving him to just lie there, giving Ollie a pet who had curled up at the end off the bed.

“It’s good to be home Ollie.”

He only got a slight purr in reply, but like always he decided these purrs were the cat’s way to agree with him.

“I have to admit.. I miss your cooking way to much when I am at base.. I am going to have the cook there hire you.”
“As if that would work.”
“I can try right?”

They had their breakfast, Ollie had his special meal of the day, and they were just discussing their trip out.

“You sure you want to try that?”

Derek shrugged his shoulders, watching Toshi speed around on the water having fun with the jet ski rental they had found. He wouldn’t have minded, but he did keep the doctors words in mind. She was following his progress with the watch he had one, and she would know if he had it off for too long.

“Yep, that I am sure they will say okay too.”
“Why not.”

He had to admit it really was beautiful where they were, they had done a pretty amazing job cleaning the place up. What neither of them managed to notice though, was that they were being watched by a Dolphin while they swam around.

At the end of the day, they found themselves just relaxing at the beach. They honestly hadn’t done much asking around, and just for now, it really did feel like a vacation more than anything.

“I guess this is what it is like to have a vacation?”
“Pretty much”
“I think I might like it.”
“Well you might just have to ask to have one a bit more often then.”

“No signs of mermaids or spirits though.”
“Nope, seems like a good excuse to stay a while longer?”
“We have at least a couple of weeks you know.”

Toshi had really missed the weekend visits, and as much as he knew that if he wasn’t sick, he would probably be on a mission somewhere most the time, he wasn’t quite prepared for how much he had gotten used to him being around in the weekends.

“Just in case though.. should we head over there and talk to some people?”
“Hmh.. I prefer here, but I guess it would be handy.”
“At least to see places we can go to see, I am sure this place has several hidden things.”
“True, lets see if there are some good spots.”

It was pretty much a case of doing just what they said. They found the locals more than happy to share places they should go and see. They made sure to note down directions, and of course add some extra questions if there really was anything to this thing they heard about spirits and mermaids. The answers they got were about as diverse as could be expected. Some clearly believed in them, while others seemed to believe it was just old superstition.

“Well, I guess we have enough places too see.”
“That volcano seems.. interesting.”
“Kinda risky?”

Derek smiled, he knew that it could be dangerous, but he had always wanted to see one that wasn’t really going to wipe them out just for looking at it.

“Okay.. it’s clearly time to take you home.”

Toshi sighed, he had wanted them to stay here for longer, but he did notice the look Derek gave him. It was the look he had when he needed to rest and would probably be asleep for quite some time.

“Come on then, let’s get you into bed.”

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