3:1 – The Islands of Sulani

He was, like most times, the first of the two to arrive, leaving Ollie to check out their surroundings, and him to do some basic quick cleaning around their vacation home.

“I wonder, is this really a vacation Ollie?”
“Yeah… “

He found it hard to believe that it was just a vacation they had been sendt on, it didn’t fit things, specially knowing until now Derek had never had a vacation in over three hundred years.

“How is it, you are always here earlier than me?”

The voice had Toshi turn around just as he was about to head back innside after a small walk around their house to see what was what.

“Because I don’t have a doctor over my shoulders?”
“Hmh, true.”

Before he had the chance to say anything else, he found himself pulled into a kiss by the man he had missed for over a month now. The doctor denying him weekend leave, something about Derek not relaxing enough when he was away.

“Is this really just a holiday?”
“Of course not, but mostly it is.”

He explained that they had a task alongside an order to enjoy some time off, but it was really quite simple, and that was to see if there was anything to the rumor of Island Spirits, and mermaids. Neither was a high priority though, it was more if they noticed it.

“So.. as close as were likely to get to an actual holiday?”
“Pretty much.”

“Mermaids though?”
“Is it any less likely than spirits?”
“Eh.. I guess not…”

As much as Toshi didn’t want to admit it, he really didn’t believe much in either of thise things. Normally they always found that these things were just stories.

“I vote we keep it vacation mostly, and if we stumble on to something, we take it from there?”
“Sounds like a good plan..”

“I guess I can change into something a little less warm.”

There was plenty of things he would rather do right now, but he also rememebred the doctors last words before he left.

“Doctors orders.. sorry.”

He pulled away a bit Toshi tried to hint at wanting something more, a slight dissapointment on his face, but he accepted it. He knew he was probably part of the reason off why he wasn’t allowed to visit for a month.

“Yeah, still me.”

He smiled at the cat, before he checked out the house as well. It was pretty much a perfect little place to have a holiday.

“Doctors orders huh?”
“Yeh, more rest, less.. well you know.”

Toshi’s eyes rested on the many scars on Derek’s body. They still looked mostly the same, and he just had to admit he had hoped they would start to look different soon.

“Don’t look so worried their healing.”
“They.. don’t look much like they are.”
“They are, it’s just…”

He stopped, knowing this was not things he could talk to Toshi about still, but he wished he could. He would love to explain why they took so long so he would stop worrying so much.

“Complicated.. I know.”
“At least we get a holiday, so not all bad?”
“No, and this place, it is beautiful.”

Sulani was very different from the jungle, and with all the work done by those living there, alongside conservationists, the island had been opened for tourism to help them clean it up even more.

“So, what do you want to do?”
“Hmh… “
“Don’t say sleep…”
“Well, there is sleep, but I think I would just like to look around, and see what we find?”
“I think that sounds good, I found they have a coffee place here and all.”

“I though you were under doctors orders.”
“She isn’t here is she?”
“I have missed you for a month.. I’ll be good tomorrow.”

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