1:25 Happy birthday

“Thank you again Grampa, for letting me go!”
“You are most welcome.”
“Would you read me a bedtime story?”
“Sure.. I can tell you a story from long ago?”

She loved his stories, she never knew if it was something that had happened, or if it was just something he invented, and she had to admit, she didn’t really care all that much. All she knew is that they were wonderful stories.

“Hmh.. I guess I’ll continue that story later huh.”

It was odd having a child around again. It had been so long since his own daughter was this small, and he had to admit, he kinda enjoyed it.

“Shame you grow up so fast.”

He looked over at her as he left the room, it would be hard in the end, but he hoped that it would be a good thing.

“OH MY GOD! Uncle Hayle?”

The dragon looking at her was smaller than she had imagined, but she remembered them telling her he could change size.

“Yes, welcome little lady.”

“Now, go innside, I’ll be there in a minute.”

She put her hand on his neck for a second before running innside, her eyes growing wide as she saw just how big it was.

“Sooo, is it anything like you hoped for?”

She spun around seeing her uncle there now in the form she would normally see him.

“Its better, it’s HUGE!”
“True, then again, it did use to house a dragon.”
“Are they here?”
“No sorry.”
“Okay. .so I can run around and look at everything?”

Raelyn spent hours running around the castle, trying to see and find every little secret place.

“Well, what is a birthday without your favorite cake?”

“So… any more wishes?”
“Yeah.. but that’s my secret, or it won’t happen.”

She smiled as she blew out the lights. Her mother looking at them all with her husband holding an arm around her shoulders. He knew this hurt for her, but she didn’t want to ruin the day with her moping around.

“How about dancing?”
“Yes.. I saw there was a dancefloor!”
“You should ask your Chris for that.”

She turned her head and looked over at Hayle. He had told her his husband was a really good dancer, but it had never really occurred to her to ask him to show her.

“I see you dance too.”
“Not as good as him though.”
“Now then birthday girl, ready to dance?”

“Oh my god….”

She had to admit that when it came to dancing, it was clearly Chris she had to go too.

“You are a natural at this.”
“Can you teach me more?”
“Anytime you want, well almost.”

He looked over at Hayle who had a look to him that he recognized.

“You see.. I have a dragon over there, who wants me to dance with him.”

Nat chuckled, she had also noticed the jealous look he had sent Chris, he wasn’t actually used to him dancing with someone else. And even though he knew that it was just for fun, he couldn’t quite control it.

“I’m sorry Uncle Hayle, I know you would have wanted him to dance with you.”

She smiled at him, before pushing Chris over to his husband, finding her father and dragging him to the dance-floor for a bit. In the end though, it was time for them all to head back home.

“Thank you, this has to be like the best birthday ever!”

Hayle smiled as they left his home, and headed back to their other home. He had to admit he had fun most all day long.

“See you later then little lady.”

They waved as their ways parted, Raelyn telling her parents and grandfather about all the things she had discovered in the castle while running around.

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