1:24 – Growing up

Just like she had promised, she distracted Hayle while Nat and Chris had some work related stuff. She knew what they both were, and that Hayle know too, so it was just their way of letting the two off them have fun while they did a quick job.

“I hear a rumor that you will have a birthday party soon?”
“So, this of course comes with a followup question, what do you want for said birthday?”
“Can I wish for anything?”
“Of course, I can’t promise you it is doable though.”

She knew exactly what she wanted to wish for, and she also knew it might not be possible, but she just had to ask.

“Is it possible to visit your castle.. and just see inside?”
“Hmh… I’m not sure actually, I have to ask some people, including your mom.”
“Okay.. and if that is not possible.. can I see your dragon-form?”
“I’ll see what I can do, deal?”

They walked around the beach for a bit, picking up some trash that her mother had told her to always do, and finding some sea shell’s on the side as well.

“Ready to head home?”
“Did you really ask Hayle to see his castle?”
“I said yes, but only if the gatekeeper, Hayle’s siblings and your grandfather says yes.”


She had no time to wait for him to get innside the door when he came home. She simply had too much to tell him, and of course maybe getting to see Hayle’s castle was on top of that list off many things.

“You think you can put in a good word for me too?”
“I’ll try!”

He knew it was basically against the rules for a human to go there, but with Hayle being the ruler there, and Chris and Nat knowing the gatekeeper, the only one that could really say no, was death himself. And he had a hunch, even he would find it hard to crush a little girls biggest dream.

“So if grandpa says yes.. then we can?”
“You think he might say yes though?”
“Maybe, he can be a bit stubborn.”

Raelyn nodded, she knew very well the rules, and that mortals were not supposed to be visiting the realm of gods. But when it was her uncles home, then how bad could it be?

“So young lady, I was told you had something you wanted to ask me?”
“Yes.. but first, dad said you were good in this game, can we play?”

He had been surprised when they told him about their plans to adopt a child, specially because it would just be another thing for her to loose. But after meeting Raelyn, he had an almost instant change of heart.

“But of course, and then you tell me what it is you really want right?”
“Yes.. but first, I want to see if I can beat you at this!”

“I think we both need more practice… “
“I think so too.”

She looked over at the man sitting next to her. She knew who he was, her mom had told her everything, but it was a sometimes a little odd to sit there next to death himself.

“Well.. Can I go to Uncle Hayle’s castle for my birthday.. it’s the only thing I wish for.”
“Hmh.. you do know that’s not the realm of the living yes?”
“Yeah.. but Uncle Hayle said it was possible..”
“He did huh.. “
“If you said yes.. and everyone else said yes.”

“And you promise to do everything your uncle says, keep to the rules and so on?”
“Then little lady, I will agree. But if you break the rules.”
“I won’t I promise!”


He got wrapped into a hug, before the young girl sped off to tell her parents and then call her uncles.

“If every decision was this easy huh?”

He looked over at Nat, who nodded. It was actually quite nice to have the occasional easy decision. With everyone saying yes, then her visit to Hayle’s castle would be no real problem.

“Nothing.. “
“That look my little one, does not tell me nothing.”
“It’s not important.”

She felt her fathers arm around her shoulder. Like most times, he knew her well enough to know this was hard on her.

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