1:23: Visiting the uncles

Nat watched as Rae ran around the beach, finding seashells and testing if the biggest ones could make sound. She had allready lived with them for three years now, and she most certainly couldn’t imagine life without her.

“Mom, come help me!”

They had visited Sulani many times, Rae loving it just as much as her parents did, and to top it off it was the home of her uncles and their cat.

“How old is Felix really?”
“How old?”
“Too old.”

Rae nodded, that answer always meant the same, that someone was bending a few rules here and there. Neither Hayle or Chris could imagine loosing their cat, so they had found out about some treats that would keep him young.

“Can we take a picture to show dad?”
“Yep, ready?”

Nat picked up her phone, taking a picture of Rae, before letting her sendt it to Ilari who had to stay home to get some important work done.

“Okay.. now we make one!”
“Uncle Hayle!!”

Nat left the two to make a sand sculpture, finding Chris, somewhat unsurprisngly in the water not to far away from them.

“What should we make?”
“Hmh.. how about a dragon?”

“This is so cool.. will it really be a dragon?”
“I think so.”

Hayle just smiled, whenever he was around Rae he got the same feeling that his husband had jokingly called him having a biological clock. He knew they couldn’t adopt, there would be some very hard things to get passed after all.


“Got ya!”

The sound of Rae pretty much filled the beach as Hayle swung her around holding her over his shoulder.

“Okay.. picture to send to dad?”

She quickly sent the picture before looking around to see if she could see her mom and her other uncle.

“I know where they are, come on!”

Much like Hayle had guessed they found her mother hand his husband being all silly in the water.

“Say Uncle Hayle?”
“Will you and Uncle Chris have kids?”
“Hmh.. don’t really know yet.”

He dropped her down, watching her run into the water to join his husband and Nat. The question still lingering in his head.

“I think you might run a risk of Hayle running off with her soon.”
“I doubt she would mind.”

Chris chuckled, he could see them play easily enough, and seeing Hayle this happy made him happy too.

“Someone is getting very good at swimming.”
“I had a good teacher.”
“Indeed you did.”

Chris smiled, Nat retreating from what she knew would be happning next.

“No tails allowed!”

Once again, Rae’s laughter filled the air as the splashing war went from careful splashing to Chris cheating and using his tail.

“You cheated.”
“I did, sorry.”
“So technically I win?”

She ran over to Nat who was standing with Hayle close by. She knew they would have to leave soon, but she hoped they could stay just a little bit longer, even though she missed her dad being there with them.

“You okay mom?”

Nat nodded, noticing the look she got from her daughter. She was almost to cleaver and way to in tune to how she was feeling. Seeing them all so happy had a way to make her mind slip into the many questions about the future, but she shook them away again.

“Yep, I think I just got ringing in my ears from someone laughing.”
“Pffff, that’s not even possible.”
“Are you sure?”

“Now.. I need to borrow your mom for some boring work stuff, would you mind distracting Hayle?”
“Consider it done!”

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