1:22 – Becoming a family

They quickly learned some things about Rae, she was smart, almost scarily smart, and the computer quickly became her most favorite thing in the house.

“Is the cake ready?”
“Cool.. are they coming too?”
“Chris has to work, but Hayle said he would try and come by.. I think he is a little shy.”
“Yeah, you are the first child he will actually meet.”

Rae loved the idea of her uncles. She had met Chris, but Hayle had oddly enough stayed at home with some random excuse.

“Uncle Chris told me Uncle Hayle has horns.. does he?”
“Yeah, he can choose to now show them, he can even turn into a dragon.”

As soon as Ilari came home, he found himself dragged into the kictchen and ordered to blow out the candles that had been put on the cake waiting for him.

“Why the rush?”
“I want to taste it.. it’s been standing in the fridge all day!”
“Ah.. well, let’s have cake then.”

He looked over at Nat, who just smiled back at him, even though she hated the fact that he was aging, she knew it was something she had to deal with.

“So.. how is the cake.”
“Awesome.. will you teach me mom?”

Nat was still getting used to being called mom. She knew Ilari was looking into the family she came from, but info was hard to find due to them being locked with this cult. The cult was well known for being nice to it’s children, but what the truth behind it all was, that was something no one really knew.

“Of course, it is a very old recipe too.”
“How old?”
“Very old, I’ll teach you, and someday you can teach it to your kids.”

Rae nodded, before going back to her cake piece who magically seemed to vanish in seconds, leading to the question of her having another one.

“But that is the last one, we can save some for tomorrow.”
“Besides, maybe Hayle wants a piece..”

“Oh my god, you have horns like mom said!”
“Eh.. yeah.”

Hayle had been a little surprised by the immediate hug he received from the new resident of the house. Nat had warned her she had a slight obsession with meeting her dragon uncle, but he wasn’t quite prepared for just how many questions she had.

“Can you turn into a dragon?”
“No, I don’t want to ruin the house..”
“Awwww… can you show me someday?”

It was odd how good it made him feel so see Rae just smile at him before dragging him with her into her room, showing him all the new stuff she had gotten, and asking him more questions than he thought possible.

“Uncle Hayle?”
“Can you fly when you are a dragon?”
“You think…”

He knew what the rest of that question was. but he also knew that him saying yes without talking to some other people first would probably be a really bad idea.

“I think we better ask your parents about that one.”
“But if they say yes?”
“Then let’s just say maybe?”

Hayle watched her as she gave him some of his doll’s to join her in a bit of play, and he once again found himself wondering what it would be like to actually be a parent.

“Did you and Hayle have fun?”
“Yes, and I asked if he could fly, and if…”
“If he could take you flying?”
“Yeah.. can he?”
“Maybe when your older.. Hayle in his dragon form isn’t like his human one.”
“Oh.. “

Rae remembered Nat had told her about it. And how once Uncle Chris had to go all the way to his home and bring him back as he had forgotten to come home.

“Not that I’m complaining, but..”
“Why I want to call you mom and dad?”

Nat nodded, and for the first time since she moved in Rae got a seriousness over her that she hadn’t seen before.

“I never really had a mom and dad.. back there, everyone just cared for us kids and I don’t think I could point out who my parents actually were.. if that makes sense?.”

With that a bit of the puzzle fell into place for Nat, although Rae had always had what she needed, she never had the feeling off family.

“Why did you choose me?”
“We both remembered you, and well, who want’s to deal with diapers anyways right?”

Rae chuckled, getting a hug, before she ran off to get her backpack and head off to school.

Nat just waved from the window watching her run to the school bus. Having Rae was certainly going to be nothing like she had expected, and she loved it.

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