1:18: Husband & Wife.. again

“I just have to ask.. you are sure I don’t like need to follow some old rule about asking for your hand?”
“Yeah, we have been married before remember.. you already asked for my hand, more than once.”
“Soo, what you are saying is that I should ask again?”
“You really do overthink these kinda things don’t you?”

She could understand him though, I mean, he was marrying Death’s daughter, and if it made him feel any calmer to ask for her hand, for god know’s what time, then she was fine with it.

“So how about this, I ask him over, you decided if you feel you need to ask for my hand huh?”

“So.. before I call up the old man, is there anyone you would like to innvite?”
“Hmh… Not really.. I mean.. I asume Chris and Hayle are coming, my mom is with her new husband somewhere far off..”
“So no one at work or anything like it?”
“Nah.. I am fine with a small one.”
“You sure about your mom though?”
“Yeah.. I told her I was getting married, she told me great and that she hoped to see the pictures.”

She shook her head a little. She remembered his mother quite differently, but it would seem the older Ilari got, the less his mother had wanted him around. As soon as he moved out, she pretty much moved on.

“So, just us, them and my dad then.. small but nice.”
“Yeah, honestly, that is all I need.”

“So… he asked you?”
“Well, that is another sign.”
“Sure dad.”
“Well he was supposed to be home to meet you, but well, work.”
“I know, but it gives us time to talk.”

It was often her that did this, but for once, it was Ilari’s work that had him work overtime.

“So small wedding, just the closest?”
“Yeah, you, the boys and us.”
“Sounds good to me.”
“Oddly, that is just what he said too.”
“I am surprised though, I would have asumed he would want at least his mom to be there.”
“He did ask, but she had no time for him.”
“I see.”

Sometimes her father was a hard man to read.

“I though we were going to talk?”
“Talk after I beat you at this kid!”
“Oh come one now..”

It was becoming something close to a family tradition by now, the three of them playing games whenever they were together. It had become something of a bonding thing for Ilari and her father.

“Besides, I’ll make it easy and say yes.”
“Wait what?”
“You want to marry my daughter, the answer is yes.. again!”

Ilari just blinked, and got kicked out of bounds in the game they were playing at the same time.

“Oh that’s just not fair.”
“All is fair in love and games. I win the game, you get to marry my daughter.”

“So you two set a date yet?”
“Well.. no?”
“Soon I think.”
“And then…?”
“What, you know better than that dad?”
“Oh I just thought maybe you had…”

She noticed her father shake his head, deciding it was probably best to leave it. She knew what he was suggesting, but she simply was not sure it was something she wanted to bring up. He knew her story, he knew that adoption was the only way

“So.. does this mean you both have best men at your wedding?”

Ilari just chuckled, he still remembered the look on Hayle’s face when he asked him to be best man, although it was beaten by the complete gobsmacked look on Chris’s face when she had jokingly said that she wanted him to be her’s.

“So… ?”
“Not really, are you?”
“A little..”

She was about to answer when the phone rang, at first she thought it was work, but then she noticed the phone number.

“Yeh.. he is worried about Chris.”
“Eh.. isn’t Chris like immortal?”
“Oh he is.. but Hayle is right, and I have a good idea what it might be.”
“But you didn’t tell him?”
“No, just that it wasn’t something to worry about, if it is what I think, it will happen regardless.”

She knew what Chris had once been. His choice when he became a reaper. It was strange though to imagine that meeting Hayle could undo what death had done.

“Oh come now.. you need to tell me!”
“Okay, but you keep it to yourself, okay?”

After their talk, Nat had been called out to actual work. leaving Ilari home with just himself and his thoughts.

“I wonder… would she say yes..?”

He shook off the thought, and started thinking about what was to come, and some wedding vows he wanted to make sure felt just right

The had found pretty much the perfect little wedding venue close to where Chris & Hayle lived, and since it was just just those two on the guestlist along with Nat’s dad, it became just what they had wanted.

Richard Bach has said, “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise.” You are my soulmate, you are the person who loves me for me, you reveal the best part of me. I love you and I love our paradise.

She had planned to say something, but after he had said what he did, she felt her own words just come short.

“I love you too.. “

“So… what number of time is this?”
“For us getting married?”
“Honestly I still don’t remember, but the only time that counts is the one right now.”

He smiled, before walking over to the three others to enjoy the rest of the evening. They had food and drinks for a small army, so at least no one would go home hungry.

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