1:17: Before we go home

“Why do I have a feeling you know?”
“Know what?”
“Ohh no.. I know you, you knew!”
“Of course I knew, don’t you think he needed someone to talk to.. that’s like not death himself.”
“I guess that is a fair point..”

“How about you.. heard anything from Hayle yet?”
“Starting to get a little worried.”
“Just go get him then, like you promised you would.”
“I guess.. I just wanted to give him.. time?”
“You know.. the more time in that form, if he has forgotten.”
“I know, I just…”

She understood what it was that kept holding him back. She knew that him coming to get his husband didn’t actually bother him, it was something he would happily do, but he knew and she knew it would hurt a whole lot for Hayle.

“It will only hurt more.. the more you stall.”
“I’ll give him.. a few more days…”
“Now..I have a small thing form me and said lost god.. it’s a photo session for you two before you head home.”

She just looked at him for a while, until he pretty much grabbed her and pulled both her and Ilari to the beach where a female waved at them, giving Chris a nod.

“There, you are in good hands.”

Ilari looked at her, with a bit of a half panicked look, this was clearly not something Chris had told him about.

“Just relax, you are in good hands.”

The woman nodded, and then put away her camera.

“I’ll send them to you as soon as they are ready. I think you will like them.”

“That was actually kinda fun.”
“It was.”
“Do we have to head home right away?”
“Nah.. I called and got one more day off work.. how about we just enjoy one last day here?”
“Deal. “

The next day, they spent at the beach, helping out with removing trash, and even got in some relaxing time on the floaty things they had seen many times already but never got around too

“Ehm.. you do know you can get a sunburn?”
“I did use lotion.”
“Still.. “

“So.. ?”
“Best vacation, no doubt!”

Neither off them wanted this day to end, but as the sun set and the time of their flight home was drawing closer, they knew they had to go.

“How about.. we go here again?”
“We could.. you know get married here?”

She pulled him into one last kiss, before they left the waters of Sulani, and the Island itself, at least for now.

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