1:15 – The vacation

“So…I have to ask.. do you ever get a holiday?”
“Ehm.. I guess I could, but why?”
“I was just thinking.. now that Hayle and Chris have lived in Sulani for so long, maybe it would be fun to go visit?”

It was over a year now since Chris and Hayle had moved to the Island’s, and although they still came to visit, it was a little less than it had once been. For him though, the plan behind this was a little bit different, and although she would no doubt think him crazy for even thinking it, he knew it was right.

“So.. can you take like a week off?”
“I’ll check, although as you know I can never really promise.”
“I know, but trying is more than good enough for me.”

“So.. I do take this as a yes?”
“Yeah.. Chris will cover for me, Hayle is away at work for a while, so he didn’t mind the extra shifts.”
“Good.. I will enjoy some time away from the snow.”

She chuckled, she didn’t really mind the snow, but a trip away and a week off to just relax and enjoy the company was something she didn’t mind the thought off.

“So still no regrets?”
“None, I’m happy with this life so far.”
“Oh.. so far huh?”
“Yeah.. you know, I might hate you when I get old.”
“I can “grow old” with you..”
“What, and steal all my thunder of “look I am dating this hot young chick!” with all the oldies in the old persons home?”
“Oh.. I see how it is now, should I wear like a school costume to make it perfect?”
“Wait.. you have that?”
“No.. but hey, if you want, I can get.”

The amount of red that flushed over Ilari’s face had her giggle, yet also put in the back off her mind to actually get one for fun.

“Man…I wish Chris had told me it was this warm here.. how does Hayle manage..?”
“Abuse of the aircondition last I checked.”

She quite liked it though, heat and cold had never really affected her after all, but she did prefer sunshine and warm weather over say rain.

“Can I ask you something?”
“You told me some off my lives.. I mean, like the one where I was female, and your presence confused me?”
“Heh, yeah.. sorry about that one..”
“But, has there ever been a life.. where I hurt you somehow?”
“Eh.. what do you mean?”
“Like not wanting to be with you, or not wanting you in my life?”
“No.. not that I can think off.”

She turned around and looked at him. Her eyes searching, as if wanting to see if they could figure out what he was actually talking about. Could it be he had some vague memory of a life she would rather not talk to him about.

“So… “
“Oh now you don’t.. where did that question come from?”
“I just wanted to know as much as I can.. I want to know everything.. you know, just in case this is out last dance.”

“I don’t think dwelling too much in the past will do you any good then.”
“Yeah.. you need to think and move forwards, like you said, enjoy this life.”
“Oh.. and you will help me?”

For a second he wished they were anywhere but a public beach, but he did after all have plans for this trip, so he would just have to live with the fact that he might not want to move for a while.

“Thank you for the idea of this trip though.. I am enjoying a vacation.”
“Did you actually have one before?”
“Eh.. probably, but not in a very long time.”

They had spent a few days on Sulani now, and he knew where he wanted to do it, and how. Just needed to find the exact right time for it. For right now though, he just wanted to enjoy her looking so happy and carefree which he was not all to used too.

“Shame we can’t stay here forever like this huh?”
“Would be a bit boring after a while though?”
“I guess so, but we can try and have a vacation every now and then?”
“Oh definitely!”

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