1:14 – Dinner with Death

They had ended with meeting up on her fathers favorite burger joint, only to be met with a closed sign that no one had expected.

“It happens on occasion, the owner does everything themseleves, so if there is illness it has to close.”
“Shoot.. well, I guess I can make something at home?”

She looked over at Ilari, who just seemed to not know where to go or what to say.

“Now.. my daughter told me you were quite good in that Mario Kart game, how about while she cooks we play?”
“You play?”
“Yes, on occasion.”
“Ehm.. sure..”

He was really not comfortable around Nat’s father, as much as he tried not to think about it, he was death, the pale horseman and all that. But he tried to keep in mind what Nat had told him.

“I’ll see if Chris and Hayle wants to come too, that way I can finally use that turkey we keep saying is too big.”

Ilari nodded, having the two of them there would help, at least he wouldn’t be sitting there alone with him.”

When they got back, Nat started on dinner after having called Chris and Hayle, who were not hard to persuade into joining them.

At first Ilari had thought it would just be them talking while playing, but he soon found that when it came to games, Nat’s father was as seriouis about it as he was the natural order, and he had more than enough with keeping up and trying to pass.

“I never thought I’d play this with..”
“Well.. you can cross that off your bucket list then.”

“Oh come on..”

Ilari looked a little worried for a secound, but he slowly started to realize that the man next to him was perhaps not as scary as he would have thought. He probably could be, but not today.

Their alone playing time didn’t last long, as Hayle and Chris joined them until Nat finally called them for dinner.

“Well, I am impressed.”
“Oh come now, you knew I could cook.”
“You gotten better since last time.”
“It’s been a thousand year, so one would think I should have.”

“Hayle doesn’t eat human food?”
“He does, but he just just finnished eating when you called, so I guess he feels bad he did.”
“Ah yes, the dragon god in human skin.”
“Pretty much.”

There was a smile on Deaths face that only Nat knew how to interpit, making both Chris and Ilari look between them wondering what that was all about.

“Dad thinks it’s kinda cute that a dragon god fell in love with a agent of death.”
“Eh. why?”
“Because he fell in love with one of the very few that can..”

She stopped, looking over at Chris incase he hadn’t actually mentined this to Hayle yet, knowing Hayle could easily hear them over his game running in the living room.

“That I can kill gods? He knows, I may have mentioned I would do it to his brother if he didn’t play nice.”
“Agent of Death huh..?”
“Well.. you techcnically are.. reapers is just a different name for it.”

Ilari just looked at them while they talked, this was most deffinatly on the top of wierd dinner conversations he had ever heard and been a part of.

“But I will leave you kids alone now, duty calls.”

Nat walked her father to the door, before joining them at the table again.

“So even he has.. work?”
“Of course.”
“I see..”

Hayle came to sit with them as they were pretty much done eating and just chatting, having finnished his game finally.

“How about a movie to end the evening?”
“Sounds like a plan.”
“By the way Ilari.. how are you dealing with all this?”
“One thing at the time.. or trying too. I admit it is a lot. But hey, I just had dinner with death, it’s going to be hard to beat.”

They helped with cleaning up before all finding places infront of the tv for a movie night. Snacks had been made, drinks had been serverd, the only thing missing now, was the movie of choice.

“A horror movie.. why am I not surprised..”
“You know me and Hayle too well by now?”
“So it seems.”

He didn’t mind horror movies, but he wasn’t the biggest fan, but with Hayle and Nat choosing it became what they both liked the most. Ilari and Chris quietly talking through some of it, when they both just found it a little bit to over the top, being shushed by both their respective others.

“We better head back home or we have a very grumpy cat on our hands.”
“Thanks for coming though.”

She sat herself down next to Ilari for another movie after they had left, wondering a little how he was doing with it all.

“Long day?”
“Not as bad as I imagined.”
“Good, want to keep watching this, or would you rather get some sleep?”
“Honestly.. sleep sounds just fine.”

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