1-13: My father

“Hey you.”
“You should wake up, it’s half an hour until you head to work.”
Odd.. how long have I been asleep here.”
“Some hours.”
Some huh.. and I promised I wasn’t one of them..

She just smirked, after last evening she wasn’t really all to surprised that he had ended up asleep after a while.. even though he had remembered to change for work, but after a while of talking he had simply fallen asleep.

I’d say I’d make it up to you, but as you allready pointed out.. I have half an hour.”
“There will be other times, you can pay me back then.”

She smiled, pushing him up to a sitting position, watching him stretch and try and wake up a little bit more.

So.. when do I meet your dad?
“I asked him to come over later, so I can set that up.”
So not here then?
“Nah, he mentioned going out for food.”
I still can’t get over that death loves fast food.
“I know.. but it’s just how it is.”

hmh.. I better go.”
I am afraid I am going to end up sounding like Hayle.. but your not making it easy to go.

She released him from her grip, and gave him a light push instead.

“See you when you get home.”

“I didn’t invite you over to have another fight with you dad.”
“But you refuse to listen.”
“Listen to what, you rave about things we already talked about god know’s how many times.”
“Yes, because I am afraid that this round will make it happen again.”
“It’s not going to happen again, I learned.”

“I know you think that, but just try and keep it in the back of your head?”
“It’s always in the back of my head dad.. I am trying to enjoy this round, probably the last.”
“Well.. with that I won’t argue.”
“So you think?”
“Yeah, I am fairly sure by now.”

She nodded, a part of her happy the other one not sure how to feel. She knew her father meant well, and she knew that him moving on was right, for all of them. It would hurt though, but would it hurt more than what she had been doing all these years.

“I found something the other day.. I thought you might want it.”

She watched as a book materialized in his hands, holding it out to her. It felt oddly familiar, like if she had seen it before.

“What is it?”
“I thought it had been lost.. millennia ago, but the other day I was going through some stuff and there it was.”
“Wait.. is this?”

“Your mother.. and you.”

The figures moved across the pages, showing her something she no longer had any memory off.

“And you too…”

It was odd seeing it, they were a happy normal ish looking family, apart form her mothers appearance changing every so often. Unlike her daughter, she could never stick to one form at any length of time.

“You look so happy together.”
“We were.”
“But then…”
“Time.. and I had to let her go.”
“As I do, when it’s time.”
“Do you still miss her?”
“Yes, and I will until the end of time.”

It was odd hearing her father speak off this, but she also understood why he was doing it. But this was the first time she had seen them all together, and it was something she could not take her eyes off.

“You keep it, so I don’t misplace it again.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, and just tell me where to meet you two okay?”

He vanished as fast as he appeared. Knowing him there was work to do somewhere, but she didn’t mind, it gave her more time to sit and look into a past she no longer remembered.


“I guess something drained you off your energy.”

He had noticed the book on the table, so his guess was that it had something to do with it.

“Well come on then, I don’t mind getting some sleep.”

He tossed one last look at the book before walking to their bedroom, he wold just have to ask her about that one later.

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